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									                                                                      POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                                                       Generic Job Description
                                                                      Ministry of Attorney General

POSITION TITLE:                                                                        POSITION
                                       Court Clerk                                     NUMBER(S):           00015930
                                       Kamloops/Kootenay District                                           00010897
(e.g., Division, Region, Department)
UNIT:                                                                                  LOCATION:
(e.g., Branch, Area, District)         Court Services Branch                                                Kamloops
SUPERVISOR’S TITLE:                                                                    POSITION
                                       Mgr, In Court Activity                          NUMBER               00010921
SUPERVISOR’S CLASSIFICATION:                                                           PHONE NUMBER:
                                       Applied Leadership                                                   250-828-4334
FOR AGENCY USE ONLY                                                                    NOC CODE:
APPROVED CLASSIFICATION:                                                               CLASS CODE:
                                       CC R11                                                               3551112
ENTERED BY:                                                                            PHONE NUMBER:

Court Services Branch is responsible for the delivery of all court administration services in BC. These consist of registry,
trial support and Sheriff Services for all levels of court. The Registry provides the infrastructure to process documents
that are required by the court to ensure timely and effective processing of court cases and support to the justice system.

To provide court clerk services to the Court and provide administrative assistance within the Registry.

This position reports to the Manager, In Court Activity. The position is responsible for interpreting documentation in court
files to ensure accurate information in processing documents and processing court files. The position interacts with
members of the public, the bar, and the judiciary.


1.      Performs pre-court duties                                                                                 20 %

        a. prepares courtroom and equipment; pulls and checks files for completeness and accuracy, obtains other
           documents required for court and reviews the history of the file
        b. reports to the Judge prior to court commencing to receive pre-trial instructions and deliver courtlists, pre-
           sentence reports, transcripts, trial records and other court documents
        c. confirms and coordinates attendance of all parties and copies and distributes court documentation

2.      Provides in-court duties                                                                                  45 %

        a. operates recording equipment and monitors court proceedings
        b. calls the cases, reads the charges, takes pleas, takes re-elections, administers oaths or affirmations
        c. endorses Informations and courtlists, enters proceedings on trial record sheets, endorses chambers sheets,
           records names of persons in attendance and the outcome of cases
        d. marks, logs and secures all exhibits entered into court proceedings
        e. clerks jury selection, administers oaths and affirmations to the jurors, takes and records a verdict
        f. enters information into automated computer system about court events as they happen in court

3.      Performs post-court duties                                                                                30 %

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       a. returns exhibits and cancels warrants
       b. prepares court documents; explains probation orders and orders of prohibition to offenders; and signs orders
          and warrants of remand and committal
       c. advises the trial coordinator of the status of files; and files completed tapes and log sheets
       d. checks files for completeness and accuracy; purges completed court files; and types and distributes court

4.     Performs other duties, such as:                                                                            5%

       a.   compiles and submits statistical data on a monthly basis and performs file searches
       b.   provides administrative assistance within the registry

No financial responsibility.

DIRECT SUPERVISION (i.e., responsibility for signing the employee appraisal form)
Role                                                                            # of Regular FTE’s      # of Auxiliary FTE’s
Directly supervises staff
Supervises staff through subordinate supervisors

PROJECT /TEAM LEADERSHIP OR TRAINING (Check the appropriate boxes)
                     Role                      # of FTE’s                              Role                        # of FTE’s
Supervises students or volunteers                           Provides formal training to other staff
Lead project teams                                          Assigns, monitors and examines the work of staff


Familiarity with computers is essential. The incumbent will be using Word, Excel, Outlook, and some proprietary

Overtime without prior notice may be required. Working hours may be altered to fit a shift pattern within a regular work



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NAME:                                      DATE:


I confirm that:
    1. the accountabilities / deliverables were assigned to this position effective: January 21, 2008.
    2. the information in this position description reflects the actual work performed.
    3. a copy has / will be provided to the incumbent(s).

NAME:                                      SIGNATURE:                                 DATE:
        Beatrice von Schulmann                                                                    January 7, 2008

In accordance with the conditions and accountabilities of my delegated classification authority, I confirm that this job
description and organization chart accurately depict the position’s duties and reporting relationships and approve its
classification as Court Clerk R11.

________________________________              Bill Grandage, Exec. Director, Court Administration        ______________
Executive Director-Delegate’s Signature       Name (print)                                               Date

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Deputy Attorney General
     Assistant Deputy Minister, Court Services
         Executive Director, Court Administration, Strategic Leadership (ML8), 00010224
            Senior District Manager,Kamloops/Kootenay District, Kamloops, Business Leadership (ML6), 00010896
                          Manager, Out of Court Activity, Applied Leadership (ML2), 00014980
                          Manager, In Court Activity, Applied Leadership (ML2), 00010921
                               Court Clerks, CCR11, 00010916, 00063385, 00010926, 00013229, 00079441,
                                                       00015513, 00015930, 00014917, 00016128, 00010901,
                                                       00059204, 00010897

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   • secondary school graduation or equivalent.

  • a combination of four years of clerical experience, education and/or training including a minimum of one year
     experience/training in a legal office environment; or
  • prefer a minimum of two years experience/training in court registry
  • experience/training in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, and other standard computer applications
  • 50 wpm keyboarding speed

There will be different combinations of relevant experience, education and/or training that may result in an applicant
meeting this standard.


  • thorough knowledge of pertinent statutes, regulations, Criminal Code, Rules of Court, instruction manuals and
     circulars and courtroom procedure.
  • must be familiar with Court Services Manuals (i.e. Court Clerk/Court Recorder, Exhibit Control, Criminal Case
     Processing, Youth, Family, Divorce and Small Claims).

   • ability to meet and deal with the public and communicate effectively on court technical requirements and
   • ability to provide and maintain liaison with Judiciary, members of the Bar and all other related agencies
   • ability to learn assigned tasks and perform many diversified duties without immediate supervision; ability to
      perform under pressure by meeting deadlines
   • ability to be exposed to unpleasant testimony and materials
   • ability to perform basic mathematical calculations; ability to produce a high volume of work with speed , accuracy
      and attention to detail often under tight time constraints and with frequent interruptions
   • ability to lift heavy objects (30 lbs) i.e. files, books, equipment and exhibits
   • ability to write legibly for lengthy periods of time
   • public speaking abilities for in-court duties
   • ability to produce a high volume of work with speed, accuracy and attention to detail with tact and good judgment

   • May be required to travel and work in other geographical areas
   • Must pass criminal record review and police record check
   • May be required to work flexible hours and overtime.

Core Competencies:                                             Job Specific Competencies:

Results Orientation                                            Concern for Order
Service Orientation                                            Flexibility
Teamwork and Cooperation                                       Initiative
                                                               Listening, Understanding and Responding
                                                               Self Confidence
                                                               Self Control

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  FACTOR                               REASON FOR CLASSIFICATION                                         DEGREE       CLASS.
    NO.                                                                                                               POINTS
     1         JOB KNOWLEDGE                                                                                 E          145
               Must understand and apply the accepted methods of civil and criminal processes and
               court systems to provide court services such as swear in witnesses, control exhibits,
               clerks jury selection, fix trial dates, organize daily trial schedule and cancel

      2        MENTAL DEMANDS                                                                                D          100
               Judgement to assess various legal documents and court requirements and choose an
               approach using a combination of accepted procedures and terminology to organize
               court activities, jurors and exhibits and reorganize schedules to meet changing
      3        INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS SKILL                                                            C           30
               Discretion required to exchange information needing an explanation of court
               procedures, court orders, and legal terminology with the general public, legal
               profession, filing agents, ministry staff and offenders.

      4        PHYSICAL COORDINATION AND DEXTERITY                                                           C           15
               Moderate coordination and dexterity is required to operate computer to update files
               on automated systems, produce correspondence and court documents with some
               requirement for speed and accuracy.
      5        RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORK ASSIGNMENTS                                                           C           50
               Guided by specific procedures and previous instructions and practices, selects a            (3IIa)
               course of action to complete assignments and provide clerking services to court
               systems clients (i.e., swear in witnesses, control movement of exhibits, cancel
               warrants, track and fix court dates and schedule court rooms).
      6        RESPONSIBILITY FOR FINANCIAL RESOURCES                                                        A            5
               No financial responsibility.
      7        RESPONSIBILITY FOR PHYSICAL ASSETS/INFORMATION                                                D          22.5
               Significant responsibility to control the quality of data on court files used for legal
      8        RESPONSIBILITY FOR HUMAN RESOURCES                                                            A            5
               Gives informal guidance to other staff.
      9        RESPONSIBILITY FOR WELL BEING/SAFETY OF OTHERS                                                B           10
               Limited care and attention to calm upset clients.

     10        SENSORY EFFORT/MULTIPLE DEMANDS                                                               C           12
               Focused sensory concentration to frequently visually focus on source documents or
               screen to prepare court documents and enter data to automated information system.
     11        PHYSICAL EFFORT                                                                               C           12
               Moderate physical effort is required to frequently focus attention to computer screen
               and printed material, enter information to databases and type documents.
     12        SURROUNDINGS                                                                                  B            4
               Regularly deals with unhappy/frustrated clients.
     13        HAZARDS                                                                                       B            4
               Limited exposure to hazards from frequent keyboarding and occasional exposure to
               the possibility of physical violence from angry clients.

Total Points: 414.5                    Level: Grid 11 (Range 370 – 459)                     Classification: Court Clerk R11

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