Marketing Photography in a Do-it-Yourself World

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					               Marketing Photography in a
                  Do-it-Yourself World

                                    Monday, January 19, 2004

Jim Panagas, Marketing Consultant
Business Landscape for Photographers
              in 2004

 n   Challenging marketplace to say the least
 n   “Do it yourself” mentality
 n   Digital cameras
 n   Stock photos
 n   Why is this happening?
     1. Tight marketing budgets as we come off a sluggish
     2. No appreciation for the difference that professionally taken
        photographs can make
     3. People making buy decisions increasingly lack senior level
        marcomm experience
     What’s a Photographer to Do?

n   Be positive and upbeat in presenting yourself
     – Enthusiasm is contagious!
     – Tell the story behind your work
n   Educate people about the difference between
    amateur and professional photographs
    – Show the same photo taken by a home user, a business
      user and, a professional photographer; it will speak volumes
n   Have some type of business/marketing plan and stick
    with it
      What’s a Photographer to Do?

n   Don’t get discouraged
     – If you try a marketing activity and it doesn’t work,
       don’t dwell on it; move on and try something else
n   Don’t think that it’s you
     – Country is just coming out of a three year
       economic slump that has claimed a lot of victims
n   Be as visible in the marketplace as you can possibly
Be as visible as possible in the marketplace:

                  Group Networking
    n    Ten things you can do right now to meet lots of new
         people and get your name out there
         1.    Chambers of Commerce
         4.    IABC
         5.    PRSA
         6.    College alumni networking events
         7.    Trade shows (Macworld Expo, Boston, July)
         8.    Venture Capital groups
         9.    Technology groups
         10.   Business card exchanges
Be as visible as possible in the marketplace:

         One-on-One Networking
    n    Cultivate relationships with people who are most
         likely to give you business
         –   Graphic designers
         –   Marketing consultants
         –   Printers
         –   Writers
         –   Web designers
         –   Advertising & PR agencies
         –   Promotional products companies
         –   Corporate marketing people
         –   Small business owners
         –   Any business that sells through catalogs
Be as visible as possible in the marketplace:

    n    Advertisements
         –   Adweek
         –   Boston Business Journal
         –   Boston Globe (“Professional Services Directory” in business
             section of the Globe, 7 days a week)
         –   Mass High Tech
    n    Brochure or other “leave behind”
    n    Business card
    n    Direct mail postcards
    n    Email & phone communication
    n    Newsletter
    n    Press releases
    n    Speaking engagements
    n    Website
Be as visible as possible in the marketplace:

   n    First place people go to
        “legitimize” your business
   n    Powerful first impression
   n    The single best way to put
        your portfolio in front of lots
        of people
   n    Puts ideas in peoples’ heads
   n    Gives corporate marketing
        person something tangible
        to show senior management
   n    Creates opportunity for you
        to sell people other products
        and services
Be as visible as possible in the marketplace:
           Have well-thought out answers
            to commonly-asked questions

    1.    Why do I need a photographer? We take photos ourselves.
    2.    I don’t have time to meet you in person and see your portfolio.
          Do you have something that you can send me?
    3.    What industries do you specialize in?
    4.    What companies have you done work for?
    5.    What is your niche or specialty?
    6.    How much do you charge?
    7.    What services do you offer?
    8.    Why should I use you?
    9.    Do you have some references I can talk to?
    10.   Do you have a studio?
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