FREEDOM OR Systems TKR Support Provides Stability during Surgery

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					                                           Stephanie M. Checchi
                                          Holistic Marketing Consultant

                                  BlueSky Marketing
                                  Holistic Marketing Communications
                        “The Sky’s the Limit, when Your Health’s in it”

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          Holistic Centered Marketing Strategies
          At a time when people are searching for preventative health therapies and the healing
          techniques of many wellness providers are so profoundly needed, BlueSky Marketing is
          dedicated to delivering marketing solutions and communicating the need for holistic health solutions
          that are available in your own community. Whether you are a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or
          Healing Arts professional, BlueSky is committed to keeping your business on course with integrated
          marketing solutions to enhance your brand, client and public relations, writing services, e-marketing,
          event management and lead generation processes. Through a suite of marketing services, BlueSky is
          here to keep your business healthy and in alignment with success.

          Find Your North Star
          No matter the size of your business, BlueSky's services offer an array of services that will fit
          your marketing needs. Whether it is a one time project based service or a long term marketing
          campaign, BlueSky has the resources to make an impact, deliver results and keep your marketing
          vessel fueled through the sea of success.

          Holistic Marketing Services:
                                                                     Photography & Touch up
                  Press Releases & PR distribution
                                                                     Event Management
                  Editorial, Collateral writing
                                                                     Lead Generation
                  Client & Public Relations
                                                                     JuicePlus Wellness presentations
                  Web Site Content (text based)
                                                                     Brochure concept & layout
                  Database management
                                                                     Design Services- Partnership
                  e-Marketing services
          Charting your marketing course
          Founded by Stephanie Checchi in 2009, BlueSky Marketing; a woman owned holistic marketing
          communications company, was created to inspire healthcare and wellness professionals to connect
          with their patients by communicating their health and wellness services through synergistic marketing
          communication services.

          Through several years of market research, product marketing and marketing communications
          experience in biotechnology and medical/healthcare industries, BlueSky was born out of a passion
          to communicate the importance of preventative health and providing holistic practitioners a clear
          vision and integrated marketing messages that connect with the community. To learn more about
          what BlueSky can do for you please visit for more details.