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									Home Business Grants: Is There Really Free Money Available
for Your Home Business Needs?
You have probably seen the ads about how to get "free" money via home business grants. They purport
that the government will give you "free" money for just about anything you want to do. Do you want
money to start your own business? How about money to expand your home business? It is all yours for
the asking.

Can this be true? While the government does offer grant money, this money is not as easy to qualify for
or receive as some may lead you to believe. There are several scams that entice you with the promise of
"free" money, for a small fee. Here's how many of the home business grant scams work:

       The company guarantees that you will get a home business grant or you will get all of your
        money back!

       For a fee of about $40 - $50 you get a packet with information on how to write a home business
        grant proposal and a customized list of organizations who can provide the grant you need.

       You pay the fee and in return you get back the information but with one catch: The
        organizations on the list don't typically give home business grants to individuals to start or grow
        their own business.

       You try to get your money back and find that the guarantee is no real guarantee at all.

So how do you keep from falling victim to these home business grant scams? Here are some tips if you
are considering obtaining grant information:

       Beware of companies that guarantee you will receive a home business grant, especially if you
        must pay up-front for services.

       If you are considering paying for a home business grant service, check the company out with
        the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Home Business Grants
While U.S. government grant agencies and private organizations do provide grant money, they
generally direct their assistance toward specific projects, charities, lending institutions, non-profit
organizations, educational institutions, etc. Very little money goes to individuals.

Currently the U.S. Small Business Administration does not provide home business grants or money for
starting a small business. From their Web site:
"While SBA does offer a limited number of grant programs, these are generally designed to expand and
enhance small business technical assistance. SBA does not offer grants to start or expand small businesses...
SBA's grant programs generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state
and local governments in an effort to expand and enhance small business technical and financial assistance."

                                                                                Small Business Administration

For those organizations that do obtain grants, the money is not totally "free." While grant money does not
have to be repaid, those who receive the grants can not spend the money as they please. There are strict rules
and requirements concerning how the money can be spent, what percentage of the money can be used for
certain purposes and a host of other regulations. These requirements must be complied with or the
consequences could be dire.

To sum it all up, there is really no such thing as "free" money for those seeking home business grants. The
good thing though about starting your own home business is that you don't necessarily need large sums of
money or a home business grant. So how do you come up with low cost start-up ideas for your home

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