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									  Wind Power Projects in StatoilHydro
        Presentation to LOG meeting in Molde, 15.01.2009
     Tone Rølland, Category responsible for Wind power Plant

Vindmøller – venn eller fiende?
StatoilHydro wind portfolio                                                      Havøygavlen
•   Havøygavlen and Utsira in operation
•   Hywind Demo and Sheringham Shoal
    Offshore Wind Farm - in execution

•   Ytre Vikna - concession granted but
    ENOVA support not given 2008
                                                              Ytre Vikna
•   Lutelandet - concession not sent yet,               Oksbåsheia         Roan/
    but authorities supportive                         Harbaksfjellet      Haraheia

•   Harbaksfjellet – concession granted,      Haugshornet
    limitation to local/national grid

•   Oksebåsheia, Tellenes, Karmøy,                                                     Planned
    Haugshornet og Båtsfjord              Lutelandet                                   In operation
    – concession applied for             Utsira Karmøy
                                    Hywind Demo


     Sheringham Shoal
     Offshore Wind Farm
StatoilHydro operates the most northern wind farm
in the world

                                 Havøygavlen wind farm
                                                   Utsira wind farm

We have a dream …..
    Capture and store some of the energy around us:
        without large environmental consequences
        make it work technically
        at a reasonable cost
•   StatoilHydro - an energy company with renewable energy as a new
    business area
StatoilHydro Strategy for renewable energy
• Strategy for New Energy
    – Grow a profitable business in offshore wind power generation
    – Leverage offshore competence to become a world class leading offshore windfarm
      developer and operator

• StatoilHydro’s strategic ambition in wind
    – Develop onshore projects connected to our oil and gas portfolio
    – Actively promote development of new technologies to support portfolio development

• Sheringham Shoal would be the first step stone for a larger portfolio in UK
    – Draft EU Renewable Energy Directive: UK’s target for 2020 is 15% of total energy
      consumption supplied from renewable
    – Significant part of UK national target will come from new offshore wind development
         • 3rd round offshore wind launched – huge lease areas

        The wind technology development ambitions

                                                              10 m/s                            11 m/s

                           9 m/s
7 m/s

                 3 MW                       3-5 MW                                5+ MW                               5+ MW

                                                                                      30-70                                   100-700

          Reliability               Reliability                   5 MW + WTG                  Light weight 5 MW + WTG
            Noise                    Access                       Efficient O&M                   Serial production
        Complex terrain            Robustness                   Jacket installation              Marine Operations

         larger WTG /lighter weight, increased WTG efficiency/availability and reduced energy loss
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm Project
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

                        • StatoilHydro currently owns 100 % of
                          the shares in Scira

   Sheringham Shoal
   Wind Farm
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm
•   Project Highlights
      – Wind farm capacity 315 MW
      – Average annual production 1.1TWh
      – 35 km2 wind farm appr. 20 km off the coast
      – Water depth 17m – 22m

•   Development Concept
      – 88 wind turbine generators
      – 2 offshore substations
      – Infield cables (36 kV)
      – Export cables (145 kV) to shore
      – 22 km underground cabling from
        Weyboume to Salle
      – Connection to regional grid (EdFE) at Salle
        for further national grid (NGT) at Norwich
Offshore Foundations – MT Højgaard
Installation of foundations
Wind Turbine Generators
Siemens Wind Power
• Reservation agreement for an EPC(I)
 delivery of 88 offshore WTGs
 for production of 315MW

                                        WTG transportation and installation
Electrical System

• Electrical System Infrastructure (EPCI) - AREVA

• Onshore cables EPCI

• Fabrication of infield cables

• Installation of infield cables

• Fabrication of submarine export cables

• Installation of submarine export cables
Hywind Demo Project

Hywind shall be the worlds first floating full-scale wind turbine
installed and operated offshore
Hywind Demo key data
• Technical                                    Offshore location:
    –   WTG (Siemens)                2,3 MW    11 km south west of Karmøy
    –   Turbine weight              138 tons
    –   Rotor diameter             82,4 m
    –   Draft                       110 m
    –   Above sea level               65 m
    –   Displacement               6500 m3
    –   Diameter at water line         6m
    –   Diam. submerged body         8,8 m

• Characteristics
    –   Steel tower / tower transition piece
    –   Concrete Substructure
    –   3 point mooring system
    –   Dynamic pitch regulation
    –   Completed at inshore site
    –   Towed upright to field
    –   Designed for extreme North Sea cond.

• Schedule Milestones
    – Investment decision:       May 2008
    – Operational start-up:      01.10.2009
                                           100 m total height above sea level

                                                                   Combining StatoilHydro’s offshore experience
                                                                   with Siemens WP WTG know-how to verify
                                 65 m tower                        and optimize the concept

  Work platform 17 m                                         82 m rotor diameter
above mean water level

                                                             24 m clearance between rotor
                                                                tip and mean water level

                                                                    J-tube for pulling in electrical
                                                                         cable at 44 m depth

                         50 m mooring bridle                            Mooring line connetion
     800 m to anchor      for yaw stiffness          Centre of gravity   points at 54 m depth
                                                   68m below water line

                                               100 m draft
                                                                                    45 t clump weight
Typical production condition                           Extreme condition

(Hs=2.5m Uw=12m/s, WTG max thrust)                     (50 year wind and waves, WTG idle)
• Maximum horisontal motion top of                     • Maximum   horisontal motion top of
 tower 7 m                                               tower 20 m
• Static pitch 2,1 degrees                             • Static pitch 1,1 degrees
• Maximum pitch 3,9 degrees                            • Maximum pitch 11 degrees

• Maximum vertical motion 0,5 m                        • Maximum vertical motion 4 m

• Horisontal offset 8 m                                • Horisontal offset 5 m
• Max. Horisontal motion at mooring                    • Max. Horisontal motion at mooring
                                                         connection 5 m
 connection 5m

                          • Period of dominating motion (pitch) 25 seconds
Construction activities (Technip Offshore Finland)
     Internal Stiffener Welding           Internal Stiffener Welding

 Plate Section Welding
A vision of the future:
Test arena for marine renewable energy, Karmøy
    • Bringing StatoilHydro into a leading
     position in pushing offshore renewable
     power technology

    • Be an attractive arena for other new    Utsira
     marine technologies

    • Establish a test park ”at home”
UK Round 3 creates long term growth opportunities
•   UK ambition of 25 GW installed capacity by                                 Moray Firth
    2020 from Round 3 sites
       – EU targets
       – Security of supply                                                        Firth of Forth
       – Strong political commitment

•   About 26 600 km2 available
                                                                               Dogger Bank
                                                         Irish Sea
•   Excellent wind resources

•   Water depths
       – about 5% shallower than 25m
       – about 50% between 25m and 40m
                                                  Bristol Channel
       – about 45% deeper than 40m                                                              Norfolk

•   Bid deadline 3 March 2009 – award late 2009
                                                          West Isle of Wight
Ytre Vikna Wind Farm
                       •    Design of a wind farm limited to maximum 250MW and maximum 90units
                       •    Sarepta part (StatoilHydro/NTE)              90MW
                       •    NTE                                         160MW

                       Sarepta Owners
                           StatoilHydro                                  50%
                           NTE- Nord Trøndelag Energi                    50%

                       • Sarepta                                         69MW/90MW
                       • Complete park                                  (175MW)

                       Main Challenges (early phase):
                           ENOVA support not awarded in 2008 – new possibility in 2009

                           Application to ENOVA                         2009
                           Concept decision                             Postponed
                           Investement decision                         Postponed
                           Operational start-up                         Postponed
    Dry Low Emission
Back-up slides
The StatoilHydro organisation

                                                           Chief executive
                                                           officer, CEO

                                                           Helge Lund
                                 Chief financial                               Chief staff officer,
                                 officer, CFO                                  CSO

                                 Eldar Sætre                                   Helga Nes

    Exploration and   International          Natural gas              Manufacturing          Projects   Technology and
    production        exploration and                                 and marketing                     New energy
    Norway            production

    Øystein           Peter                  Rune                     Jon A.                 Gunnar     Margareth
    Michelsen         Mellbye                Bjørnson                 Jacobsen               Myrebøe    Øvrum
Technology and New Energy

                                                           TECHNOLOGY &
                                                            NEW ENERGY

                                                           Margareth Øvrum                  People,
                                    Finance and
                  Communication                                 Bergen                  organisation and
                     Gine Wang       Torje Saur                                            Heidi Drilen
                      Bergen           Bergen                                               Bergen

EARLY PHASE AND     GLOBAL                             MARINE             PROCESS AND
                                  SUB-SURFACE                                                  RESEARCH AND      NEW ENERGY
   CONCEPT        EXPLORATION                      TECHNOLOGY AND          PROCESSING
                                  TECHNOLOGY                                                   DEVELOPMENT
 DEVELOPMENT      TECHNOLOGY                         OPERATIONS           TECHNOLOGY
  Bjarne Bakken   Bård Krokan     Øystein Håland    Bjørn Kåre Viken     Halfdan Knudsen        Morten Loktu   Alexandra Bech Gjørv
   Stavanger        Bergen           Bergen            Stavanger            Stavanger            Trondheim         Stavanger
Hywind Demo – the movie

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