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Advertising & Integrated
Marketing Solutions (AIMS)

Schedule 541
Make Certain Your Message Is Heard!
         Table of Contents
         Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
         Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
              • Services Offered and Success Stories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
         Using GSA Schedules Is Simple
              • The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
              • It’s that Easy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
              • Cutting the Red Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
              • Benefits for You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
         Ordering Information
              • Authorized Users . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
              • Geographic Coverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
              • Finding Available Contractors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
              • Placing Your Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                    • Prepare a Request . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                    • Transmit the Request to Contractors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                    • Evaluate Responses and Select the Contractor. . . . . 12
         Other Direct Costs and GSA MAS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
         Best Value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
         A Word about Price . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
         Purchasing Options
              • Small Business Means Big Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
              • Blanket Purchase Agreements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
              • Sample BPA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
              • Contractor Teaming Arrangements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
              • GSA e-Buy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
              • GSA-Managed Acquisitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
         Need More Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

GSA Schedul e 541       •    A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Targeted Marketing
Communications through AIMS
You’ve just received word that your agency                         The search for quality advertising and
would like to redesign its website or maybe your                   marketing services begins with GSA’s
agency has a requirement for the development                       Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
and placement of advertising initiatives to                        (AIMS), Schedule 541. This schedule was
boost recruitment. Perhaps your agency                             designed to hit the mark by keeping your
plans to host a conference or tradeshow and                        communication needs in mind. It’s never been
needs help with project management and                             easier to procure expert help in the advertising,
coordination for the event. Or maybe you                           marketing and related communications fields;
require commercial art and graphic design                          because with the multiple award schedules, like
services to prepare signage for these events.                      AIMS, all contractors have already been pre-
What if you and your agency just don’t have                        approved to do business with you. In addition,
the time or man-power to complete these                            all the services offered under the AIMS
requirements? That’s where GSA can help.                           schedule are also included under the GSA
                                                                   Consolidated Products and Services schedule.
                                                                   See page 7 for more information on CPSS.

Contractors under the AIMS schedule can help you reach your desired outcome no matter how big
or small your project. From start to finish, AIMS is here to help you meet your agency’s needs with
the following special item numbers (SINs):
   Advertising Services                                                                   SIN 541-1
   Public Relations Services                                                              SIN 541-2
   Web Based Marketing Services*                                                          SIN 541-3
Specialized Marketing Services
        Market Research and Analysis Services                                             SIN 541-4A
       Video/Film Production Services                                                     SIN 541-4B
        Exhibit Design and Implementation Services                                        SIN 541-4C
        Conference, Events and Tradeshow Planning Services*                               SIN 541-4D
        Commercial Photography Services*                                                  SIN 541-4E
        Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services*                                       SIN 541-4F
   Integrated Marketing Services                                                          SIN 541-5
   Other Direct Costs (ODCs)                                                              SIN 541-1000

Please Note: Many different tasks can be performed under each special item number. Although the success stories
used for each SIN are real life examples of how other agencies used the schedule, they are only provided as illustrations
to describe each SIN. Your agency can obtain a wide range of communications-related services under this schedule!
Let’s see how you can make sure your message is heard.
* indicates a small business set-aside

              GSA Schedul e 541          •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Advertising and Integrated
Marketing Solutions
Services Offered and Success Stories
SIN 541-1                                                              the agency’s advertising campaign.
Advertising Services                                                   Some examples of the types of media
                                                                       that may be considered include, but
Contractors under this SIN are available to                            are not limited to:
help you promote public awareness of your
                                                                            Direct mail services
agency’s mission and initiatives, enable public
understanding of complex technical and social                               Outdoor marketing and media
issues, and disseminate information to                                      services
industry and consumer advocacy groups.                                      Broadcast media
Typical tasks cover the full spectrum of an                      Advertising evaluation:
advertising campaign, and include:                                     Provide services that effectively
    Advertising objective determination:                               measure the success of the advertising
                                                                       campaign through various methods
        Identify the direct objectives and
                                                                       which may include advertising pre &
        develop strategies for conducting
        the advertising campaign in order to
        provide the best methods of public                       Activities related to advertising services
        education. Typical tasks associated with
        this phase include the identification of
                                                              Success Story:
        the target market, the target response
                                                              A large agency used this SIN to develop a
        and target frequency to align with
                                                              new media plan. Included in the plan were
        available budget.
                                                              recommendations on which media to utilize
    Message decision/creation:                                (i.e. direct mail, print advertising or web banner
        Develop the advertising message and                   advertising). Once the agency examined the
        corresponding brochures/ collateral                   contractor’s recommendations and made a
        materials to accomplish the advertising               final decision on the proposed media plan, the
        objectives                                            contractor developed a new advertising concept
    Media development and selection:                          that aligned with the agency’s current branding
                                                              initiative and progressed from its former
        Conduct market research to identify the
                                                              advertising campaign. The contractor also
        appropriate media vehicle (print, radio,
                                                              recommended various avenues to track the
        television, etc.) to promote the agency’s
                                                              awareness of the campaign by creating ad
        message. These services include
                                                              specific web addresses and phone numbers. The
        providing recommendations as to
                                                              end result was an effective advertising concept
        the best mix, frequency of advertising
                                                              placed in various media that generated a large
        and vehicles to track performance
                                                              interest (based on phone calls and
        of advertising, and then acquiring
                                                              web hits).
        the necessary media spots (radio,
        television, print, etc.) in order to place

      GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
SIN 541-2                                                   SIN 541-3
Public Relations Services                                   Web-Based Marketing Services
Contractors can provide you with customized
                                                            (Small Business Set-Aside)
media and public relations services such                    You can use schedule contractors to develop
as: development of media messages and                       strategies to maximize the use of your Internet
strategies; recommendations of media sources                capabilities. Media will be provided in a format
for placement of campaigns; preparation of                  that is compatible with your agency’s software
media materials such as background materials,               requirements. Continual website updates and
press releases, speeches, presentations and                 maintenance are also available.
press kits; and execution of media programs
                                                            Typical tasks may involve consultation,
such as press conferences, distribution of
                                                            development and implementation for:
press materials and management of broadcast
and print interviews.                                           Website design and maintenance services
                                                                Search engine development
Typical tasks include:
                                                                E-mail marketing
   Press, public relations and crisis
   communications                                               Interactive marketing
   Media training: training of agency personnel                 Online media management
   to deal with media and media responses                       Web-based training
   Media alerts                                                 Web casting
   Press clipping services                                      Video conferencing via the web
   Activities related to public relations                       Section 508 compliance, including
   services                                                     captioning services
                                                                Activities related to electronic
Success Story:                                                  marketing services
A small federal agency realized it had a
need for the creation of a video news release               Success Story:
campaign to publicize a new exhibition opening              This SIN was used by a high profile federal
later that year. After researching different                agency to fulfill a requirement for web branding
procurement methods, the agency opted to                    and website development. The goal of the
use SIN 541-2 to meet its public relations                  requirement was to successfully recruit
needs. The agency researched different vendors              students into the agency using web-based
and awarded the task order to a small firm.                 marketing and communications. In order to
The scope of the work included: developing,                 successfully complete the task, the federal
producing and distributing a video news release             agency contracted with a leading higher-
to television stations across the United States;            education marketing and communications firm.
developing news feed press releases with an                 The firm first developed a branding image used
editorial focus; conducting telephone campaigns             to market the agency. Then they incorporated
to solicit interest before and after the exhibit            the new agency image into the website
opening and submission of a comprehensive                   development, online admissions processing,
market analysis report of nationwide story                  sales training for employees and a direct
placement based on survey demographics.                     e-mail campaign.

            GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Specialized Marketing
The services offered under this series enable you to selectively choose specialized
marketing and media services on an as needed basis. To assist you in finding exactly
what you need, we have created the following SINs:

SIN 541-4A                                                    SIN 541-4B
Market Research and                                           Video/Film Production Services
Analysis Services                                             With these services, you will be able to inform
Take advantage of experts who can:                            the public and other government agencies
    Develop or enhance customized strategic                   about the latest products, services or issues
    marketing plans                                           in various outputs such as: standard formats,
    Create branding initiatives                               CD-ROM, DVD and video streaming
    Create public awareness of products,                      development. Filming may be in studios, on
    services, and issues                                      location, at live shows, or events. Examples
                                                              of services include:
    Identify and analyze target markets
    Establish measurable marketing objectives;
    determine market trends and conditions;                       Directing
    identify and implement appropriate strategies                 Shooting
    Conduct focus groups, telemarketing, and                      Arranging for talent/ animation
    individual interviews; prepare/distribute                     Narration
    surveys, and compile/analyze results
                                                                  Music and sound effects
    Manage call centers (in relation to services
    provided under this schedule)                                 Duplication
Success Story:                                                    Video scoring
A small federal agency needed to develop a                        Editing
strategic plan for the implementation of its new
identity package. Instead of stretching the
agency’s internal resources, the agency decided to            Success Story:
compete the requirement by using SIN 541-4A of                A small federal agency awarded a task order to
the AIMS schedule. In order to accomplish this,               a production firm in order to drive traffic to the
the firm was directed to gather information and               agency’s new website, which serves as the
assess brand audits using internal and external               gateway to the federal government. The project
research; develop the identity strategy based on              included: writing and directing and shooting
the agency’s existing marketing plan; develop a               television, radio and print advertisements. The
plan for the agency to execute the brand strategy;            firm also handled the distribution of the finished
and propose metrics and measurements for the                  materials to stations and print outlets. The
strategy once implemented. The agency launched                agency has been so pleased with the results that
its new identity and was able to effectively roll its         they have exercised the first of four option years
new branding initiatives into a seamless effort due           with the firm.
to the support provided by the firm.

            GSA Schedul e 541       •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
SIN 541-4C                                                     Topic and speaker identification
Exhibit Design and                                             Site location research
Implementation Services                                        Facility reservations
Under this SIN, you will find assistance                       On-site meeting and registration support
conceptualizing, designing, and producing                      Editorial services
exhibits and their accompanying materials,
                                                               Automation and telecommunications
including making all necessary arrangements
for exhibits in various venues (museums, malls,
tradeshows, etc.). Media and Exhibit Illumination              Design and editing productions
services are also available. Support services                  Mailing and other communication with
may include:                                                   attendees including pre/post meeting
   Set-up and dismantling of exhibit property                  mailings, travel support and computer
                                                               database creation
   Shipping and storage of exhibit property

Success Story:                                             Success Story:
                                                           A prominent agency program office needed
A national museum needed to develop a welcome
                                                           conference planning services. The agency opted
center exhibit with a lighting and sound concept
                                                           to use SIN 541-4D to raise public awareness of
to greet visitors as they entered the museum. The
                                                           their mission, services and challenges through
museum used SIN 541-4C to contract with an
                                                           a conference setting. The requirement was
exhibit design firm to produce the results they
                                                           competed among several of the contractors
needed. The firm worked to develop a wall of
                                                           under this SIN and awarded to a woman-owned
large High Definition (HD) projection displays
                                                           small business firm. The firm was tasked with
as the focal point. The firm then researched and
                                                           using a measured approach to research potential
utilized various iconic images that represented
                                                           conference locations, conduct market research
the purpose of the museum and included
                                                           and perform media analysis to assist the agency
different languages that said “welcome” to be
                                                           with making pre-event, on-site and post-event
broadcast through the projection display. The
                                                           decisions. Throughout the process of planning
result was a spectacular and high-tech way to
                                                           for the conference, the firm’s staff was
welcome visitors to the museum.
                                                           responsible for branding the event to potential
                                                           attendees through print media such as posters,
SIN 541-4D                                                 newsletters, newspaper and trade journal
Conference, Events and                                     advertisements and brochures. A direct mail
Tradeshow Planning Services                                campaign was also used to inform potential
(Small Business Set-Aside)                                 attendees and exhibitors of the event.
                                                           Photographic services were used on-site and the
Industry experts can make arrangements                     firm videotaped many of the sessions to be used
for conferences, events, seminars and                      in future agency videos. Graphic design services
tradeshows providing:                                      were used to create the conference logo, name
   Project management                                      badges, handouts and exhibit booths. A website
   Coordination and implementation of third                was set up by the firm to market the event and
   party participation                                     allowed attendees to register online for training
                                                           sessions and tracks. Additional web services
   Collection management of third party
                                                           included: lodging information, payment
   payment for participation
                                                           processing, booth locations and transportation
   Ceremonial events                                       arrangements. This firm was also present at
   Audiovisual and information                             the conference to provide on-site meeting and
   technology support                                      registration support.

           GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
SIN 541-4E                                                 SIN 541-4F
Commercial Photography                                     Commercial Art and Graphic
Services (Small Business                                   Design Services (Small
Set-Aside)                                                 Business Set-Aside)
If you need black and white, color or                      Get the design help you need to catch your
digital photographs for use in commercial                  target market’s eye and educate them about
advertisements or illustrations that will appear           your product or service. The experts under this
in books, magazines, or other media, AIMS                  SIN can help you update, rewrite, edit and even
can help. Available photographers have                     create new printed materials. Contractors will:
expertise in:                                                  Develop conceptual designs and layouts
    Aerial photography                                         for publications
    Architectural photography                                  Provide copywriting and technical
    Digital photography                                        writing services
    Still/field photography                                    Create sketches, drawings, publication
                                                               designs and typographic layouts
    Studio photography
                                                               Furnish custom or stock artwork (including
    Related services such as photo editing and
                                                               electronic artwork)
    high-resolution scans

Success Story:                                             Success Story:
                                                           A military agency awarded a task order to a
A large agency used SIN 541-4E to obtain
                                                           small graphic arts firm for the production of
aerial photography services in order to place
                                                           graphic products including publications, digital
photographic images in flight brochures.
                                                           presentations and web pages. The contractor
The requirements called for 1:15, 840 scale and
                                                           was responsible for designing and producing
8-1/4” camera local length. The photographs
                                                           digital drawings, layouts and web pages for
were to be submitted in a 9”X 9” format of color
                                                           submission to the agency. Additional services
negative film. The project was completed with
                                                           included providing technical assistance to
time to spare and pilots had user-friendly
                                                           the agency staff in matters of design and
brochures for the flying season.
                                                           production, as well as recording all designs to
                                                           digital media. With the help of this small graphic
                                                           arts firm and the AIMS schedule, this military
                                                           agency was able to produce professional looking
                                                           collateral without taking away from their
                                                           mission-critical activities.

            GSA Schedul e 541    •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
SIN 541-5                                                           SIN 541-1000
Integrated Marketing Services†                                      Other Direct Costs (ODCs)
This SIN enables you to obtain a complete                           Other Direct Costs, also known as “contract
solution that integrates various services found                     support items”, consist of those services and
under other SINs of this schedule. Contractors                      products (other than labor hours) needed to
have the capabilities to provide comprehensive                      complete a project under the schedule. These
solutions including services available                              items were previously listed under each of
separately under 541-1 Advertising, 541-2                           the SINs, but are now broken out to make it
Public Relations, 541-3 Web-Based Marketing,                        easier for both companies and customers to
and 541-4 Specialized Marketing. This one-stop                      determine price reasonableness for ODCs.
shopping SIN provides an avenue for you to                          See page 14 for more details on ODCs.
implement a seamless marketing campaign.
From niche marketing services to broad
reaching campaigns, let the experts under
                                                                    AIMS Consolidates!
this SIN pull it together for you.                                  To provide you a single storefront for all
                                                                    products and services under all Multiple Award
                                                                    Schedules, GSA introduced the Consolidated
Success Story:                                                      Products and Services Schedule (CPSS). It
This SIN was used to satisfy a federal agency’s
                                                                    provides you with a single entryway to the
need for a nationwide registry list to limit the
                                                                    commercial marketplace—no more searching
number of telemarketing calls consumers
                                                                    through various schedules to find needed
receive. The agency had three objectives
                                                                    items—and reduces your administrative work!
to accomplish in order to fully meet the
                                                                    Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
requirement. These included introducing the
                                                                    services are also available through the CPSS.
American public to the idea of a nationwide
                                                                    Under a single contract, a contractor can
list, promoting the new list functionality and
                                                                    offer its entire business line including AIMS
generating a response to the new registry list
                                                                    services. For further information on the AIMS
online or via a 1-800 call center. Using SIN 541-5,
                                                                    SINs under the CPSS (SINs C R422, C R701
the agency competed the requirement and
                                                                    and C R708), please visit Schedules e-Library
awarded to a small business firm. With the help
                                                                    at Remember,
of top notch advertising professionals, the idea
                                                                    total solutions for customer requirements are
of reaching out to every American adult with
                                                                    available, easily accessible and at competitive
a home phone or cell phone who no longer
                                                                    prices through the CPSS.
wanted to receive telemarketing calls was
within reach. The campaign developed under
this SIN encompassed the development of
brand awareness (i.e. the new registry list), use
of a website for online registration or a 1-800 call
center, streaming videos for website interaction,
media kits for journalists writing about the new
list, print public service announcements (PSAs)
in English and Spanish, and giveaway items
such as magnets, door hangers and website
banner ads.

† This SIN should only be utilized for complex projects
when requirements encompass services covered by a
majority of the SINs offered under the AIMS schedule.
It should not be utilized for requirements that can be met
solely by utilizing services available under an individual SIN.

               GSA Schedul e 541          •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Using GSA Schedules
Is Simple
The Multiple Award Schedule                               It’s That Easy
(MAS)                                                     The MAS program mirrors commercial buying
An MAS, also known as a Federal Supply                    practices more than any other procurement
schedule or GSA schedule, is one of the most              process in the federal government. GSA
powerful procurement tools available. It is               provides customers access to professional
essentially a listing of awarded contractors              services at volume discount pricing on a direct
that can be used by all federal entities                  delivery basis. This means you’ll experience
to achieve their missions. GSA awards                     shorter procurement lead-times, lower
contracts to responsible companies that offer             administrative costs, and reduced internal
commercial items falling within the general               staff hours devoted to obtaining these
descriptions of the schedules. Contracting                services. The MAS program was designed with
Officers determine that prices are fair                   you and all our federal customers in mind. It
and reasonable by comparing the prices                    provides a vast array of commercial items and
or discounts that a company offers the                    services that can be purchased quickly and
             government with the prices or                easily. Not only does your agency receive fast,
                    discounts that the company            direct access to industry leaders in the area
                        offers to its commercial          of advertising and marketing services, but
                          customers. This                 you can also obtain many other services and
                           negotiation objective          products through other schedules as well.
                           is commonly known
                          as “most favored
                         customer” pricing.
                                                          Cutting the Red Tape
                                                          When placing orders under an MAS, you do
                     You and other interested
                                                          not need to synopsize your requirements, set
                   ordering agencies simply
                                                          aside for small business, or make a separate
                  develop a task order request
                                                          determination of fair and reasonable pricing.
                outlining the scope of work
                                                          GSA has already complied with these
               to be performed and invite
                                                          requirements and determined that prices are
              schedule contractors to respond
                                                          fair and reasonable. By utilizing our schedules,
              with a quote. The contractors’
                                                          you can avoid the stress and work normally
             responses are usually split into
                                                          associated with conducting your own
            two parts: technical and price.
                 Ordering agencies then
                    determine which contractor
                       is the best value (see
                         “Placing Your Order”
                            on page 10).

                  GSA Schedul e 541    •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Benefits for You
GSA uses its aggregate purchasing power to               Peace of Mind
obtain goods and services at the best value                  Compliance with all applicable regulations
and passes these savings on to our customers.                and competition requirements, including the
Flexibility                                                  Competition in Contracting Act and FAR
                                                             Part 6
  A wide selection of service providers
                                                             All contractors are determined to be
  Contractors on schedule have diverse
                                                             technically qualified
  varieties of specialization
                                                             Task Orders may count towards the ordering
Cost and Time Savings                                        agency’s socio-economic goals
  Drastically reduced procurement lead-times
  and administrative costs
                                                             Direct relationship between the ordering
  Reduced internal manpower to obtain the
                                                             agency and the contractor
  services you need
                                                             Total marketing solutions provided by
  Pre-negotiated fair and reasonable pricing
                                                             experts to meet the customer’s various
  The ability to negotiate additional discounts              needs
  during task order placements
  Streamlined ordering procedures
  There is NOT a maximum order limitation
  on any GSA Multiple Award Schedule
  The Maximum Order (MO) Threshold was
  created to notify customers to ask for even
  greater discounts when their schedule order
  exceeds the MO amount

           GSA Schedul e 541   •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     Ordering Information
     Authorized Users                                          GSA Advantage!® Also,
                                                               don’t forget to utilize GSA e-Buy to post your
     Agencies and activities named below may use               Request for Quotes to contractors who are
     contracts established under GSA’s Multiple                listed on GSA Advantage!®.
     Award Schedules:
       All federal agencies and activities in the
       executive, legislative and judicial branches;           Placing Your Order
       Mixed ownership government corporations                 FAR 8.403(b) contemplates that GSA may
       (as defined in the Government Corporation               establish special ordering procedures for
       Control Act);                                           individual GSA Multiple Award Schedules or
       The government of the District of Columbia;             for some Special Item Numbers (SINs) within
                                                               a schedule. In the case of a conflict between
       Government contractors authorized in
                                                               these special ordering procedures and FAR
       writing by a federal agency pursuant to
                                                               8.405 prescribed procedures, these special
       48 CFR 51.1; and
                                                               ordering procedures take precedence over the
       Other activities and organizations                      procedures at FAR 8.405. FAR 8.405-2 provides
       authorized by statute or regulation to                  ordering procedures for services that require a
       use GSA as a source of supply.                          statement of work.
                                                               The contracting officer, when placing an order
     Geographic Coverage                                       or establishing a BPA, is responsible for applying
                                                               the regulatory and statutory requirements
     All Multiple Award Schedules provide
                                                               applicable to the agency for which the order is
     contractors the opportunity to offer worldwide
                                                               placed or the BPA is established. The requiring
     coverage. MAS contractors have three
                                                               agency shall provide the information on
     categories of geographic coverage to offer:
                                                               the applicable regulatory and statutory
     1) Domestic, which covers the 48 contiguous               requirements to the contracting officer
        states; Washington, DC; Alaska; Hawaii                 responsible for placing the order. FAR 8.404(b)
        and Puerto Rico
                                                               In particular, when ordering services over
     2) Overseas only, which covers overseas
                                                               $100,000, Department of Defense (DoD)
        destinations other than Alaska, Hawaii
                                                               ordering offices and non-DoD agencies placing
        and Puerto Rico, and
                                                               orders on behalf of DoD must follow the
     3) Worldwide, which covers delivery                       policies and procedures in the Defense Federal
        domestically AND overseas.                             Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)
                                                               208.404-70 – Additional ordering procedures for
     Finding Available Contractors                             services. When DFARS 208.404-70 is applicable
                                                               and there is a conflict between the ordering
     For more information about the GSA MAS                    procedures contained in this clause and the
     program and awarded contractors, you can                  additional ordering procedures for services in
     access our Schedules e-Library website on                 DFARS 208.404-70, the DFARS procedures take or visit GSA’s                    precedence.
     online shopping site for e-business at

                GSA Schedul e 541    •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
GSA has determined that the prices for                                     Note: The contractor’s firm-fixed
services contained in the contractor’s price                               price should be based on the prices
list applicable to this schedule are fair and                              in the schedule contract and should
reasonable. However, the ordering office using                             consider the mix of labor categories
this contract is responsible for considering the                           and level of effort required to
level of effort and mix of labor proposed to                               perform the services as described in
perform a specific task being ordered and for                              the statement of work. The firm-fixed
making a determination that the total firm-fixed                           price of the order should also include
price or ceiling price is fair and reasonable. For                         any travel costs or other direct
additional guidance, review the “A Word about                              charges related to performance
Price” section on page 15.                                                 of the services ordered, unless the
                                                                           order provides for reimbursement
A. When ordering services,
                                                                           of travel costs at the rates provided
   ordering offices shall—
                                                                           in the Federal Travel or Joint Travel
   1. Prepare a Request (Request for                                       Regulations. A ceiling price must be
      Quote or other communication                                         established for labor-hour and time-
      tool):                                                               and-materials orders.
       a.) Provide a statement of work (a                            c.) The request shall include evaluation
           performance-based statement of                                criteria (e.g. experience and past
           work is preferred) that outlines, at a                        performance) that effectively notify
           minimum, the work to beperformed,                             the contractors what basis will be
           location of work, period of                                   used for selecting the contractor to
           performance, deliverable schedule,                            receive the order. The notice shall
           applicable standards, acceptance                              include the basis for determining
           criteria, any special requirements                            whether the contractors are
           (i.e., security clearances, travel,                           technically qualified and provide an
           special knowledge, etc.), and offer                           explanation regarding the intended
           evaluation criteria.                                          use of any experience and/or
       b.) The request shall include the                                 past performance information in
           statement of work and request the                             determining technical qualification
           contractors to submit a price to                              of responses. FAR 8.405-2
           provide the services outlined in the                      d.) The request may ask the
           statement of work. A firm-fixed                               contractors, if necessary or
           price order shall be requested,                               appropriate, to submit a project
           unless the ordering office makes a                            plan for performing the task, and
           determination that it is not possible                         information on the contractors’
           at the time of placing the order to                           experience and/or past performance
           estimate accurately the extent or                             performing similar tasks.
           duration of the work or to anticipate
                                                                2. Transmit the Request to
           cost with any reasonable degree of
           confidence. When such a
           determination is made, a labor-                           Based upon an initial evaluation of
           hours or time-and-materials quote                         catalogs and price lists, the ordering
           may be requested. For information                         office should identify the contractors
           on using labor-hours or time-and-                         that appear to offer the best value
           materials contracts for commercial                        (considering the scope of services
           acquisitions, see the Services                            offered, pricing and other factors
           Acquisition Reform Act of 2003,                           such as contractors’ locations, as
           Public Law 108-136, section 1432.                         appropriate).

            GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     a.) Ordering activities may place                            e.) Ordering offices should strive to
         orders at, or below, the micro-                              minimize the contractors’ costs
         purchase threshold with any Federal                          associated with responding to
         Supply Schedule contractor that                              requests for quotes for specific
         can meet the agency’s needs. The                             orders. Requests should be tailored
         ordering activity should attempt                             to the minimum level necessary for
         to distribute orders among                                   adequate evaluation and selection
         contractors. FAR 8.405-2(c)(1)                               for order placement. Oral
     b.) For orders exceeding the micro-                              presentations should be
         purchase threshold, but not                                  considered, when possible.
         exceeding the maximum order                     3. Evaluate Responses and Select the
         threshold; the request shall include               Contractor to Receive the Order:
         a statement of work, as described                   The ordering office shall evaluate all
         on page 11, shall be provided to                    responses received using the evaluation
         three (3) schedule contractors,                     criteria identified in the request. The
         and should request that contractors                 ordering office is responsible for
         submit firm-fixed prices to                         considering the level of effort and the mix
         perform the anticipated work.                       of labor proposed to perform a specific
         FAR 8.405-2(c)(2)                                   task being ordered, and for determining the
     c.) For proposed orders exceeding                       total price is fair and reasonable. The order
         the maximum order threshold,                        should then be placed with the schedule
         the request shall be provided to                    contractor that represents the best value.
         additional schedule contractors that                FAR 8.405-2(d)
         offer services that will meet the
                                                         B. Blanket Purchase Agreements
         agency’s needs. When determining
                                                             The establishment of GSA Multiple Award
         the appropriate number of
                                                             Schedule Blanket Purchase Agreements
         additional schedule contractors,
                                                             (BPAs) for recurring services is permitted
         the ordering activity may consider,
                                                             when the procedures outlined herein
         among other factors; the complexity,
                                                             are followed. All BPAs for services shall
         scope and estimated value of the
                                                             address the frequency of ordering and
         requirement and the results of
                                                             invoicing, available discounts, a description
         market research. FAR 8.405-2(c)(3)
                                                             of requirements (e.g. estimated quantities,
     d.) In addition, the request shall be                   work to be performed), delivery locations,
           provided to any contractor who                    and time frames - FAR 8.405-3. The potential
              specifically requests a copy of                volume of orders under BPAs, regardless of
               the request for quote.                        the size of individual orders, may offer the
                 FAR 8.405-2(c)(4)                           ordering office the opportunity to secure
                                                                          volume discounts. When
                                                                              establishing BPAs ordering
                                                                                offices shall—
                                                                                    1. Inform contractors in
                                                                                       the request (based
                                                                                        on the agency’s
                                                                                        requirement) if a single
                                                                                        BPA or multiple BPAs

         GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
   will be established, and indicate the                C.Although the mandatory preference
   basis that will be used for selecting the                programs of FAR Part 19 do not apply, orders
   contractors to be awarded the BPAs.                      placed against schedule contracts may be
   a.) SINGLE BPA: Generally, a single                      credited toward the ordering activity’s small
       BPA should be established when                       business goals - FAR 8.405-5(a). Therefore,
       the ordering office can define the                   the ordering office should give preference
       tasks to be ordered under the BPA                    to small business concerns when two or
       and establish a firm-fixed price                     more schedule contractors can provide the
       or ceiling price for individual tasks                services at the same firm-fixed price or
       or services to be ordered. When                      ceiling price. At a minimum, ordering
       this occurs, authorized users may                    activities should consider, if available, at
       place the order directly under the                   least one small business, veteran-owned
       established BPA when the need                        small business, service disabled veteran-
       for service arises. The schedule                     owned small business, HUBZone small
       contractor that represents the best                  business, woman-owned small business,
       value should be awarded the BPA.                     or small disadvantaged business schedule
       FAR 8.404(d)                                         contractor - FAR 8.405-5(b).
   b.) MULTIPLE BPAs: When the                          D.When the ordering office’s requirement
       ordering office determines multiple                  involves both products as well as executive,
       BPAs are needed to meet its                          administrative and/or professional services,
       requirements, the ordering                           the ordering office should total the prices
       office should determine which                        for the products and the firm-fixed price for
       contractors can meet any technical                   the services and select the contractor that
       qualifications before establishing                   represents the best value - FAR 8.404(d).
       the BPAs. When multiple BPAs are                 E. Documentation
       established, the authorized users                    The ordering office, at a minimum, shall
       must follow the procedures in                        document the contractor from which the
       (A)(2) on page 11 and then place                     services were purchased, a description of
       the order with the schedule                          the services purchased, the amount paid,
       contractor that represents the                       and if applicable, the circumstances and
       best value.                                          rationale for restricting consideration of
2. Review BPAs periodically: Such                           schedule contractors to fewer than that
   reviews shall be conducted at least                      required in FAR 8.405-1 or 8.405-2.
   annually. The purpose of the review is                   The ordering office shall also document the
   to determine whether — the schedule                      evaluation methodology used in selecting
   contract, upon which the BPA was                         the contractor to receive the order, the
   established, is still in effect; the BPA                 rationale for any tradeoffs in making
   still represents the best value for                      the selection, the price reasonableness
   the government- FAR 8.405-3(d); and                      determination required by FAR 8.405-2(d),
   estimated quantities/amounts have                        and the rationale for using other than a
   been exceeded and additional price                       firm-fixed price order or a performance-
   reductions can be obtained - FAR                         based order - FAR 8.405-7.
   8.404(d)(1). Finally, the ordering activity
   shall document the results of its review
   - FAR 8.405-3(d)(2).

       GSA Schedul e 541      •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     Other Direct Costs and
     GSA MAS
     Other Direct Costs (ODCs) are charges for                  1. Contract Support Items (CSIs): Refer to
     items utilized in conjunction with direct                     FSS Supply Operations Handbook, Volume 2,
     support of a service. Use of the three                        Procurement (FSS P 2901.2A). For more
     categories of ODCs is acceptable for task                     information on the FSS Supply Operations
     orders placed against GSA MAS contracts if                    Handbook, Volume 2, Procurement, please
     certain procedures are followed. The three                    call (703) 305-6658.
     types of ODCs and their corresponding                      2. Incidentals: Refer to FAR 8.402(f)
     guidelines are listed as follows:
                                                                3. Travel: Refer to 41 C.F.R. Chaps. 300-304
                                                                   (Federal Travel Regulation) and 10 U.S.C.
                                                                   Chap. 7 (Joint Federal Travel Regulation)

     Best Value
     Customers are to make the best value                           Probable life of the item selected
     selections. Best Value is a process used                       Technical qualifications/solutions
     to select services or products to meet your
                                                                    Trade-in considerations
     needs. Best Value determinations ensure good
     business decisions by the use of factors other                 Training
     than price. A good way to determine your Best                  Warranty
     Value requirements is to evaluate what is most
                                                                For further guidance, or to attend an online
     important to your agency and organization
                                                                class at our FSS Center for Acquisition
     other than price. Some factors might be:
                                                                Excellence, please visit our schedules website:
       Administrative costs                            Additional guidance
       Corporate experience                                     can also be obtained by reviewing/using the
       Delivery                                                 “Best Value Determination” insert in the back
                                                                pocket of this folder.
       Environmental and energy efficiency
       Maintenance availability
       Past performance

                  GSA Schedul e 541   •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
A Word about Price
Although GSA has made the determination                   Reasons to seek price reductions include
that the price awarded on a service schedule              instances where you have determined that
is a fair and reasonable one, GSA has not                 a service or product is available elsewhere
determined that the level of effort or mix of             at a lower price, or when establishing blanket
labor proposed in response to any specific                purchase agreements (BPAs) to fill recurring
requirement is in itself, fair and reasonable.            requirements. BPAs offer an easy-to-use,
When buying services that require a statement             flexible purchasing option that allows you to
of work, only you can make a determination                take advantage of quantity discounts, save
that the task or delivery order price is                  administrative time and reduce paperwork.
reasonable and represents best value.                     The potential volume of orders under BPAs
                                                          offers the opportunity to secure price
It is a proven best practice that ordering
                                                          reductions/increased discounts, regardless
offices should seek additional price
                                                          of the size of individual orders. If you are
reductions/increased discounts and/or
                                                          interested in setting up a BPA with a GSA
concessions when placing an order under a
                                                          Multiple Award Schedule contractor, take
GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract.
                                                          a look at our suggested BPA format on page 17
Contractors will often “sharpen their pencils”
                                                          for guidance.
to obtain a large MAS contract order. GSA
MAS contractors are not required to pass on to            While ordering offices are encouraged to seek
all MAS users a price reduction extended only             price reductions for any size MAS contract
to an individual customer for a specific order.           order, they are required to seek price
                                                          reductions if a requirement exceeds a MAS
You are encouraged to seek further price
                                                          contract’s maximum order (MO) threshold.
reductions as requirements may warrant! Price
                                                          The MO under a GSA MAS contract is the
reductions allow agencies to take advantage of
                                                          dollar value threshold at which the ordering
the flexible and dynamic commercial market-
                                                          office must seek additional price reductions for
pricing environment that is the hallmark of
                                                          its requirement. The MO threshold varies from
MAS. When you ask for price reductions, it can
                                                          schedule to schedule and sometimes even
maximize your use of MAS by taking advantage
                                                          from SIN to SIN. The MO threshold for the
of competitive forces, technological changes,
                                                          AIMS schedule is $1,000,000 per SIN. In
labor conditions, supply and demand, industry
                                                          addition, the MO threshold is listed in every
sales goals, inventory reductions and more!
                                                          GSA MAS contractor’s price list and in GSA
The ability to seek additional price reductions           Advantage!®. In response to the ordering
and concessions allows the government to not              office’s request for a price reduction, the
only leverage its combined requirement to                 contractor may offer a lower price, offer the
obtain favorable terms, conditions, and pricing,          current schedule contract price, or decline
but to also leverage agency requirements that             the order. If further price reductions are
take advantage of quantity or spot discounts              not offered, the order may still be placed
available in a fluid, commercial pricing                  if the ordering office determines that it is
atmosphere!                                               appropriate, since GSA has already determined
                                                          the contract prices to be fair and reasonable.

           GSA Schedul e 541    •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     Purchasing Options
     GSA has a variety of purchasing options                      Blanket Purchase Agreements
     available to you. So whether your needs range
     from addressing small business goals and                     If you are dealing with repetitive buys, Blanket
     repetitive buys to creating your own total                   Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are for you!
     solution or having GSA do it for you, the                    A BPA is a simplified method of filling
     purchasing options offered give you the                      recurring needs for services and products,
     flexibility you need. Let’s take a more in                   while leveraging your buying power by taking
     depth look at each of the different options.                 advantage of quantity discounts, saving
                                                                  administrative time and reducing paperwork.
                                                                  Think of the BPA as an “account” established
     Small Business Means
                                                                  between you (the customer) and a schedule
     Big Business
                                                                  contractor. By setting up a BPA, you save
     The General Services Administration and the                  time and resources. Simplify your ordering by
     Small Business Administration (SBA) strongly                 processing a BPA once and then use it as your
     support the participation of small business                  agency’s needs occur.
     concerns in the Multiple Award Schedules
                                                                  With an MAS BPA, you can order as little as
     program. To enhance small business
                                                                  you want, as much as you want, and as often
     participation, SBA policy requires agencies to
                                                                  as you want. You are not restricted by any
     include in their procurement base and goals
                                                                  dollar limitations when placing orders under an
     the dollar value of orders expected to be
                                                                  MAS BPA. A BPA can be set up for your field
     placed against the Multiple Award Schedules,
                                                                  offices across the nation to use, thus allowing
     and to report accomplishments against these
                                                                  them to participate in your BPA and place
     goals. For more details, please visit
                                                                  orders directly with schedule contractors. By
     The GSA Schedules e-Library website contains                 doing so, your entire agency reaps the benefits
     information on business size and socio-                      of additional discounts negotiated into your
     economic status. This information should                     own BPA.
     be used as a tool to assist ordering activities
                                                                  A BPA cannot exceed the contractor’s
     in meeting or exceeding established small
                                                                  schedule contract period. You should always
     business goals. By utilizing the information
                                                                  perform an annual review of your BPA to
     found on this website, you are also encouraged
                                                                  determine whether it is still a “best value.”
     to consider small, small disadvantaged, 8(a)
                                                                  Agencies can locate the guidelines
     firms, veteran owned, disabled veteran owned
                                                                  for establishing a BPA in the section titled
     and women-owned small businesses when
                                                                  “Placing Your Order” on page 10. For your
     making a best value determination. To visit
                                                                  convenience, we have also included a sample
     GSA Schedules e-Library, go to
                                                                  BPA. For further guidance on establishing
                                                                  a BPA, visit our online FSS Center
                                                                  for Acquisition Excellence at

               GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
                                                    SAMPLE BPA
BPA NUMBER ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

(CUSTOMER NAME) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                      BLANKET PURCHASE AGREEMENT
  Pursuant to GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract number(s)________________, Blanket Purchase Agreements, the
  Contractor agrees to the following terms of a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) EXCLUSIVELY WITH (Ordering Agency):
  (1) The following contract services/products can be ordered under this BPA. All orders placed against this BPA
      are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, except as noted below:
      ITEM (Special Item Number or Type of Service)                 SPECIAL BPA DISCOUNT/ PRICE

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________
  (2) Delivery:

       DESTINATION                                                  DELIVERY SCHEDULE/DATES

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________
  (3) The Government estimates, but does not guarantee, that the volume of purchases through this agreement will be
  (4) This BPA does not obligate any funds.
  (5) This BPA expires on __________________________or at the end of the contract period, whichever is earlier.
  (6) The following office(s) is hereby authorized to place orders under this BPA.

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________

       _______________________________________________               _________________________________________________________
  (7) Orders will be placed against this BPA via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), FAX, paper, or oral communications.
  (8) Unless otherwise agreed to, all deliveries under this BPA must be accompanied by delivery tickets or sales slips that must
      contain the following information as a minimum:
           (a) Name of Contractor;
           (b) Contract Number;
           (c) BPA Number;
           (d) Special Item Number (SIN);
           (e) Task Order Number;
           (f) Date of Purchase;
           (g) Quantity, Unit Price, and Extension of Each Item (unit prices and extensions need not be shown when incompatible
               with the use of automated systems; provided, that the invoice is itemized to show the information); and
           (h) Date of Delivery.
  (9) The requirements of a proper invoice are as specified in the GSA MAS contract. Invoices will be submitted to the address
      specified within the task order transmission issued against this BPA.
  (10) The terms and conditions included in this BPA apply to all purchases made pursuant to it. In the event of an inconsistency
       between the provisions of this BPA and the Contractor’s invoice, the provisions of this BPA will take precedence.

*IMPORTANT — The GSA Multiple Award Schedules program permits contractors to offer price
reductions in accordance with commercial practice. Contractor Team Arrangements are permit ted with
GSA MAS contractors in accordance with FAR Subpart 9.6.

                  GSA Schedul e 541   •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     Total Solutions through                                  e-Buy allows federal agencies (buyers) to
     Contractor Teaming                                       maximize their buying power by leveraging
     Arrangements                                             the power of the Internet to increase schedule
                                                              contractor participation in order to obtain
     For complex tasks, Contractor Teaming                    quotes which will result in a best value
     Arrangements (CTAs) may be desirable from                purchase decision. e-Buy provides agencies
     both a government and industry perspective.              with a tool that will result in savings in both
     A Contractor Teaming Arrangement allows                  time and money.
     two or more GSA schedule contractors to
     work together to meet agency requirements,               Using the e-Buy system, buyers may prepare
     allowing them to compete for orders for                  and post an RFQ for specific services and
     which they may not qualify independently.                products for a designated period of time.
     Contractors on the same schedule or across               Each RFQ is assigned to a GSA Multiple Award
     multiple schedules can team. By using CTAs,              Schedule, Special Item Number (SIN) category
     contractors can complement each other’s                  by the buyer.
     unique capabilities while offering government            The category assignment determines which
     agencies the best turnkey solutions based on a           sellers may receive the e-mail notice to quote.
     combination of performance, cost and delivery            Sellers are automatically listed under their
     of acquired services. You can benefit from               awarded SIN categories. Buyers may notify all
     using CTAs by buying a solution rather                   sellers listed under a particular SIN category
     than making separate buys from various                   or may choose to notify a lesser number of
     contractors. See FAR 9.6 for more information            sellers. (FAR 8.4 and the Ordering Procedures
     or visit                          for Services Requiring a Statement of Work
                                                              stipulate that buyers must submit their RFQ to
     GSA e-Buy, an Electronic Way                             three or more sellers for purchases over the
     to Order Services                                        micro-purchase threshold.) Sellers not notified
                                                              may still submit a quote for an RFQ placed
 e-Buy, a component of GSA Advantage!®, is an                 under their awarded SIN.
 online Request for Quote (RFQ) tool designed
 to facilitate the request for submission                     Contractors who wish to quote must do so
 of quotes for a wide range of                                at the e-Buy website. Only those contractors
 commercial services and                                           who have submitted their catalogs for
 products that are offered                                           inclusion in GSA Advantage!® will have
 by GSA Multiple Award                                                 an opportunity to participate in e-Buy
 Schedule contractors                                                          and receive requests for quotes.
 who are on GSA                                                                         Once an RFQ has closed,
 Advantage!®.                                                                           buyers may then evaluate
                                                                                         and accept the quote

                GSA Schedul e 541   •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
that represents the best value. Buyers may                   the project and the budget. GSA does the rest
then issue an order to any contractor whose                  to free up your valuable resources for other
quote was accepted. To visit GSA e-Buy, go                   tasks. Benefits of GSA-Managed Acquisitions
to                                         include:
                                                                 Acquisition Expertise
An Extra Tool for Your                                           GSA professionals will work with you to
Acquisition Toolbox –                                            define your requirements, write statements
                                                                 of work, perform market surveys, develop
GSA-Managed Acquisitions
                                                                 acquisition strategies, run technical
Need additional contracting personnel, internal                  evaluation boards and evaluate
resources, or technical savvy to conduct your                    “best value.”
next procurement? GSA realizes that a “one                       Professional Project Management
size fits all” philosophy doesn’t work in the real               Experienced professionals provide various
world, so we make sure you have several tools to                 levels of support that can encompass end-to-
pick from in your acquisition toolbox to address                 end project management of the acquisition.
these issues. Whether you decide to conduct                      To demonstrate this commitment to end-
your own procurement (customer-managed                           to-end project management, the FTS
acquisition) or have us do some or all of it for                 professionals will manage the project after
you (GSA-Managed Acquisitions), GSA is here                      award to oversee scheduling and deliverables,
to help. Through GSA’s Office of Professional                    accounts payable and financial oversight,
Services (a division of the Federal Technology                   all while keeping costs in check!
Service – FTS), you can get the level of
                                                                 Back-Up Support
assistance you need on a fee basis in the
                                                                 Even if you don’t need a total turnkey
areas of acquisition management, project
                                                                 solution, but just need a little extra support
management, procurement support, and
                                                                 for that large “needed it yesterday”
financial management for IT and specific
                                                                 procurement, you can still turn to GSA for
professional services from GSA schedules,
                                                                 support. Use GSA resources to complement
including the AIMS schedule. We’ve already
                                                                 your agency’s contracting capabilities on an
covered the benefits of doing the procurement
                                                                 “as needed” basis.
yourself, so let’s take a look at your other option –
GSA-Managed Acquisitions through GSA’s FTS.                  Look to GSA-Managed Acquisitions when you
                                                             need your project done on time and on budget.
In a GSA-Managed Acquisition, you can
                                                             For more information, contact the FTS Office
customize the solution to your requirements by
                                                             of Professional Services at (703) 306-6140 or
using specific elements of GSA support, or by
outsourcing the entire project for a turnkey
solution. GSA works with you to understand
your requirements and helps you choose,
implement and manage the acquisition for the
best solution to meet your needs. You define

            GSA Schedul e 541      •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
     So, Now You Know
     . . . that acquiring expert advertising and integrated marketing
     services need not be time consuming, costly, or intimidating.
     Thanks to GSA’s Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
     schedule, you can now obtain valuable expertise easily!

     Need More Info?
     For contract specific or technical information, visit the AIMS website:
      . . . or visit the Services Acquisition Center’s website for additional
     service offerings at:
     Call us at: (703) 305-6658
     For general information, contact the National Customer Services Center
     at (800) 488-3111 or e-mail

                GSA Schedul e 541     •   A dve r t i s ing a nd I n t eg r a t ed M a r ke t ing S olu t ion s
Services Acquisition Center
U.S. General Services Administration
Federal Supply Service
1901 South Bell Street
Room 503
Arlington, VA 22202
Dec 2004

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