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									    Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute

Advanced technology for state-of-the-art care.
Summa’s Minimally Invasive Surgery         An exciting alternative
Institute (MISI) offers a comprehensive,   to traditional surgery.                         • Less pain
multidisciplinary approach to minimally    Minimally invasive instruments and              • Less risk of infection
invasive diagnostic and surgical           techniques allow surgeons to operate            • Less blood loss and transfusions
                                           through tiny dime-size surgical openings
procedures. The institute focuses on                                                       • Shorter hospital stay
                                           rather than the much larger incisions
advanced laparoscopic procedures in        required by traditional surgery that cut        • Less scarring
cardiothoracic, urologic, gynecologic,     through large areas of skin and muscle.         • Faster recovery
orthopaedic and general surgery            The system gives surgeons a clear view
(including bariatric and colorectal        of vital anatomical structures and far more
                                           control over very precise movements. For
procedures).                               many procedures, this type of surgery is
                                           just as effective as traditional surgery, yet
                                           offers several benefits to the patient:

Summa’s MISI is committed
to cutting-edge care.
Using specialized surgical instruments and a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube
with a miniature camera), surgeons operate through small incisions while
viewing their movements on a monitor. Offering many well-documented
patient benefits, laparoscopic surgery is the wave of the future as it continues
to replace many open surgical procedures.

The latest innovation in minimally invasive surgery, the da Vinci® Surgical
System is a computer-enhanced system that can replicate the surgeon’s
movements with greater range of motion than previously available in standard
minimally invasive surgical instrumentations. It consists of three components:
physician console, robotic arms and a monitor. This equipment assists
surgeons performing cardio thoratic, urologic and gynecologic surgery.
Summa’s Akron City Hospital is the only Akron area hospital to offer robot-
assisted surgery.

These fully-functional operating rooms are designed for high-efficiency and
state-of-the-art technology including robotics, telemedicine, voice-activated
systems, ceiling-mounted monitors, video equipment and sound. Everything is
at the immediate touch control of the surgeon and surgical staff.

Located at Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals, this interactive system
provides Summa residents and attending physicians the opportunity for long-
distance learning. Video originating in our state-of-the-art endosuites can be
viewed at a remote location for education purposes. The technology also
provides long-distance consultation with physicians around the world.
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                                                                                   Summa’s Minimally Invasive
                                                                                   Surgery Institute, visit us online
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