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   Newsletter of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology
   2008 Volume 3 Number 1

Museum Sponsors Field Trip to Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

           Museum Director, Marc Thompson talking about the rock art iconography of Hueco Tanks State Historic Site
                                       From the Director

Dear friends of the museum:

We are fast approaching the end of both Fiscal Year 2007-2008 and the 30th anniversary year of the museum’s
opening in 1977. Since our last newsletter the staff and our volunteers have been busy with events, openings,
and tours. I am most happy to report that through the efforts and contributions of our membership and many
other individuals, we have met our fund raising goal. The staff and I are gratified by the community support and
recognition the museum has received. This means we have generated sufficient funds from store sales,
memberships, event and program fees, and cash donations to underwrite new temporary and traveling exhibits,
educational programs, and other events for the months of September 2008 through August 2009. We now begin
another round of fund raising for Fiscal Year 2009-2010.

I am also proud to announce that the museum has a newly formed Advisory Board and that both the board and
the Mayor and City Council have approved our Five-Year Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2009 through 2013.
The Board meets at the museum on the second Thursday of each month and the public is invited to attend.
Additionally, after an 11-month search and interviews of three highly qualified applicants, Marilyn Rose Guida
has been hired as Curator of Education. Marilyn has already conducted four archaeology day camps at the
museum and brings an impressive amount of experience in developing and carrying out educational
programming at museums in California. Please welcome Marilyn to our staff and community. Like Jason
Jurgena, Marilyn has MA degrees in anthropology and museum studies.

Upcoming events next year include two performances by the Voladores de Papantla, Tigua Indian dancers, and
Kalpulli Tlalteca (Aztec dancers) on 25 October during Texas Archaeology Month. That date will also be the
final day of the current exhibit in the Auditorium Gallery, Woody Crumbo: American Indian Artist and Activist.
We will again be presenting a Días de los Muertos exhibit during late October and early November, followed
by American Indians: Through the Lens of Douglas Kent Hall, from 15 November 2008 through 31 January
2009. Doug was a long time friend of mine from New Mexico who passed away in March. He recently received
the New Mexico Governor’s Award of Excellence in the Arts for his book In New Mexico Light, forward by
Sam Shepard, and Doug was an internationally recognized photographer, writer, filmmaker and poet. His
famous black and white photographs included rock music icons, body builders, prison inmates, cowboys, and

Our membership continues to grow. If you receive this newsletter and are not yet a member, please consider
joining us. We promise to offer timely up-dates, programming, volunteer opportunities, and benefits such as
museum store discounts and new perspectives on the past.

Thanks to Jason Jurgena for compiling and formatting this, and previous newsletters. He appears more times
than usual in this issue because we were short one staff member before Marilyn was hired in June. Usually
Jason is behind the camera at museum events. He promises to be in fewer photos next time.

Marc Thompson, Ph.D.
   The El Paso Museum of Archaeology
         welcomes new members
            Regge Wiseman                                                         Marilyn Gross
             John R. Miller                                                 Elida & Armando Pomales
          Winfrey R. Hearst                                                Susan Petty & David Groves
          LeAnnette Carvajal                                                Michael & Sherrie Martius
    Harry Bruntz (Baker Plastics)                                                  C. M. Baker
           Bill & Kay Luther                                                       David Gross
            Shirley M. Bilbo                                                Dagmar & Michael Bucceri
              Duane Shaw                                                Mitch Pushett & Cathy Glen-Pushett
     Spenser & Erin MacCullum                                                    Karen Gausman
           Melissa Bohnam                                                   Ricardo Blazquez & Family
David T. Kirkpartick & Melina S. Duran                                          Steven Wnorowski
             Leon C. Metz

                         and renewing members
            Nancy Kenmotsu                                                    Mike & Magdalene Iglar
             Roxanne Tyroch                                                Katrina Martich & Edward Gill
               Nancy Bain                                                           Mark Sechrist
               Jeff Romney                                                 El Paso Archaeological Society
           Art & Susan Peinado                                              Mathew L. & Sonia S. Smith
               Helen Davis                                                      Hadley Paul Garland
              Alfred Kissack                                                      J. Sam Moore, Jr.

     If you have joined or renewed since November 2007 and do not see your name please let us know. We apologize for any errors.

   Do you know anyone who might enjoy joining the membership?

 We have seen many new faces at recent events and we hope to continue
 seeing many more. If you know of anyone who shares your interest in
 archaeology and the cultural history of the El Paso region why not invite
 them to become members? If a new member writes that they were referred
 by you on their application we will mention it in the next newsletter and
 there will be a special award presented at the next membership appreciation
 party for the person who refers the most new members.
                                  What’s New at the Museum?
Woody Crumbo: American Indian Artist and Activist exhibit –          Voladores de Papantla – 25 October 2008, 10 a.m. & 2 p.m.
7 June through 25 October 2008

                                                                     This is going to be one of the activities to be held in conjunction
                                                                     with Texas Archaeology Month. Watch the spectacle of four
                                                                     men gracefully swinging upside down from a 70 foot pole
                                                                     secured only by a rope tied around their waists as the musician,
This exhibit includes works from the El Paso Museum of Art’s         called the caporal, balances on a narrow wooden platform
permanent collection.                                                playing a drum and flute.

Teepee Pole Outdoor Exhibit – The poles were erected in May          Días de los Muertos – 31 October through 2 November 2008, in
thanks to the donation of the poles by United Tribal Nations, Inc.   the Auditorium Gallery
and Texas Apache Nations, Inc. and the help of Alex Mares.

                                                                     Our traditional exhibit celebrates the Days of the Dead.

                                                                     American Indians: Through the Lens of Douglas Kent Hall –
                                                                     from 15 November 2008 through 31 January 2009

Giant El Paso Polychrome Olla loan – July 2008 through July 2013
on loan from the Centennial Museum, University of Texas at El Paso

                                                                     Douglas Kent Hall (1938-2008) was a fine art photographer and
                                                                     writer of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, essays, and screenplays. He
                                                                     may be best known for his photographs of rock legends of the
                                                                     1960s but later in his career his subject matter included the U.S.-
                                                                     Mexico border, the American West, and New Mexico.

                                                                     Opening Reception – Saturday, 15 November at 2:00 p.m
  What’s New with the Staff?                                                                  People and Events
Dr. Marc Thompson recently taught a summer course for the
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) called Mesoamerican
Cultures. This course was held at the Museum.
                                                                                                  Museum’s 30th Anniversary
Jason Jurgena will be teaching Museum Fundamentals at UTEP
again this fall. This is the third year that Jason will teach the class.         On 27 October 2007 the El Paso Museum of Archaeology
Marilyn Guida has recently been hired as the Education                           celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The celebration included Indian
Curator. She started on 20 June. Marilyn comes to us from                        dancers and flute players. The El Paso Archaeological Society
California with a strong background in creating and                              also hosted a variety of activities in celebration of their 85th year.
implementing museum education programming. Stop by and
say hello when you get the chance.
Ann Kruzich has been invaluable in assisting the museum in the
temporary position of Outreach Coordinator while we were
looking to fill the Education Curator position. We thank her for
all the help she provided.

Thanks to a conservation grant from the Texas Historical
Commission (THC) and the loan of a microscope by the El Paso
Archaeological Society, Jason and a group of volunteers are
currently cleaning the museum's basketry collection. This will not
only improve their appearance but also ensure a long life for                                Performance of an “Eagle Dance” at the Museum
the objects in our care.
                                                                                    Mini Conference and Field Trip to Hueco Tanks
                                                                                 To highlight the Watercolor Paintings of Rock Art at Hueco
                                                                                 Tanks exhibit on display at the museum from 29 September
                                                                                 2007 through 16 February 2008, a mini conference and field trip
                                                                                 to Hueco Tanks allowed the public access to recent findings
                                                                                 and interpretations of some of the pictographs at this important
                                                                                 rock art site east of El Paso. The conference was held at the El
                                                                                 Paso Museum of Archaeology on 7 December 2007. Guided
Museum volunteers Victoria Contreras and Joseph Gonzalez cleaning Hopi plaques
                                                                                 tours to related pictograph sites were held on 8 December.
The El Paso Museum of Archaeology was one of only fifteen
museums selected to participate in the Risk Evaluation and
Planning Program (REPP). REPP is a pilot project developed by
Heritage Preservation and funded with a National Leadership
Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
REPP provides each participating institution with an evaluation
of risks to its collections, both natural and human-caused,
recommendations to mitigate these risks, and assistance in
creating or updating an emergency plan.

This is one of several preliminary steps that the Museum of
Archaeology is taking as we prepare to apply for accreditation
with the American Association of Museums (AAM). The
museum was recently selected to participate in the Museum
Assessment Program, which is funded through a grant by IMLS
and administered through AAM. The museum also recently
                                                                                            Deborah Cool-Flowers, artist and certified guide,
completed the Conservation Assessment Program through a                              Wanda Olszewski, Superintendent, Hueco Tanks State Historic Site
grant from Heritage Preservation.

Additionally, the museum also received a grant from the THC
to help pay for Texas Archaeology Month expenses.
                  Member Appreciation Day                                                                DVD Signing
On 22 January the Museum held the first annual Membership
Appreciation Party. This event was held to show the museum
staff’s appreciation for the support that we receive from our
members and volunteers. It also gave us the opportunity to talk
about upcoming events.

                                                                                  Fred Morales, Leon Metz, and Jackson Polk at the signing for their
                                                                                    Mexican Revolution Sites in El Paso, Vol. 1 DVD on 22 January

                                                                                          Diné: People of the Navajo Nation
                                                                               This exhibit opened on 8 March in conjunction with related
         The 2007 Volunteer of the Year award was presented to
       LeClaire Shields by Museum Curator Jason Jurgena for her                exhibits at the El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso Museum of History,
          years of cheerfully serving as a docent at the museum                and the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts.
                                                                               The exhibit included examples of 20th century Navajo rugs,
                                                                               pottery, baskets, other artifacts from the museum’s permanent
                                                                               collections, and photographs of historic and modern Navajos.

   Keith Rihn was presented with the 2006 Volunteer of the Year award
      for the tours that he has given and all of the hard work he has
               devoted to the care of the museum’s grounds

                                                                                Museum visitors listening to a brief presentation at the exhibit opening

 District 4 Representative Melina Castro and El Paso Museum of Archaeology
 Advisory Board member Mary Russell talk about upcoming events at the museum
                                                                                         Ninfa Gonzalez, Fernanda Escobar, Rita Decker, and
                                                                                           Charles West discuss the exhibit at the reception
                    Poppy Photo Contest
The museum held a photo contest highlighting this spring’s
Mexican Gold Poppy bloom. Early indications pointed to a
spectacular bloom this year but a combination of factors
interrupted the plant’s growth. However, this did not hinder
local photographers’ enthusiasm for coming out and capturing
the poppies that did bloom this year. There were over 127
entries, raising over $600 for museum programming.

                                 1st Place – Christina Harding (shown)
                                 2nd Place – Robert Brown
                                 3rd Place – Lydia Limas
                                 Honorable Mention – Caryl Barquin,
                                 Alma Beach, Myra Britton, Ginny Ficsher,
                                 Janet Frie, Lourdes Garcia, Cynthia
                                 Gurrola, Jerry Hunter, Rebecca Juarez,
                                 Victoria Lane, Shaun Lewis, Dinah Saenz,
                                                                                 State Senator Eliot Shapleigh talks with festival visitors
                                 Anna Soria
                                                                                       about the ecology of the Franklin Mountains

 Christina Harding receives her award and gift certificate from Museum              The band Bridge donated its services for the event
    Curator Jason Jurgena for 1st Place in the Poppy Photo Contest

Second Annual Franklin Mountains Poppy Festival
Free music, ecological presentations and displays, and craft
venders were just some of the activities offered to the public on
15 March at this annual festival. The event highlighted the
natural beauty of the El Paso region by spotlighting relevant
conservation issues.

                                                                            District 4 Representative Melina Castro and District 8 Representative
                                                                                Beto O'Rourke talk about the event between presentations

  Bernie Sargent and Rick LoBello sample tequila provided by Sol Azul
                             Holy Mole!                                                     Archaeology Mini Camps for
On 3 May the museum held another well attended fundraising                              Lee & Beulah Moor Children's Home
event in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo. The event featured                   From 16-18 and 25-27 June the museum held two mini
presentations, music, and enchiladas enmoladas.                               archaeology camps at the request of the Lee & Beulah Moor
                                                                              Children's Home. This collaboration is the first of many that the
                                                                              museum hopes to be involved with in the future.

Museum Director Marc Thompson talks with visitors as they enjoy their lunch
                   Photo courtesy of the El Paso Inc.

                                                                                    Jason Jurgena teaches a camper to throw a dart with an atlatl
                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Jim Thomas.

        The musical Group CEIBA entertained guests at the event
                    Photo courtesy of the El Paso Inc.

Woody Crumbo: American Indian Artist and Activist                                         Group photo of the week-two camp participants

This temporary exhibit opened 7 June and will show through 25
October. Woodrow Wilson Crumbo (1912-1989) was named                                              Reds,              , & Blues
Assistant Director of the El Paso Museum of Art. In 1968, he was
appointed Director. While in El Paso, Crumbo was instrumental                 The El Paso Museum of Archaeology held a wine tasting event
in promoting federal and Texas state recognition and tribal                   during the Independence Day weekend. Red and white wines
status for the Tigua Indians at Ysleta de Sur Pueblo. This exhibit            were provided by Riccardo Barraza, of Italian Imports, with live
includes works from the El Paso Museum of Art’s permanent                     music by The Blue Rays.

                                                                                 The Blue Rays performed to a packed house. Band members include
  Museum Director Marc Thompson talks about Woody Crumbo’s work                   Marc Thompson, Bill Luther, Jamie Ackerman, and Jim Murphy
       The packed house durring the Reds,          , & Blues event                              A camper hunting bison with an atlatl

                Archaeology Day Camps
This year the museum increased the number of day camps it
held to four sessions to accommodate the increasing interest in
this program. The camps were held 15-18 July, 22-25 July, 29
July – 1 August, and 5-8 August.

                                                                                Jason Jurgena and a camper discuss the finer points of dart throwing

                                                                                          Contributions to the Museum

   Thirteen students from St. Francis school in Chihuahua, Chihuahua
    made a special trip to participate in this year’s Archaeology Camp

                                                                               Kari M. Schmidt, Bradley J. Vierra, Robert A. Heckman, and Teresita
                                                                              Majewski of Statistical Research, Inc. present a check to Marc Thompson
                                                                            Along with Museum Membership contributions, the museum greatly
                                                                            appreciates the monetary and service donations it has received from
                                                                            The Alternative House, Emily V. Atwood, Margret K. Berrier, Charles Berry
                                                                            Memorial Fund, Blue Rays, Bridge, David P. Cain, CARTA, Casita Linda,
                                                                            Orlando Cedillo, C. G. Cohen, Marguerite Davis Memorial Fund, El Paso
                                                                            Archaeological Society, Grant County Archaeological Society, Yvonne
                                                                            V. Guinn, Arturo & Alejandra Herrera, Italian Imports, Lone Mountain
                                                                            Archaeological Services, Inc., M. J. Mader Enterprises, Inc. DBA, R. F. &
 Museum volunteer Justin Fontenot explains how to excavate to two campers
                                                                            Dorothy Mayhall, Miratek Corp., Mountain View Dermatology, The Park
                                                                            Catering, Art & Susan Peinado, R. B. Price Family Foundation, Jeff
                                                                            Romney, Sol Azul, John Sproul, Jr., Statistical Research, Inc., Texas
                                                                            Apache Nations, Inc., Thomas J. & Mary Ann Scully, TRC Environmental
                                                                            Corporation, Uniquely Yours, United Tribal Nations, Inc, and the Wal-Mart
                                                                              If we failed to mention anyone please let us know. We apologize for any errors.
            Museum Volunteers                                                             In the Spotlight

                                                                               El Paso Museum of Archaeology Advisory Board

                                                                              The El Paso Museum of Archaeology has a new
                                                                              Advisory Board, formed by the Mayor and City
                                                                              Council to advise the museum staff on long-term
                                                                              planning and to support development of the
                                                                              museum.       For example, the board recently
                                                                              reviewed the museum’s five year strategic plan
                                                                              and two year action plan, contributed a number
                                                                              of useful comments and suggestions, and gave its
                                                                              approval to these important items. The board will
                                                                              next examine ways that it can follow up by
    Museum volunteer Addy Crespo helping to set up an exhibit at the          supporting museum        development    activities,
  University of Texas at El Paso featuring local archaeological attractions
                                                                              fundraising, widening the community profile of the
                                                                              museum, and so forth.

                                                                              In important ways, the Advisory Board represents
                                                                              the public of El Paso to the museum. Members are
                                                                              appointed from each city council district, and one
                                                                              at-large member is appointed by the Mayor. The
                                                                              chair is Josiah Heyman, and members include
                                                                              Nicholas Houser, Anthony Martinez, Elia Perez, Mary
                                                                              Russell, Raymond Valencia, and Kevin Von Finger.
                                                                              The board brings a wealth of experience in the
                                                                              archaeological community of El Paso, and
                                                                              genuine commitment to the future of the El Paso
                                                                              Museum of Archaeology. The board members are
    Museum volunteer Art Sleighel, Alex Mares, and Museum Director
     Marc Thompson making adjustments to the Teepee Pole exhibit              eager to hear your thoughts about the museum
                                                                              and to work with you on supporting and promoting
Our Museum volunteers have been invaluable to almost every                    the museum. It is easy to contact any of the board
aspect of museum operations, from education and outreach                      members via the museum office.
to collections management. Tours of the museum’s galleries
have been conducted by LeClaire Shields, Deva Harper, Art
                                                                              The Board meets at the museum the second
Sleighel, Ann Kruzich, Mike Iglar, Nancy Bain, Mary Russell, and
                                                                              Thursday of each month at 4 P.M. The agenda is
Robert Belles. Art Sleighel also helped set up the Teepee Pole
exhibit and set up the auditorium for events as needed. Keith                 posted by the City Clerk, available at this website:
Rihn has grown yet another beautiful crop in our Indian Garden                <
and has been helping to keep the walking trails clear of                      .asp> (use the drop down menu to access the
vegetation for visitors. Art Sleighel, Justin Fontenot, Victoria              Museum Board’s agenda). The public is definitely
Contreras, Gabriela Cordova, Christian Vasquez, Delfina                       welcome, and there is a period for public
Mendoza, Steven Wnorowski, Fernando Arias, Gregory Busse,                     comment at each meeting. Please do use the
and Keith Rihn were all of great help with this summer’s                      Advisory Board as a way to become more involved
Archaeology Day Camps. There have also been several new                       with the museum.
collections management projects going on including cleaning
the basketry collection. Volunteers who have been helping
with these projects include Mityshiau Maddox, Joseph
                                                                              Josiah Heyman, Ph.D.
Gonzalez, Justin Fontenot, Victoria Contreras, Addy Crespo,                   Chair, El Paso Museum of Archaeology Advisory Board
Dominique Avery, and Cassandra Cunningham. Many thanks
to all of you!
    Become a Member of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology
                                                    Membership Information
Your annual membership gift supports the Museum’s exhibits, preserves its collections, funds special events, public programming, and
educational programming. We are looking ahead to an exciting and event filled future at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology and hope
that you will join us. We look forward to meeting you.

                  Membership Levels
                                                                                 Members at these levels receive all the preceding General Membership
                                                                                 benefits, plus:
                          Individual                                                 ·      Your name listed on the Museum Lobby Donor Wall
                                                                                     ·      Complimentary copy of one Museum publication
                           Student - $15
                                                                                     ·      Option to pay in two or four installments
                            Senior - $20
                                                                                     ·      On request, special Museum tours arranged for you and
                          Individual - $25
                                                                                            your family members
                           Military - $20

Benefits for these levels are:                                                                               Donor’s Circle
    ·      One year’s subscription to the Museum’s newsletter,
           ¿Archaeoloco?                                                                           Chupadero Black-on-white Level - $1000
    ·      Individual notice of exhibit openings, special events, and                                 El Paso Polychrome Level - $5000
           educational programs                                                                       Gila Polychrome Level - $10,000
    ·      Invitation to annual Members reception                                               Mimbres Classic Black-on-white Level - $50,000+
    ·      Special Volunteer opportunities
    ·      Your name listed in the Museum newsletter, ¿Archaeoloco?              Members at these levels receive all the preceding benefits of General
    ·      20% discount in the Museum Store                                      Membership and Supporters Circle Level, plus:
                                                                                    ·    On request, special Museum tours arranged for you and
                                                                                         your family
                             Family                                                 ·    On request, a private “behind the scenes” tour of the
                                                                                         museum led by the Director and/or Curators.
                            Family - $40
                        Military Family - $35
                                                                                                           Corporate Circle
Members at these levels receive all the General Membership benefits,
plus:                                                                                                        Chert Level - $1000
      · Benefits good for two adults and their children under 18                                              Flint Level - $5000
        years of age                                                                                      Chalcedony Level - $10,000
      · 20% discount on all museum educational programs, such as                                          Obsidian Level - $50,000+
        the Archaeology Day Camp
                                                                                 Members at these levels receive all the preceding benefits of General
                                                                                 Membership and Supporters Circle Level, plus:
                    Supporter’s Circle                                              ·    On request, special Museum tours arranged for you and
                                                                                         your employees
                        Folsom Level - $100                                         ·    On request, a private “behind the scenes” tour of the
                        Clovis Level - $250                                              museum led by the Director and/or Curators
                       Keystone Level - $500                                        ·    Discounted rates on facilities rental for private functions

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