The Care and Use of the Compound Microscope by kellena91


									The Care and Use of the Compound Microscope

The Proper Use and Care of the Compound Microscope.


Always carry the compound microscope with two hands--by the (1) BASE and (2) ARM.


Place the microscope in the middle, not the edge, of the desk.


2 4 5 6

Basic Parts: 1. base 2. arm 3. coarse adjustment 4. fine adjustment 5. objectives 6. stage



7. eyepiece 8. revolving nosepiece 9. diaphragm 10.power cord 11.light

8 9 10 11

12. high power objective 13. stage clips



How to Focus the Microscope

1. Turn the revolving nosepiece so that no objectives are directly above the slide.


2. Using the coarse adjustment (1),move the objectives as close the stage (2) as possible


3. Place the slide on the stage and secure with the stage clips.

4. Turn the nosepiece so that the low power objective lies directly above the slide.

5. Look through the eyepiece when focusing, leaving both eyes open.

6. Using the coarse adjustment,slowly move the objectives away from the stage until focused.

7. Adjust the light by turning the diaphragm using the numbers to increase or decrease the incoming light.

Notice the size of the openings in the diaphragm. Which setting allows the least light? 4
5 1 2


8. Use the fine adjustment knob to clear the image.

How to Determine Magnification

Each objective has a different magnification.

10x 4x 40x

What is the magnification of the eyepiece?
If you multiply the eyepiece times the 10X objective, what would be the total magnification?

When storing the microscope, securely wrap the cord.

2 Return the microscope to a designated place. When returning the microscope, always carry it using two hands-by the (1) BASE and (2) ARM. 1

Microscope Quiz

b c

1. moves objectives towards and away from stage 2. secures slide 3. adjusts light 4. fine focus



5. Which would change the objective being used?
a. eyepiece b. revolving nosepiece c. diaphragm d. power cord

b c d e

e. light


6. Which part changes the amount of light reaching the slide? b c a. eyepiece b. revolving nosepiece c. diaphragm d. power cord e. light

d e

7. When focusing, explain why the objectives are always moved away from the slide. 8. Describe the proper procedure for carrying and storing a microscope.

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