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					StyleScene                                                                                                                                         Tulsa World • Page D3 • Tuesday, May 9, 2006


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  silver case
                                                                                                                                                                                                               by Baekgaard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ($26) from
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Elephant Trunk
                                                                                                                                                                                                            in Utica Square.
                                           CLOE POISSON / Hartford Courant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photos by

                                                                                                                                                                                                             ROBERT S. CROSS /
Michelle McCabe applies eyelash extensions on a client.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tulsa World

Extensions so subtle
no one bats an eye
                                                                             Business card cases
B Y G REG M ORAGO                    Tracy Lewis of Avon, Conn.,
The Hartford Courant                 who recently got eyelash exten-
                                     sions at Les Cheveux. “It was
                                                                             make practical, attractive
                                     fun to try once, but I’m not sure
   You see them saunter down
the red carpet in designer
                                     I’d do it again. I’m happy with
                                     the results. I just wish they’d
                                                                             gifts for graduates
gowns, bedecked in jewels and        last longer.”
flawless makeup. The eyes are             Lewis said she had heard
huge and never flinch despite         about extensions the week
the camera flashes. Oh, those         before while getting her hair                                                                                                            “Genie” enameled case by
eyes! Liquid pools, perfectly        done. She also had heard about                                                                                                         Debora Jedwab ($30) from
arched eyebrows, eyelashes out       it from neighbors. “I was curi-                                                                                                        Snow Goose in Utica Square.
to there. Secretly you curse the     ous, and I said, well, I’m going
stars born with long, thick          away for my birthday, so I
movie-star eyelashes.                decided to treat myself,” she                                                                                                              B Y J ASON A SHLEY W RIGHT
   Well, you can stop swearing       said. “It’s nice to try something                                                                                                          World Scene Writer
and get yourself to a salon for      that you know is not perma-
some lengthy lashes of your          nent.”                                                                                                                                         “Here’s my card.”
own. You think Nicole Kidman,            Theresa Blankenship, an eye-                                                                                                               It’s one of the most oft-uttered and,
Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani,          lash-extension expert who has                                                                                                              potentially, wallet-cluttering phrases
Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell and         trained aestheticians using                                                                                                                exchanged between business people.
Liz Hurley were blessed with         Shavasana Eyelash Extension                                                                                                                    You trade contact information, then
those big, fluttering eyelashes?      products, said customers have               Black mini briefcase card holder by Ganz ($9.95)
                                                                              from Elephant Trunk in Utica Square.                                                              stuff it in your briefcase or purse
Nope. They, like a growing           gotten them for cruises,                                                                                                                   along with credit cards, receipts and,
number of women across the           reunions, weddings and other                                                                                                               hopefully, a little moolah. But retriev-
country, are in on the latest        special occasions. “It’s for some-                                                                                                         ing that info can be a big pain when
beauty-shop secret: eyelash          body that’s always wanted eye-                                                                                                             it’s lost in the paper shuffle.
extensions.                          lashes and never had a lot of                                                                                                                  To keep your card-swapping tidy
   What are they? They’re semi-      them,” said Blankenship, who                                                                                                               and stylish, we found a few holders for
permanent synthetic lashes that      does extensions at a spa in Glas-         Lavender
                                                                             enameled case                                                                                      those business cards. They’re not only
are glued to existing lashes         tonbury, Conn. “They want to                                                                                                               great for the networking professional,
using tweezers and a lot of          treat themselves.”                      by Spring Street
                                                                             ($24) from                                                                                         they can be fun yet practical gradua-
patience. The initial procedure          Blankenship’s treats cost                                                                                                              tion gifts, too.
can take up to two hours             between $350 and $600 and last          Glass Slipper in
(longer if the existing lashes       up to two months. After the eye-        The Plaza, 81st                                                                                              Jason Ashley Wright 581-8483
have to be prepped by tinting);      lashes are applied, the customer        Street and Lewis                                                                                  
they’ll last four to six weeks.      can’t get them wet for 24 to 48         Avenue.
Eyelash extensions cost any-         hours while the glue dries. Mas-
where from $150 to $500 with         cara may be applied to the
touch-ups running about $40 to       extensions, but it must be
$50.                                 water-based. The synthetic hair,
   Several years ago Jennifer        she said, has the same molecu-
Lopez was responsible for a          lar weight as human hair, so
renewed interest in false eye-       wearers won’t feel as if the lash-
lashes when it was reported          es are heavy.
that the beauty company Shu              “If done correctly, they look
Uemura fashioned custom-made         natural,” she said. “The client is
lashes using mink for her. Later,    going to be very happy with
Madonna bested J.Lo with             them, because they look beauti-                                                                                                   Blue card dispenser
$10,000 mink lashes sparkling        ful.”                                                                                                                           with metal clip by Wagner
with diamonds.                           There’s no need to use an                                                                                                   of Switzerland ($40) from
   Traditional glue-on false eye-    eyelash curler, because the syn-                                                                                                Elephant Trunk in Utica Square.
lashes always tended to look,        thetic lashes are already curled.
well, false. “When someone               Both Blankenship and
wears false eyelashes, there’s a     McGarvey said the trend was
line you can see. You can tell,”     growing. “It’s going to be huge,”
said John McGarvey, owner of         McGarvey said. “We like the
Les Cheveux salon in West            way it frees women up from
Hartford, Conn. “With eyelash        their daily makeup routine.”
extensions, you absolutely, 100          So far the extensions appear
percent cannot tell.”                to be safe. Ophthalmologist
   Which is why the procedure        Thomas Steinemann of the
is gaining in popularity. Women      American Academy of Ophthal-
with extensions say their eyes       mology told USA Today that he
look bigger and the lashes fuller    hadn’t seen or heard of safety              Red bungee card case with elas-
without the need for the daily       problems with eyelash exten-             tic closure by Umbra ($7.95) from                                                         Turquoise leather case by Raika ($26) from
application of mascara.              sions, but he advised asking             Snow Goose in Utica Square.                                                              Margo’s in Utica Square.
   “The hardest part for me was      whether the glue was safe for
lying still for three hours,” said   cosmetic use.

                                                                                                                 You’ll find more variations
                                                                             DRESS:                           on the little black dress at
                                                                                                              Target, of which the store’s
                                                                             Dress them up or                 Mossimo brand has several.
                                                                                                              One is a sleeveless one with
                                                                             down.                            boat neck, fitted bodice and
                                                                                                              front-waist tie. Another is a
                                                                             FROM D-1                         knee-length dress with
                                                                                                              dipped neckline, shirred

Ashley (left)
                                                                             selections en blanche is a
                                                                             white Rose & Lula silk halter
                                                                                                              high waistline and softly
                                                                                                              draping skirt.                          Knee or Hip Pain?
hangs back in                                                                dress.                              Target also has a variety
a white Rose &                                                                  Dillard’s has snowy           of summer dresses by Isaac
Lula silk halter                                                             shades for the sizzle season,    Mizrahi, like his white,                1p.m.,Thursday, May 11, 2006
dress ($210)                                                                 too, like a spaghetti-strapped   sleeveless “oval geo” dress.            Mary K. Chapman Health Plaza
from Azur Cou-                                                               Jessica Howard party dress       Mizrahi’s name also appears             Robinson Room, 1819 E. 19th Street
ture, while                                                                  in stretch sateen with a floral   on a sweet, simple A-line
Melissa wears                                                                border design in turquoise,      dress in stretchy white                 You’ll learn about the latest, most
a green Velvet                                                               plus a coordinating ribbon       sateen. He dabbled in seer-             effective treatments that may offer
strapless T-                                                                 belt. The store also has an      sucker, too, such a black-
                                                                                                              and-white sundress with an
                                                                                                                                                      dramatic relief of your knee or hip pain.
shirt dress                                                                  ultra-feminine, fully lined
($118) from                                                                  crocheted dress with empire      empire bodice, V-neckline
                                                                             waist, V-neckline, cap           and slender spaghetti straps.           Get expert answers on:
                                                                             sleeves and sheer hem by            Most of these pieces can             • Medications
JAMES GIBBARD /                                                              Chris McLaughlin.                be dressed up or down, per-             • Latest diagnostic procedures
Tulsa World
                                                                                On the other end of the       haps by pairing them with a             • Non-surgical treatments
                                                                             color spectrum is black, like    fitted jacket or cardigan dur-           • Exercise and nutrition
                                                                             the Fresh Produce sheath         ing the day. At night, opt for
                                                                             dress at Donna’s Fashions in     a light-weight scarf or shawl.
                                                                             Shops of Seville, 101st Street      On your feet, do flip-flops
                                                                             and Yale Avenue. One of her      for day, Dupler suggested,
                                                                             sales associates suggested       then a tall wedge at night.
                                                                             cinching it with a belt, which                                           Seating is limited, so call the St. John PulseLine today
                                                                             can be done low, at the waist                                            for reservations at (918) 744-0123. For more information,
                                                                             or up higher for an empire             Jason Ashley Wright 581-8483      visit our website at

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