Email Marketing Tips and Techniques

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					                     Email Marketing Tips and Techniques


The list is a crucial element of your campaign; a great message to the wrong audience won’t work.
• Determine which type of list is most appropriate and cost effective.
• Does the list reach your target audience? Did you pinpoint your target market by selecting demographics such
  as title, job function, SIC/NAICS, sales volume, buying authority?
• When you do find a list that you believe will work best for you, make sure you know exactly who you are
  sending your message to and create a message specific to that audience!


The subject line is your chance to get the recipient to “open” your message.
• Motivate your target audience in the subject line by mentioning the offer and/or benefit
• Avoid using subject lines that are too vague – be specific
• Stay away from generic sales pitches – a clever or witty subject line can go a long way
• Avoid anything that could get you trapped in SPAM filters - (i.e.; “FREE”, “!”, “$”, etc.)
• Try testing several subject lines to determine what is successful
• Always be honest with your subject line; don’t bait and switch
• Consider using personalization
• Keep it short, less than 40 characters


Relevant, valuable, and personalized content drives readership and results.
• Be creative and stress benefits!!
• Avoid clutter; summarized content and clean approach facilitates scanability
• Some like bullet points while some want details – test to determine your recipients’ preference
• Short and sweet - message should not be longer than one screen

Key elements should be obvious & above the fold.
• Generate interest in the top two inches of your e-mail – use headlines that grab!
• Put key words or phrases in bold, but don’t go overboard
• Don’t underline words – readers tend to think it’s a link
• Graphics draw the eye immediately, especially when above the fold & have actionable text
• Have a link strategy – call to action should be at the beginning and end of the e-mail

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                     Email Marketing Tips and Techniques
Always check copy for accuracy and completeness.

Proof your copy (on screen and off)
• Test each link!
• Include additional means of contact (i.e. e-mail, 800, fax); if an e-mail address is used, make sure someone
  regularly checks that e-mail in-box and writes timely messages
• Details are sometimes mistyped and often overlooked (i.e.; phone & fax numbers, web addresses)


An offer is and “extra,” a motivations, an incentive, a reason for consideration.
• Keep the offer simple; having one offer works best
• Make sure you test and measure different offers (i.e. limited time offer, price, white paper, webinar)
• Make sure your offer is pulling in “qualified leads” not just recipients interested in giveaways
• Tailor your offer to your target audience
• Offer with URL should be mentioned both in the beginning and end of the message
• Consider mentioning the offer in subject line
• Offer should stand out whether with a link, picture, or in bold
• Make sure when readers click on URL the landing site displays the offer
• Make it fast and easy to download the offer - ask for contact information in return


Creative design makes your message more interesting and keeps the recipient intrigued.
• Text, HTML or Rich Media? Test which works best for your audience and/or ask them what they prefer
• Creative includes design, layout, format, graphics, and font
• HTML & text versions should be consistent with branding & creative elements of other marketing efforts
• Test your layout for “hot spots” - Generally, the top left quadrant is the best placement for logos

• Keep both HTML & Flash file sizes under 30Kb for user efficiency - preview content before sending
• Make sure images load quickly
• Images must be hosted by the client or agency
• Avoid white text on dark backgrounds - sometimes default settings will delete the background
• Steer clear of using style sheets and java scripts; many programs will strip them out automatically
• When using Flash, be sure to use a static background image

• 500 word maximum for text messages and they cannot contain hidden links, bold or font change

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                      Email Marketing Tips and Techniques

Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Day of week? Time of day?
• The right frequency depends on both the content and the relationship you have with your audience
• Transaction-oriented messages should be timed around buying or decision periods


Test, track and evaluate, then refine your campaign based on what you learn!
• Track & measure all available information (i.e. clicks, responses, opt-outs, conversions)
• Track and analyze results based on list, subject line, offer, copy, design/layout, creative format
• Don’t forget to summarize what you learned and communicate findings to your team!


• Integrate your e-campaign with other elements of the marketing mix for greater ROI
• Make sure your messaging and branding is consistent across channels


• Before you begin your campaign, determine what the next step will be in the event that it is successful or it
• Always have a follow-up plan in place otherwise all your marketing efforts may fall through the cracks and
  you will have less than desirable results.
• Make sure to coordinate with your IT department before a campaign deploys to make sure that the server can
  handle additional traffic.

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