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Listed below is information that may be of assistance to you as you complete the items necessary for
participation in the Mississippi textbook adoption process. Each of the enclosed items is addressed on an
item-by-item basis with brief explanatory remarks. This document is not designed to replace the
information in PART B - ADOPTION HANDBOOK, but is intended as a convenient reference guide
to information needed in the completion and submission of adoption-related materials.

1.      PART B - ADOPTION HANDBOOK: This publication contains the Rules and Regulations
        for the adoption of textbooks in Mississippi. Publishers are required to read and study Part B for
        information designed specifically for publishers and the Mississippi Textbook Law.

        Listed below are some brief recommendations regarding the appropriate pages to read to obtain
        pertinent adoption information from the handbook:

        a.      Page B-7 for a copy of the "Call for Bids”.

        b.      Page B-10 for brief definitions of special terms included in the "Call for Bids”.

        c.      Pages B-28 through B-30 for information about the adoption calendar, which includes
                all activities and deadlines of interest to publishers. For complete information, please
                refer to specific sections.


        a.      Proposal forms must be submitted to the Textbook Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on
                September 10, 2007. Please complete the requested information for each textbook you
                intend to submit for the 2007 Mississippi Textbook Adoption.

        b.      Twelve copies of each proposal form must be submitted to the Textbook Office. An
                original signature is required on only one copy of each proposal form cover. The
                signature on the other eleven copies of each individual form cover may be a photocopy.
                The proposal form may be found on the textbook home page at
       under the “Adoption” link. The form has
                been developed in Excel and the cells are locked so that they cannot be changed. Please
                do not attempt to change the size of the cells.

        c.      Please observe that there are five (5) different proposal forms. These different proposal
                forms coincide with the various subject areas/grade levels listed on pages B-7 through
                B-9 of the ADOPTION HANDBOOK. Please exercise caution in the completion of the
                proposal forms to ensure that the textbook proposals are made on the appropriate
                proposal forms in accordance with the "Call for Bids”.

     d.   As each proposal form is completed, please pay special attention to supplying the type of
          hardware configuration or special equipment needed to implement this program. If none
          is needed, write “none”.

     e.   If a textbook being submitted is consumable, please indicate this adjacent to the title on
          the proposal form "consumable”.

     f.   Publishers proposing textbooks published by a publisher other than the one designated
          on the form must indicate this adjacent to the title.

     g.   Do not collate the different proposal forms. Please send all twelve copies of each
          individual proposal form clipped together. The textbook staff will be responsible for
          organizing the proposal forms for distribution to the appropriate persons.

     h.   PROPOSAL forms must be submitted separately from the BID forms.

     i.   Proposal forms transmitted by facsimile will not be accepted.

     j.   Proposal forms should indicate the instructional category in which the book/product is
          being submitted. Please submit only one book/product/series per proposal form.

3.   BID FORMS [FORM MTC (Revised)]:

     a.   Three hard copies of this form with an original signature on each and two electronic
          copies on two separate CDs (Excel format file in Times New Roman font size 10)
          must be submitted to the Textbook Office by 5:00 p.m. on September 21, 2007. The
          bid form may be found on the textbook home page at
 under the “Adoption” link. The form has
          been developed in Excel and the cell will be locked so that they cannot be changed.
          Please do not attempt to change the size of the cells.

     b.   In addition to the information requested on the BID Form, please also list the free
          materials and the conditions under which the free materials will be given in detail. When
          listing the free materials you will provide, do not list options. All material must be
          available to all teachers. Also, note that if you list an item to be given every year for the
          life of the adoption, it must be given to the schools with the 4x4 schedule plan each time
          the course is offered. Please refer to items #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 on pages B-12 through
          B-14 of the ADOPTION HANDBOOK for more information regarding the completion
          of the BID form. You must be specific in listing free material. If the Textbook Office
          has any trouble interpreting your meaning, this part of your bid will be rejected. Do not
          list items such as Mississippi teacher packages, etc.

     c.   Please keep in mind that a publisher may not bid a textbook that was not proposed. On
          the other hand, it is quite permissible to propose a book and not bid the book. If a book
          is proposed but not bid we request that you write a letter telling the office that you will
          not bid the book.

     d.   If a textbook being bid is consumable, please indicate this adjacent to the title on the
          BID form.

     e.   Do not bid a textbook that was adopted in Mississippi in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, or

     f.   BID forms should not be submitted in the same package with PROPOSAL forms.

     g.   BIDS transmitted by facsimile will not be accepted.

     h.   Net Wholesale Price –F.O.B. Central Depository in Jackson, Mississippi.

     i.   The Mississippi Department of Education utilizes the Lexile Framework for Reading as
          part of the state assessment. In order to work with the system being established, the
          Textbook Office would like to provide the reading comprehension level for adopted
          material. The Textbook Office cannot require this information from a publisher,
          however, we strongly urge you to provide the reading levels for all pupil editions. If you
          need assistance, please contact Mr. Todd Sandvik, MetaMetrics, Inc., 1000 Park Forty
          Plaza Drive, Suite 120, Durham, NC 27713 or (919) 547-3422.

4.   FORM B:

     a.   A completed FORM B should be enclosed inside the front cover of each student
          textbook submitted for consideration for adoption.

     b.   The FORM B used in Mississippi is the standard form approved by the National
          Association of State Textbook Administrators (NASTA). You may download a copy
          this form from our website at /textbooks or use your own stock.

5.   FORM M:

     a.   A completed FORM M should be enclosed with each electronic media program
          submitted for consideration for adoption.

     b.   The FORM M used in Mississippi is the standard form approved by the National
          Association of State Textbook Administrators (NASTA). You may download a copy
          this form from our website at /textbooks or use your own stock.


     a.   Correlation of product to the curriculum framework – Please see the example included
          on page 5 of this document. Use the sample format and correlate to the annotated
          teacher's edition (ATE) or to both the pupil and teacher edition if an ATE is not

                    available. Please see page B-16 for details. Correlations are due on September 27,

            b.      "Features and Benefits" page for each book/series – Please see page B-16, for details.
                    Features and Benefits pages are due on September 27, 2007.

            c.      "Free with Order" brochure – If your sales force is going to use this type of brochure, we
                    would like to see a finished copy by September 28, 2007. The "Free with Order"
                    brochure and the bid must contain the same information. Please see page B-16. The
                    brochure should come to the Textbook Office from the company contract’s department.


            a.      Following the State Board of Education meeting in December 2007, a listing of the
                    Local Selection Committee members will be made available to publishers with one or
                    more books adopted in the 2007 Textbook Adoption. You may use this listing for
                    mailing samples to the local committee members.

            b.       Examination copies sent to the Local Selection Committee member is at the discretion
                 of the publisher.


     a.             The bidder, or bidders, to whom contracts are awarded, will be required to
                    provide three copies of the Official Mississippi Textbook Contract without
                    change, addition, or modification. Also, make and execute a good and sufficient
                bond (executed in triplicate, Mississippi Code Annotated 37-43-25) payable to the
              State of Mississippi with a surety thereon. The amount of said bond as fixed by
          the State Board of Education is $2,500 plus $500 per title or grade level.


Please be advised that if a publisher submits a textbook/series for adoption, they must also supply seven
sets of examination copies for review to the State Rating Committee, one set for the Textbook Office,
and eight sets for the IHL Libraries. This material must be delivered by September 27, 2007, to the
Mississippi publishers' depository. Please refer to pages B-19 through B-22 in the HANDBOOK for
specific instructions regarding the examination materials. Also, one copy of the student and teacher’s
edition of each textbook proposed must be sent to the Textbook Office. Send the additional eight sets of

materials to the Mississippi publisher’s depository and label in the same manner as the State Rating

Publishers may lend needed hardware to State Rating Committee members for the reviewing of
electronic media. These arrangements must be made through the Textbook Office.

If you should have questions at any time during the adoption process, please call (601) 354-7543, FAX
(601) 354-7590, or e-mail

                                                       TEXTBOOK COMPANY CORRELATION

                                           MISSISSIPPI CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK: ALGEBRA I

                                                                     CONTENT STRANDS:

                                                        Number and Operations              Algebra
                                                        Geometry                           Measurement
                                                               Data Analysis & Probability
1.     Understand relationships between numbers and their properties and perform operations fluently.
Objectives                                                                         Pupil Edition                                                Teacher Edition
                                                                                   Page References                                              Page References
a. Apply properties of real numbers to simplify algebraic expressions, including   600, 611, 630, 619                                           3-25, 128
   polynomials. (DOK 1)

b. Use matrices to solve mathematical situations and contextual problems. (DOK 2)                                   53-56, 64,75                12, 17, 44

2.    Understand, represent, and analyze patterns, relations, and functions.
Objectives                                                                                                          Pupil Edition               Teacher Edition
                                                                                                                    Page References             Page References
    a. Solve, check, and graph multi-step linear equations and inequalities in one variable,                        26, 287, 440                66-68, 601-602
       including rational coefficients in mathematical and real-world situations. (DOK 2)
    b. Solve and graph absolute value equations and inequalities in one variable.                                   188, 198, 555               NA
       (DOK 2)
    c. Analyze the relationship between x and y values, determine whether a relation is a                           109, 151, 235               666, 999
       function, and identify domain and range. (DOK 2)
   All competencies and objectives must be listed even though you may not correlate to the competencies and/or objectives. Please write "NA" in the page reference if
    there is no correlation.
   If you have an annotated teacher edition (ATE), then you may correlate to that one book as it contains both the pupil and teacher edition. Please indicate that you are
    correlating to the ATE.
   If you have a series of books that are being submitted, please do a correlation for each book. Each book's correlation should stand-alone.