Mole Calculations Worksheet #1 by murplelake77


									                                    Mole Calculations Worksheet #1

Solve the following problems. Show all your work!!!

1) What is the mass of 1 mole of lithium hydroxide?

2) A saltshaker filled with 17 grams of Sodium chloride contains how many moles of Sodium chloride?

3) Which of the following has the greatest mass? 4.2 mol of carbon or 8.34*1024 atoms of CaCO3 or 12.6 g of

4) In 60 g of N2O there are how many molecules?

5) Find the atomic mass or formula mass for each of the following:
   a) Mn
   b) Se
   c) BaBr2
   d) NaOH

6) Find the number of moles of each of the following:
   a. 25 g of Ar
   b. 38.6 g of Mg
   c. 76.5 g of SO3
   d. 229 g of NaNO3

7) Find the number of atoms in each of the following:
   a. 0.28 mole Ni
   b. 1.84 mole S
   c. 1.32 mole F2
   d. 3.15 mole K3PO4

8) Find the volume of each of the following amounts of gas at STP:
   a. 0.72 mole of O2
   b. 3.4 moles N2

9) How many moles are in each of the following volumes of gas at STP?
   a. 83.5 L CO2
   b. 55.2 L He
   c. 15.8 L NH3

10) Find the mass of each of the gas samples in question 9.

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