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					               SALADS                                          PASTAS
   Box Lunch with a cookie $9.59                             (minimum order 8)
  Buffet Style $7.39 – salad only                          $7.99 per person
       All dressings come on the side
       Chinese Chopped Salad                        Penne with Sherried Cream
              Napa cabbage,                          portabellas, spinach, parmesan
    iceburg, lettuce,almonds, chicken,
  mandarin oranges, thai peanut dressing
                                                           Poblano Chicken
                                               onions, peppers, poblano cream, black beans
          San Franciso Cobb                                 Garlic Chicken
         chicken, bacon, avocado,
                                                  broccoli, olives, capers, feta, olive oil
  hard egg, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles,
            bleu cheese dressing                          Jerusalem Chicken
         pear and gorgonzola
               tomato, pear,
                                               artichokes, mushrooms, capers, cream sauce
                                                          Alfredo Primavera
       candied pecans, gorgonzola,                       veggies, parmesan cream                         Catering menu
      balsamic paremesan vinaigrette                 Baked Penne with Chicken
             Add chicken $2                    fresh tomato pesto sauce, pine nuts, spinach                Fall 2009
            Queen of Hearts                           Sun Dried Tomato Pesto                          Main catering phone
 chicken, hearts of palm, celery, artichoke         artichokes, chicken, and tomatoes                        214.754.0099
  hearts, radishes with balsamic parmesan                  Pasta Bolognese
                 vinaigrette                        meat sauce, mozzarella, parmesan
         Fresh Salad Sampler                                                                            Order online at
                                                             Meat Lasagna               
                Tuna salad,                        9x13 pan (increments of 9 servings)
herbed chicken salad, santa fe Chicken salad
and pasta salads all atop Greens with fresh
                                                            Veggie Lasagna
                                                   9x13 pan (increments of 9 servings)                           Uptown
           fruit and served with                                                                            3301 mckinney ave.,
          creamy herb vinaigrette
                                                                                                             dallas, tx 75204
          Bleu cheese wedge                                  DESSERT                                          214.754.4940
              Iceburg wedge ,                                                                                    Inwood
       bacon, tomato, Pecans, onion,                      Sinful Sampler s
                                                                                                            5560 w. lovers ln.
          bleu cheese dressing                          Cheesecake Samplers                                  dallas, tx 75209
              Add chicken $2                              30 pc.           $27.99                             214.351.3339
         Honey glazed salmon                              60 pc.           $49.99
    tomato, asparagus, onion, Oranges,                    90 pc.           $65.99
                                                                                                            4021 preston rd.,
   lemon shallot vinaigrette (add $1.00)         Chocolate Dipped Strawberries                               plano, tx 75093
             Chef’s spinach                                 $12.99/per dozen                                  972.312.9300
          Goat cheese, blueberries,                      4” Cookies on a Tray
   onion, candied bacon, cider vinaigrette                  Assorted flavors                                     Fine print:
              Add chicken $2                                $17.99/per dozen                      Paper products available upon request .
            antipasta salad                                Mini Cookie Tray                        We offer Styrofoam plates, cups and
    tomato, mozzarella, kalamata olives,                    Assorted flavors                  plasticware at no add’l charge. Clear plastic
              salami, peppers,                             $19.99/per 3 dozen                 plates and cups are .25 each. Serving tongs &
       parmesan, red wine vinaigrette                Bars & Brownies on a Tray                spoons are $2 each. chafing dishes and set up
            buffalo chicken                                 $37.99/per dozen                  is also available. Delivery is available 7 days a
 spicy tenders, carrots, celery, bleu cheese                                                  week. Please call for a quote on delivery fee.
                                                                                               We also can provide servers for your event.
       crumbles, bleu cheese dressing
       Grilled Chicken Caesar
                                                           BEVERAGES                               Prices and menu selections subject to
                                               Canned Soda                       $ 1.59                           change.
      tomatoes, croutons, parmesan,            Bottled Water                     $ 1.99         50% cancellation fee applied on all orders
      lowfat or traditional dressing           Bottled tea                       $ 2.59                     cancelled same day.
            Crunchy Garden                     Tea – gallon                      $ 8.99        Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!
             greens, sun flower                Lemonade — gallon                 $ 12.99         Custom menus are available upon request
    seeds, croutons, radishes, tomatoes,       Coffee on the Move                $ 14.99
    cucumbers, mushrooms, creamy herb          Energy drink                      $ 2.59  
        Vinaigrette, add chicken $2
                                                                                                   SOMETHING DIFFERENT
                                                                                                       (Minimum order 8 per meat choice)
           SANDWICHES                                                                                 (7”flour tortilla with jack cheese,
             Box Lunch –                              TORTILLA ROLLUPS                                    wrapped in foil and labeled)
 choice of pasta salad or fresh cut                       served with Salsa                               Ala carte with salsa $3.59
                                                                                                   Box lunch style—2 tacos with black beans,
      fruit, with a cookie $9.59                             Box Lunch –                                    rice and a cookie $9.59
  Tray Style $5.99 – sandwich only                choice of pasta salad or fresh cut
                                                      fruit, with a cookie $9.59                              Pulled pork
        Gourmet Chicken Club                        Tray Style $5.99 – rollup only                             Beef fajita
 tomato, spinach, jack, artichoke mayo, multi                                                                Chicken fajita
                grain bread                                     Pulled pork
             Tuscan chicken                      napa cabbage, frizzled onions, chipotle aioli
Salami, provolone, pesto, lettuce, tomato, red                       Deli
                                                                                                               DELI TRAY
             bell mayo, ciabatta                      turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato,          Everything for sandwich making
         Smoked Salmon Club                                    cheddar and ranch                           $7.99 per person
 lettuce, tomato, capers, herb cream cheese,                    Turkey club                        Includes Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, American,
             tomato basil bread                  smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo,      Jack, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle,
         Salami and Provolone                                    guacamole                        Jalapeno, Homemade Breads, Mayo, Mustard.
  tomato, baby spinach, balsamic vinaigrette,                                                     Add Chicken or Tuna Salad for $1 per person
                                                           Southwest Chicken                                          add’l
                   ciabatta                      sautéed onions, bell peppers, jack, salsa mayo
    Blackened turkey tenderloin                             California Chicken
   Lettuce, tomato, avocado, jack cheese,
          chipotle mayo, ciabatta
                                                 bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, jack, ranch              NAPA PLATTER
                                                              Albacore Tuna                                    Minimum order 4
           Central Park Deli                        tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber              48 hours notice strictly enforced
turkey, ham, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion,
                                                             Buffalo chicken                                 $12.99 per person
                                                 lettuce, tomato, frizzled onions, bleu cheese      sliced pesto chicken breast, sliced salami,
               Turkey Club                                 crumbles, ranch dressing                 artichoke hearts, grilled asparagus, goat
  bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, guacamole,
                                                              Chicken Caesar                      cheese stuffed piquant red peppers, kalamata
                                                  romaine, parmesan, tomato, Caesar dressing      olives, hummus, manchego & cheddar cheeses,
               Turkey Swiss                                   Crispy chicken                       savory breads, served with baby spinach and
 lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, sourdough                                                                     balsamic vinaigrette
                                                      lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion,
               Ham & Swiss                                      honey mustard
lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, marbled rye
                Roast Beef
                                                                Portabella                                          DIPS
                                                   spinach, sautéed onion, artichoke hearts,               (9 X 13 pan serves 20-25)
   caramelized onions, provolone, lettuce,         tomato, mozzarella, portabellas, hummus         Smoked gouda with grilled tuscan breads
      tomato, horsey mayo, sourdough
           Corned Beef Swiss                                                                      Spinach Artichoke with tortilla chips $34.99
    lettuce, tomato, mustard, sourdough                                                              Black Bean with tortilla chips $24.99
         Albacore Tuna Salad                                      SIDES                                 Queso with tortilla chips $34.99
         lettuce, tomato, sourdough                    Homemade Potato Chips $1.99                       hummus with pita chips $24.99
         Herbed Chicken Salad                           Assorted bags of chips $1.00
     lettuce, tomato, tomato basil bread                    Garden salad $2.59
                                                         Caesar or cole slaw $2.99                         Fresh Cut Fruit Tray
             Crunchy Veggie                                                                         Small (serves10-15)              $29.99
herb cream cheese, guacamole, fresh veggies,            Pasta or Potato Salad $2.39
                                                             Fruit Kabobs $2.99                     Medium (serves 25-30)            $54.99
             multi grain bread                                                                      Large (serves 40-50)             $64.99
                                                          Hummus & Pita Chips $3.99
     Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto                            Chips and Salsa $2.99
   tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, ciabatta                     Add Guacamole $4.99                        Veggies and Dip Tray
                                                    Homemade Tortilla Chips Per bag $3.99           Small (serves 10-15)             $29.99
 any of our sandwiches can be made                       Loaf of Garlic Bread $8.99                 Medium (serves 25-30)            $54.99
           into rollups~!                                 Loaf of Sourdough $5.99                   Large (serves 40-50)             $64.99