Minimally Invasive Surgery and Technology

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					                        Minimally Invasive Surgery and Technology

                                                  GUEST SPEAKER

                                           Assoc Prof. Davide Lomanto
                                               Department of Surgery
                                             National University Hospital

                             When: 16th September 2009, 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
                                Where: Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore
                         11 Science Park Road Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117685


The 20th Century has evolved with the development of minimally access surgery and in particular with flexible
endoscopy, endo-laparoscopic surgery, microsurgery and robotic that have been associated with less pain, shorter
hospital stays, and fewer complications than conventional surgery. These techniques have reached the gold
standard in approaching most of the diseases and also improve themselves with minilaparoscopy, microrobotic,
natural orifice surgery and the latest single port surgery all focused in being less and less invasive for the patients.
These changes have been possible due to the fast development of technologies like information technology,
robotics, digital imaging etc.

Probably in the 21st Century we will be at the verge of a totally new paradigm shift that could redefine the modern
surgery due to the use of nanotechnology and microrobotics in performing advanced tasks. In the future a more
intensive and close collaboration between surgeons and engineering will be able to create new platform to deliver a
better healthcare.

Speaker Biography

                      Assoc Prof. Davide Lomanto graduated with distinction in Medicine & Surgery in 1983 at
                      University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy. He completed his training in General Surgery in 1992
                      and his PhD in Gastrointestinal Surgery in 1990 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”,
                      Italy. Since 1990, he served as Assistant Professor and then as Associate Professor in General
                      Surgery, at the Department of General Surgery and Organ Transplantation, University of
                      Rome “La Sapienza”. He spent several period of time overseas for training: Switzerland,
                      Germany and USA.

                      He is currently the Director of the Minimal Invasive Surgical Centre (MISC) at the National
University Hospital (NUH), and of the Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat Advanced Surgery Training
Centre (ASTC) at National University of Singapore. He is Senior Teaching Fellow at Yong Loo Lin School of
Medicine, NUS since 2003.

He has a special interest in Minimally Invasive Surgery, laparoscopic digestive surgery including Robotic and
Obesity Surgery and Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair. He is Fellow of International Surgical Societies like SAGES,
EAES, GREPA-EHS, ELSA. He takes part in the organization of International Surgcal Congress as well as Invited
Speaker. He is reviewer of different scientific surgical journals.

He is Founding Member and Secretary of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) and founding member of the Asia-
Pacific Bariatric Surgery Society. He has more than 100 publications in international surgical journals and chapters
in surgical books.

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