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  Date Title of Talk                           Speaker                  Speaker's Rank/Association
    9/8/2008 CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE:               John Hunter, MD          Mackenzie Professor and Chair,
             "Sustainable Science: Weaving                              Department of Surgery, OHSU
             discovery into the fabric of
             academic surgery"

   9/15/2008 "Evolving Technical Approaches    Kevin Billingsley, MD    Hedinger Associate Professor of
             to Hepatectomy: An                                         Surgery and Chief, Division of Surgical
             International Perspective"                                 Oncology, OHSU

   9/22/2008 KRIPPAEHNE LECTURE:               Gary Dunnington, MD      Chair and Professor, Department of
             "Measuring Performance in                                  Surgery; Director, Breast Center at
             Surgical Education or Bowling                              Southern Illinois University School of
             Without Pins?"                                             Medicine

   9/29/2008 "Computers Should Make It         Byers W. Shaw, Jr., MD   Regents' Named Chair, Merle M.
             Easier"                                                    Musselman Professor and Chairman,
                                                                        Department of Surgery, University of
                                                                        Nebraska Medical Center

   10/6/2008 "Aortic Stenosis: From Bedside    David Fullerton, MD      Professor of Surgery
             to Bench"                                                  Head, Division of Cardiothoracic
                                                                        University of Colorado Health
                                                                        Sciences Center, Denver, CO


  10/20/2008 "A New Paradigm For Critical      David Hoyt, MD           John E. Connolly Professor and
             Trauma Resuscitation"                                      Chairman, Department of Surgery,
                                                                        University of California at Irvine

  10/27/2008 "The Medical World is Flat Too"   Donald Trunkey, MD       Professor Emeritus, Department of
                                                                        Surgery, OHSU

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  Date Title of Talk                           Speaker                             Speaker's Rank/Association
   11/3/2008 “Strategies for Improving         Cliff Ko, MD                        Professor of Surgery and Health
             Perioperative Care”                                                   Services at UCLA, the Robert and
                                                                                   Kelly Day Chair of Outcomes
                                                                                   Research, and Director of the UCLA
                                                                                   Center for Surgical Outcomes and

  11/10/2008 TRUNKEY LECTURE: "Chest           Wayne Meredith, MD                  Richard T. Myers Professor and
             Trauma for the General                                                Chairman, Department of Surgery,
             Surgeon"                                                              Director, Division of Surgical Sciences,
                                                                                   Chief of Surgery, Residency Program
                                                                                   Director, Wake Forest University

  11/17/2008 "Gall Bladder Cancer - Stones     Prof V K Kapoor FRCS FACS FACG      Head of Department of Surgical
             and Milestones"                                                       Gastroenterology
                                                                                   Sanjay Gandhi Post-graduate Institute
                                                                                   of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS)
                                                                                   Lucknow 226014 India

  11/24/2008 "Indications and Techniques for   Bruce Ham, MD                       Assistant Professor of Surgery,
             Common Bile Duct Exploration"                                         Section of Trauma/Critical Care, OHSU

   12/1/2008 " Clinical Risk Management and    Gerard Steve Rebagliati, MD, MBA,   Assistant Professor of Emergency
             Physician Performance             OHSU                                Medicine and Medical Director for
             Monitoring Update"                                                    Medical Affairs at OHSU

   12/8/2008 "The Future of General Surgery"   Karen Deveney, MD                   Professor of Surgery and Program
                                                                                   Director, General Surgery Residency,

  12/15/2008 "Surviving Sepsis in the          Heidi Frankel, MD                   Professor of Surgery
             Surgical ICU in 2008"                                                 UT Southwestern Medical Center
                                                                                   Chief, Critical Care
                                                                                   Division of Burn, Trauma, Critical Care


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  Date Title of Talk                            Speaker                 Speaker's Rank/Association
  12/29/2008 CANCEL FOR NEW YEAR'S

    1/5/2009 "Five Top Trauma Papers of the     Richard Mullins, MD     Professor of Surgery, Trauma and
             Past Year                                                  Critical Care Section, OHSU

   1/12/2009 "Update in Antithrombotic          Thomas DeLoughery, MD   FACP Professor of Medicine,
             Therapy: What’s New, What’s                                Pathology and Pediatrics

   1/19/2009 CANCEL FOR MARTIN

   1/26/2009 "Complex abdominal wall            Robert Martindale, MD   Professor of Surgery
             hernias, synthetic or biological                           Chief, Division of General Surgery,
             support ? An evolution of                                  OHSU

    2/2/2009 “An Evaluation of the Morbidity    Richard Mullins, MD     Professor of Surgery
             and Mortality Conference: Court                            Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Section,
             or Classroom?”                                             OHSU

    2/9/2009 "Pancreas Transplantation"         Stephen Rayhill, MD

             DAY HOLIDAY

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  Date Title of Talk                           Speaker                          Speaker's Rank/Association
   2/23/2009 "Management of Aortic Injury; A   Matt Slater, MD                  Assistant Professor of Surgery,
             Study of Transition in Standard                                    Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
             or Care"                                                           OHSU

    3/2/2009 "The Adrenal Gland and the        Lynn Loriaux, MD, PhD            Professor and Chair, Department of
             Surgical Patient"                                                  Medicine, OHSU

    3/9/2009 Chief Resident Choice:            John Holcomb, MD                 Professor of Surgery
             "Mitigating Iatrogenic                                             Chief, Division of Acute Care Surgery
             Resuscitation Injury"                                              Director, Center for Translational Injury
                                                                                Research University of Texas Health
                                                                                Science Center

   3/16/2009 "1000 Conseccutive Kidney         Hans Sollinger, MD               Folkert O. Belzer Professor of Surgery,
             Panceras Transplants at a                                          Chairman, Division of Transplantation,
             Single Institution"                                                University of Wisconsin

   3/23/2009 "Robotics in General Surgery:     Donn Spight, MD
             Because we should or because
             we can? "

   3/30/2009 "Surgical Management of           Scott Steele, MD, FACS, FASCRS   Chief, Colon & Rectal Surg3ry,
             Crohn's Disease"                                                   Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort
                                                                                Lewis, WA

    4/6/2009 "Carcinoid Tumors"                Rodney Pommier, MD               Professor of Surgery, Division of
                                                                                Surgical Oncology, OHSU

   4/13/2009 "Wound Healing and Scar           Reid Mueller, MD                 Associate Professor of Surgery,
             Revision"                                                          Division of Plastic and Reconstructive
                                                                                Surgery, OHSU

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  Date Title of Talk                              Speaker                         Speaker's Rank/Association
   4/20/2009 "Care of the Traumatically           Carrie Allison, MD              Fellow, Critical Care and Trauma,
             Injured Patient: An Historical                                       OHSU

   4/27/2009 The 2nd Annual John Campbell         James A. O’Neill, Jr, MD        J.C. Foshee Professor and Chairman,
             Lecture                                                              Section of Surgical Sciences,
                                                                                  Vanderbilt University

    5/4/2009 LIU LECTURE: "The Evolution          Tom DeMeester, MD               The Jeffrey P. Smith Professor and
             of Esophagectomy"                                                    Chairman, Department of Surgery,
                                                                                  Keck School of Medicine, USC

   5/11/2009 “Vitality and Volatility, a Little   Sara Shumway, MD                Professor of Surgery
             Philosophy for Surgeons”                                             Surgical Director, Heart Transplantation
                                                                                  University of Minnesota Hospitals and

   5/18/2009 Dan Herzig surg onc speaker

             DAY HOLIDAY

    6/1/2009 Sam Wiseman, MD                      Sam Wiseman, MD, FRCSC, FACS,   Assistant Professor, Department of
                                                  Michael Smith Scholar           Surgery, Univer

    6/8/2009 "Virtual Colonoscopy: Current        Alice Fung, MD                  Assistant Professor of Radiology,
             Status of CT Colonography"                                           Department of Radiation Medicine,

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  Date Title of Talk                       Speaker               Speaker's Rank/Association
   6/15/2009 CT Resident

   6/22/2009 Stephanie Gordy, MD           Stephanie Gordy, MD   ICU fellow

   6/29/2009 "Targeted Therapy for GIST"   Chris Corless, MD     Professor of Pathology
                                                                 Director of Surgical Pathology and the
                                                                 Histopathology Shared Resource,

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