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					 Two-Foot Party Subs                                                     Party Trays

Each sub feeds approximately six to eight people.
Please give us 30 hours advanced notice. All two-
footers are served cold, with tomatoes, lettuce and
other condiments served on the side. Choose any sub
from the menu or create your own!                                               Sub Trays
                                                                                                                        Catering Menu
Only $21.99 each.                                             Our scrumptious subs, cut down to 4” sandwiches,         Planet Sub features scrumptious made-from-scratch,
                                                              are the perfect finger food. Subs are priced individ-    whole wheat bread and a variety of meats, cheeses
                                                              ually at $2.75 and include lettuce, tomato and condi-    and veggies. Planet Sub’s sandwiches are oven-baked
                    Soups                                     ments on the side unless specified otherwise.            to achieve a uniquely satisfying meal. Our catering
                                                                                                                       menu includes box lunches, two-foot party subs, and
Soups are based on seasonal availability. We offer                                                                     party trays. Planet Sub catering is ideal for office
individual bowls for $3.49, or $16.99 for the
                                                                              Salad Trays                              meetings, gameday gatherings, birthdays or for any
larger servings for groups and party trays.                   We also offer our salads in party sizes. Greek,          hungry crowd. We are excited to be in your hometown,
                                                              Chicken Caesar or Garden, take your pick and we’ll       and think you will agree we offer a fresh approach to
                                                              bring everything you need - dressing, napkins, forks     a great American meal.
                                                              and plates. Only $29.99 each.
             Side Items                                                                                                         Delivery & Payment
Chips: Regular, Baked Regular, BBQ, Baked BBQ, Sour                          Cookie Trays                              There is no delivery charge for catering orders in
Cream & Onion, Cheetos, Corn, Cheddar Sun, Original Sun,      Sweet tooth in your group? For only $1.19 a cookie,      excess of $20 in the Greater Kansas City area. We
Nacho Doritos, Mrs. Vickies: Original, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar,   we’ll bring you a tray packed full of a variety of our   are happy to accommodate same-day catering.
Jalapeño                                                      delicious, fresh-baked cookies.                          Business accounts are available (please ask the store
                                                                                                                       manager for details). We accept cash, checks, Visa,
Bottled Beverages: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani                                                                     Mastercard and American Express.
Water, Lemonade, Mr. Pibb, Minute Maid Orange Juice
Select any of our hot 6-inch sub
sandwiches; we’ll throw in a bag of
                                                                    Box Lunch                                Company
                                                                                                             Contact Name
                                                                                                             Phone#              (        )            –

chips, a fresh cookie and a dill pickle.                            Order Form                               Delivery/Pick-up
                                                                                                             please circle one
                                                                                                             Requested Date
                                                                                                                                         Delivery          Pick-up

We can also add an ice-cold bottled                                                                          Requested Time
beverage if you would like.                                                                                  Address

                                                                                                             Payment Type        Cash         Business Check         Invoice
             Box Lunches – $6.99                                                                             please circle one
                                                                                                                                 Visa     Mastercard   American Express

              Beverage – $1.59                                                                               Please Call to

                                                                                                                                 Exp. Date:
                                                                                                             Confirm Order
           Call our Catering Director                                                                                                                             BOTTLED
              at 913-980-1948                               NAME (optional)    SANDWICH     SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – Note: Condiments on the side                 BEVERAGE?
                                                            Example           Planet Sub   No Swiss, Plus Cheddar, Cold                                         Diet Coke
      or contact the location nearest you.                  1
Locations               Phone             Fax               3
Kansas City                                                 4
   50th & Main          T(816) 960-6696   F(816) 931-9379   5
   75th & Wornall       T(816) 361-1155   F(816) 361-6166   6
   I-29 & Barry Rd.     T(816) 741-6631   F(816) 741-0349   7
   133rd & State Line   T(816) 942-5099   F(816) 942-5250
   11th & Main Street   T(816) 471-7827   F(816) 283-1258
Lee’s Summit            T(816) 525-9400   F(816) 525-9424
Liberty                 T(816) 781-6599   F(816) 407-7562   10
Olathe                  T(913) 390-6221   F(913) 390-5390   11
Overland Park                                               12
   127th & Antioch      T(913) 681-6696   F(913) 681-0873   13
   119th & Glenwood     T(913) 451-2080   F(913) 451-2687   14
Prairie Village         T(913) 341-0033   F(913) 341-0026   15
Shawnee                 T(913) 248-9955   F(913) 248-9977
Topeka                  T(785) 271-6230   F(785) 271-6195
Warrensburg             T(660) 747-4782   F(660) 747-4780
Platte City             T(816) 431-2469   F(816) 431-2961   18