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					     WHAT IF YOU
                                        If your parents were not U.S.
                                        citizens, you need to get your              HERE’S
                                        birth certificate from the country
    OUTSIDE OHIO?                       where you were born.                         HOW
There are two ways to track down
information about how to get a          WHAT DOES IT COST?                          TO GET
birth certificate if you were born in
another state.                          The amount charged for a certified
                                        copy of a birth certificate varies.
You can phone the National Center       For instance, the City of Cleveland
for Health Statistics at 866-441-       charges $19. The fee charged by the
6247 to find out who to contact in      state is $16.50. If the state Office of
the state where you were born.          Vital Statistics has to search to find
                                        the date of birth or the exact name
The second way is to check this         recorded at birth, there is an
website:        additional fee.
w2w/w2welcom.htm. If you do not
have a computer, your local library     If you need a birth certificate and
may be able to help you.                cannot afford to pay for it, there
                                        are programs to help you. To find
Some states may require you to
have a current or recently expired
                                        out where to go, ask your
drivers license, a state ID or some
other photo identification.             If you were born in Ohio but were           BIRTH
                                        never issued a birth certificate, you
If you were born in another country     can confirm that by writing to the        CERTIFICATE
and your parents were U.S.              Ohio Office of Vital Statistics. If
citizens, the U.S. Department of        that office does not find one, it will
State (202-955-0307) is the place to    advise you how to get one from a
apply. The mailing address is 1111      court.
19th Street NW, Suite 510,
Washington, D.C. 20522-1705.
  WHERE DO I GET A                      However, if you were born in             LORAIN COUNTY
 BIRTH CERTIFICATE?                     Bedford, Cleveland Heights, East
                                        Cleveland, Euclid, Garfield Heights,     The Lorain County Health
                                        Lakewood, Maple Heights, Parma,          Department handles issuance of
Anyone born in Ohio can get a birth     Rocky River, Shaker Heights, South       birth certificates for anyone born in
certificate from the Ohio               Euclid or University Heights, you        the county outside of the city of
Department of Health, Vital             need to apply to your city Health        Lorain. The city Department of
Statistics, P.O. Box 15098,             Department.                              Health has the records for persons
Columbus, OH 43215-0098 (614-                                                    born within its borders.
                                        ASTABULA COUNTY                          YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPLY
By mail, it generally takes two to                                               FOR A BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN
three weeks. Send the first five        If you were born in Ashtabula            PERSON. ANYONE CAN GET A
items listed in the third column        County but outside the cities of         BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR
along with your daytime phone           Ashtabula or Conneaut, you can get       ANOTHER IF THEY CAN
number and address and a check or       a birth certificate from the county      PROVIDE THE NECESSARY
money order for $16.50 payable to       health department in Jefferson. If       INFORMATION.
Treasurer of State of Ohio.             you were born in Conneaut or the
                                        city of Ashtabula, you can get your
To pay by credit card and for           birth certificate at the health              WHAT DO I NEED?
quicker service, see the vendors        department in those cities.              The information needed varies
listed on the state’s website at                                                 somewhat from office to office.       GEAUGA COUNTY                            However, generally this is the
vitalstats.aspx. You also can get a                                              information you must supply:
birth certificate quickly in the city   In Geauga County, the County
or county where you were born.          General Health District in Chardon       ♦   Name at birth
                                        handles issuance of birth certificates   ♦   Date of birth
CUYAHOGA COUNTY                         for anyone born in the county.
                                                                                 ♦   Place of birth
If you were born in most cities in      LAKE COUNTY                              ♦   Mother’s maiden name
Cuyahoga County, you can get a                                                   ♦   Father’s name (if available)
certified birth certificate at the      Anyone born in Lake County can get       ♦   Some agencies may require
Cleveland Department of Vital           a birth certificate at the county            identification from you and the
Statistics, 601 Lakeside Ave.,          health department office in                  name of the hospital where you
Cleveland 44114 (216-664-2315).         Painesville.                                 were born.