CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY
I Department of Surgery Faculty
I Affiliated Columbia & Cornell Faculty
I Directors
I PAs, NPs, and Nurse Coordinators
I Coordinators, Administrators, Managers, and Specialists

                                                        Craig R. Smith, MD
                                                   Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic
                                                       Surgery; Calvin F. Barber
                                                         Professor of Surgery;
                                                Interim Chair, Department of Surgery

                             ADULT CARDIAC                                               PEDIATRIC CARDIAC
                                (SMITH)                                                    (QUAEGEBEUR)

          Michael Argenziano,             Henry M. Spotnitz, MD                         Jan M. Quaegebeur,
                 MD                       George H. Humphreys, II                              MD
         Associate Professor of             Professor of Surgery;                       Morris & Rose Milstein
        Surgery; Director, Robotic         Vice Chair, Research &                        Professor of Surgery;
        Cardiac Surgery; Director,         Information Systems;                        Director, Pediatric Cardiac
          Surgical Arrhythmia             Director, Cardiovascular                         Surgery, NewYork-
                Program                       Surgery Research                           Presbyterian Hospital

         Yoshifumi Naka, MD,              Allan S. Stewart, MD                           Jonathan Chen, MD
                 PhD                        Assistant Professor                           Adjunct Associate
         Associate Professor of                 of Surgery;                              Professor of Surgery;
        Surgery; Director, Cardiac            Director, Aortic                             Surgical Director,
        Transplantation; Director,           Surgery Program                               Pediatric Cardiac
         Mechanical Circulatory                                                         Transplant; Site Chief,
            Support Program                                                            Pediatric Cardiac Surgery,
                                                                                         NYPH/Weill Cornell

           Mehmet C. Oz, MD               Mathew R. Williams,
          Professor of Surgery;                  MD
            Clinical Vice Chair,           Assistant Professor of
         Cardiovascular Services;          Surgery (In Medicine);
                  Director,                  Surgical Director,
         Cardiovascular Institute;            Cardiovascular
        Medical Director, Integrative     Transcatheter Therapies                          Lawrence Beilis
            Medicine Program                                                             Cardiovascular Institute
                                                                                           (CVI) Administrator;
                                                                                         Columbia HeartSource
                                                                                            Executive Director

 www.columbiasurgery.org                                                                                             6
                                    CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY

                                                  Craig R. Smith, MD
                                            Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic
                                                Surgery; Calvin F. Barber
                                                  Professor of Surgery;
                                         Interim Chair, Department of Surgery

                                                  GENERAL THORACIC

                                                 Joshua R. Sonett, MD
                                              Chief, Section of General
                                                  Thoracic Surgery;
                                                Professor of Clinical
                                              Surgery; Surgical Director,
                                              Lung Transplant Program

 Selim Arcasoy,        Matthew         Frank D’Ovidio,            Mark E.              Lyall A.          Jessie Wilt,
      MD             Bacchetta, MD        MD, PhD              Ginsburg, MD           Gorenstein,            MD
    Associate          Assistant          Assistant                Associate             MD                Assistant
   Professor of        Professor          Professor                 Clinical           Assistant          Professor of
     Clinical          of Surgery        of Surgery;             Professor of           Clinical           Medicine;
    Medicine;                             Associate                Surgery;           Professor of         Associate
 Medical Director,                     Surgical Director,      Surgical Director,       Surgery;        Medical Director,
 Lung Transplant                          Transplant            Center for Lung         Director,       Lung Transplant
     Program                               Program                  Failure;          Hyperhidrosis         Program
                                                                   Associate             Center
                                                               Director, General
                                                               Thoracic Surgery

                         Laura Altman, PA                   Margaret Flannery, FNP           Erin Logan, PA
                         Nicholas Astras, PA                Susan Fried, PA                  Allan Mariano, PA
                         Eric Beninghof, PA                 Kathleen Garcia, PA              Kevin McGill, PA
                         Jennifer Bricker, PA               George Gibbons, PA               Christina Milizia, PA
                         Frances Brogan, RN                 Luisa Godoy, PA                  Jennifer Murphy, NP
                         Sara Bull, NP                      Lyn Goldsmih, RN                 Beth Panoff, FNP
                         Rozelle Corda, NP                  Jonathan Halasan, PA             Debra Savarese, PA
                         Tom Cosola, PA                     Thomas Hickey, PA                Rosie Te-Frey, ANP-C
                         Joseph Costa, PA                   Katharine Idrissi, RN,           Tianna Umann, PA
                         Kirstie Crespo, RN                   MSN, CCRN                      Davide Volpe, PA
                         Theresa Daly, NP                   Patricia A. Jellen, RNC
                         Kierie Fitzgibbon, PA              Steven C. Kantor, PA

                                                                      Division Administrator: Diane Amato, 212.305.8312
7 www.columbiasurgery.org                                                                       Referrals: 800.227.2762

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