RAAM 2008 Marketing Impact Projection by kellena93


                                                   The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race
                  RAAM 2008 Marketing Impact Projection
The Race Across America has a comprehensive marketing plan which guide our management of
the race. Some key concepts and components are outlined briefly below.

RAAM’s Positioning Concepts:
    Tagline – “The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race”

       Non-negotiable values:
                    a) RAAM is the toughest endurance event in the world
                    b) RAAM is a non-stop, continuous race
                    c) RAAM is trans-continental

       RAAM Property’s unique characteristics & motivating stimulii
                  a) RAAM racers are Heroes
                  b) RAAM racers are Inspirational
                  c) RAAM racers display Courage
                  d) RAAM is the ultimate Challenge

Business Objectives related to Marketing Impact
   • Operate the race as the premier ultra cycling event in the world
   • Manage the “Customer Experience” throughout the year, for all stakeholders, in a manner
      that exceeds their expectations.

Our Customers:
The majority of our marketing resources shall be prioritized toward meeting the needs of three
general segments of customers:
       a) RAAM family and Stakeholders – This general segment includes current and past
           racers, their crews, their local supporters and benefiting charities, and national
           RAAM sponsors.
       b) Prospective RAAM participants – This general segment includes the ultracycling
           community, racing and club cyclists, multisport, adventure and outdoor enthusiasts,
           and organizations that might support or benefit from RAAM participation.
       c) Interested Spectators – This general segment includes the family & friends of
           racers, and the individuals and organizations within the cycling, health & green
           industries that might share a common mission with RAAM

All marketing efforts are targeted toward specific audiences, with relevant and meaningful
content for those specific audiences.

Our Tactics:
Our marketing plan is comprehensive and includes guidelines for:
Product, Pricing, Customer Relations, Promotion, Advertising Electronic Media (Website),
Television, Print media, Radio, Public Relations, Events, Trade Shows, Merchandising,
Alliances and Partnerships.
                                                    The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race

                                Marketing Impact for Sponsors

Sponsors are referenced in many communications regarding the race. RAAM will create a
custom program to meet your needs, but, following is a broad view of the marketing reach of
RAAM throughout the year.

Athlete Participation
Athlete participation hit an all-time high in 2007 with 213 entrants, from 13 nations, spread
across 69 racing entities. Additionally, the racers’ crews and RAAM staff, bring the total
population of the RAAM entourage up to an estimated 800 people.

In addition to the comprehensive marketing efforts of the RAAM organization, the 200+ racers
implement their own marketing efforts within their local communities. Grassroots interest is
substantial for RAAM because these athletes have generally engaged their local communities
through their past competitive history, their linkage to charitable causes, or their years of
preparation for RAAM. The Race organization provides toolkits and support to our racers in
order to ensure consistency of messaging across the nation and around the world.

Television Coverage
National/International Coverage - In 26 years, the race has been aired as a feature presentation,
on ABC Wide World of Sports, ESPN, OLN, BBC and NBC. RAAM’s management is in
negotiations with several interested Production companies that aspire to build a relationship with
a network television outlet for a feature series of the 2008 race.

Regional News Outlets - 30+ television stations around the nation picked up the RAAM story
and aired it on news shows more than 90 times to a potential audience of 44 million in 15 states.
Additionally, RAAM news bulletins have been picked up by dozens of broadcasters in foreign

Print Coverage
Coverage spans the entire year. Total impressions exceed 35 million per year. For example, in
the U.S., RAAM logged over 300 newspaper and magazine stories with regional coverage
appeared in 26 states. Major print titles covering recent races include: New York Times, Wall
Street Journal, San Diego Tribune, Denver Post, Boston Globe, USA Today, Sports Illustrated,
National Geographic Adventure, Scientific American, Outside Magazine, Bicycling, and many
other opinion leaders.

Radio Coverage
Coverage is concentrated in markets along the race route and in the regional markets of the
participating athletes. The local ESPN Radio outlet has provided coverage from the Finish Line.

Internet Coverage
                                                              The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race
The RAAM website drew over 4 million page views during the 2 weeks of race coverage in June
2007. RAAM utilized a corps of media personnel in the field, coupled with writing staff
stationed at race headquarters, to provide robust coverage of the race. In addition to an average
of 4 feature length articles per day, our writers posted race news, updates & features every 30
minutes (24 hours/day) via a “ticker style” format.

Additional web metrics - Not included in those metrics are visitors to our photo and video
postings. RAAM posted two news report video clips each day, and each received an average of
6,000 views. RAAM is building an enhanced platform to feed these video releases to broadcast
outlets across the world via satellite feeds. Our field photographers uploaded over 2,000
photographs during the race, and these images were projected over 3 million times during the
month of June 2007.

Other web sites – We traced 219 web site stories (in English) for the period of June 2007. These
represent both stories featured on a media outlet website and blogs.

The Finish Line City logo is featured prominently in/on:
   • An 8-page RAAM Program booklet is printed as an insert to VeloNews Magazine and
       utilized as targeted distribution piece and handout.
   • Sponsor banners are hung at the start, finish and at Time Station points along the route.
   • RAAM staff wears branded clothing.
   • Thousands of T-Shirts and cycling jerseys sold to racers, crews and fans.
   • All Racer correspondence, including Route Books and Logistics Binders

Advertising, Promotions, and Public Relations
  • RAAM advertises and promotes in several major cycling and fitness publications and
      web sites.
  • Press Release Activity - A total of 50+ unique press releases and newsletters are
      distributed, throughout the year, to media outlets and RAAM’s subscriber base.
  • Racers implement their own marketing plans in local communities.
  • In 2007, over 30 unique charitable organizations benefited from our racers’ partnerships.

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