Crash Course in Brain Surgery, or 2CV Frame Replacement by murplelake76


									Crash Course in Brain Surgery, or
2CV Frame Replacement                                                       Being several states away, Noel could have easily overstated
                                                                            things	and	claimed	that	I	needed	parts	and	repairs	that	were	
by Ben Boyle                                                                necessary	but	the	only	extras	offered	were	shocks	and	brake	
                                                                            lines, which I had already figured on replacing. In these times of
This	spring	in	the	days	leading	up	to	Easter	I	began	to	notice	             hearing	of	people	being	ripped	off	by	unscrupulous	scams	it	is	
something	very	wrong	with	my	2CV.		The	steering	began	to	get	               refreshing	to	experience	honesty.	
stiff	and	heavy	and	the	car	simply	did	not	drive	like	its	old	self.		
At first some of the warning signs that I had read about concern-
ing	frame	collapse	did	not	seem	to	be	appearing.		The	Haynes	
manual	suggested	that	possibly	my	king	pins	were	seized.	

Not	knowing	how	to	proceed	I	contacted	Noel	Slade	in	New	
Jersey	for	advice.		He	expressed	concern	that	the	frame	was	
collapsing	and	requested	some	underbody	pictures.		Judging	
from	the	pictures	he	was	of	the	strong	opinion	that	the	frame	was	
beginning	to	fail	and	was	worried	about	the	safety	of	the	car.	
Over	the	next	couple	of	days	the	
frame	sagged	some	more	and	
it	was	becoming	obvious	that	
something	must	be	done.		After	
evaluating my financial situation,                                                                       Initial disassembly. Front end bodywork
I	contacted	Noel	and	loaded	the	                                                                         removed. Ready for chassis separation.
2CV	on	the	trailer	and	drove	from	
my	home	in	Michigan	to	New	                                                                              At the end of four weeks, I was told
Jersey	to	have	the	frame	replaced.	                                                                      that	the	car	was	ready	for	pick-up.		I	
                                                                                                         jumped	into	a	rental	car	and	planned	
                                                                                                         to	drive	the	car	almost	800	miles	
                                                                                                         back	home.		This	may	seem	crazy	to	
                                                                                                         do	with	a	car	that	has	just	been	put	
                                                                                                         back together but I was confident,
                                                                                                         and	rightfully	so.		The	car	performed	
                                                                      Front footwell of body was patched flawlessly and I am very satisfied
                                                                      as necessary.                      with	the	quality	of	the	work	that	was	
                                                                                                         performed.		I	am	writing	this	article	
                                                                             so	that	perhaps	some	of	you	who	are	not	aware	of	this	relatively	
                                                                             new	addition	to	the	US	2CV	community	can	get	some	of	the	
                                                                             good	service	that	I	received.		Information	concerning	Noel	can	
                                                                             be	found	at	the	Eurocar	Imports	website	at
Original suspension and gas tank affixed to new galvanized chassis.
                                                                   While we are glad that Ben had good experience dealing with
Upon	arriving	at	Noel’s	shop	I	could	see	that	it	was	bursting	     Eurocar, we would be remiss if we did not point out to our
with	activity	and	that	I	was	not	alone	in	needing	a	new	frame.		I	 readers that we will no longer feature Eurocar advertising in the
was	immediately	at	ease	and	had	a	good	feeling	about	choosing	     Citroënthusiast newsletter. This is because Eurocar has an
Noel	to	do	the	work	that	would	be	necessary	to	save	my	car	from	 outstanding account with the Club for two years of unpaid
the	scrapheap.		Noel	commented	that	my	car	was	not	all	that	bad	 full-page advertising. While we have given the past and
and	that	he	had	seen	worse.                                        present owners of Eurocar every opportunity to settle their ac-
 					                                                             count with us, Eurocar has informed us that they will not pay for
Over the course of the next four weeks, Noel kept in constant      the advertising they committed to. This is not due to any pub-
contact	with	me	concerning	my	car	and	regularly	sent	me	e-         lishing deficiency on the Club’s part. Eurocar has simply chosen
mails	of	the	progress.		He	did	the	relevant	repairs	to	the	body	   not to pay their bills in a timely manner, and now refuses to pay
that	were	necessary	in	the	bulkhead	area	and	readied	the	galva-    at all. We did not want to censor or suppress this article in any
nized	chassis	to	have	my	car	body	placed	upon	it.		An	engine	      way, but feel that as Club members you should be apprised of the
tune	up	was	also	performed	which	made	the	2CV	run	better	than	 current relationship between Eurocar and this publication.
it	had	ever	run	in	the	time	that	I	had	owned	the	old	girl.

  Citroënthusiast	 	           	         	         	        		           	10	     	        	        	         	                 	Fall	2006

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