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Job Interview Technics


									Improve your interview techniques!

Careful preparation and planning before attending a job interview will improve your
chances of securing that perfect job. To help you improve your interview technique we
have out together a few simple guidelines.

An interview is a two-way process. The interviewer will want to obtain information about
your skills, qualifications, work experience, achievements and personal aspirations.
Based upon that information he/she will then make a judgement about your suitability for
the role. However it also gives you the opportunity to find out about the organisation, the
role, the benefits and future opportunities.

Think carefully about the questions that you may be asked by the interviewer AND pre-
pare some questions of your own ready in advance.

Research pays dividends

• Obtain as much advance information as possible about the company and the job. Your
People Plus consultant will brief you beforehand but make sure you look at the company’s
Web site to find out about the products and services they offer. Other good sources of
information include trade directories and the company’s annual report.

• Make sure that you are fully briefed about the job, the structure, the duties and responsi-
bilities, the standards expected and the benefits.
Think carefully about your own strengths and how they match the requirements of the job.

• Ensure that you have full details of company address and travel directions, also the
name and position of the person who will be conducting the interview.

Getting there on time

• Allow plenty of time for travelling and make sure you arrive on time. If using public
transport, check train and bus times beforehand. Try and arrive 10-15 minutes early as
this will give you the chance to collect your thoughts and get a “feel” for the company.
Reception areas give you a valuable insight into a company – the type of people working
there, the style of the company – company literature is often available for you to look at
whilst waiting.

First Impressions Count

Appearance is very important. First impressions do count so do please invest time in your
personal presentation. A smart business suit, well-groomed appearance and warm,
friendly smile will create that all-important good first impression. Your People Plus con-
sultant will be able to advise you on the client’s dress code.
The Interview

There is no set structure for an interview and styles vary widely between companies and
individual interviewers. Your People Plus consultant will be able to give you a good idea
of the format beforehand. Make sure you know whether there is any test involved. As a
general rule allow up to an hour for your interview.

Questions that you may be asked

Here are some typical questions that you may be asked at interview. Make sure that you
have answers prepared!

Tell me about yourself?
Why do you think that you could do this job?
Why are you interested in this position?
Give me a summary of your career history to date
What were you main duties in your last job?
What exactly can you offer XYZ Co?
What are your strengths? Weaknesses?
Which parts of your job do you most enjoy? Least enjoy?
In your career to date, what is your most memorable achievement?
What other jobs are you applying for?
Why did you leave your last 2 jobs?
How well do you work to deadlines?
Give me examples of situations where you have had to cope with pressure at work?
What would be your ideal role?
Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Why do you want to leave your current employer?
To what extent have you achieved the goals that were set for you?
Have you had a performance appraisal recently? What was the outcome?

A few general tips

Try to enjoy the interview; remain enthusiastic and positive at all times

Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer

Answer questions fully, clearly and concisely – avoid “waffling”
If you are unsure what a particular question means, seek clarification from the

After the Interview

When your interview has finished it is very important that you contact your People Plus
consultant as soon as possible. We need your feedback before we talk to the client com-
pany as this can help smooth the path towards a successful outcome.
Once we have spoken to the client company we will give you their interview feedback and,
if everyone is happy, then we will liaise as necessary through to job offer, acceptance and

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