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									C l a s s i C i ndustries 1966 nova Pro j e C t

    	 We	started	with	an	exceptionally	preserved	1966	Nova.		The	car	was	disassembled	and	
    chemically	stripped	by	American	Muscle	Cars.	Upon	return	from	the	acid	bath	some	minor	
    flaws	such	as	rust	in	the	lower	driver	side	lower	quarter	panel,	and	rust	around	the	rear	
    window	were	discovered.	Quite	a	few	stress	cracks	were	found	through	out	the	Nova	and	
    of	course	the	infamous	bullet	hole	in	the	driver	side	sail	panel.
    	 American	Muscle	Cars	Inc.	will	be	restoring	this	car	for	Classic	Industries	and	will	
    be	managing	the	project	throughout	the	build.	Classic	Industries	and	their	vendors	will	
    supply	the	majority	of	parts.
    	   Some	of	the	stats	include:
        •		 Power	train:                                     •		 Tires	and	Wheels
        						 •		 Engine:	350	H.O.	Chevrolet	Crate							   					•		 American	Racing	Alloy	Salt	Flat		
        	 	 •		 Transmission:		BM	Turbo	350	                 	 	 	 Specials	with	Toyo	tires
        	 	 	 Automatic	w/BM	Shifter
        						 •	 Rear	Differential:	                        •		 Electrical	and	Gauges
        	 	 	 Reconditioned	12	Bolt	                         	 	 •	 Shiftworks
        	 	 	 Positraction	with	3:42	gears                   	 	 •		 OER®
                                                             						 •		 Factory	Fit	harness
        •		 Suspension:
        						 •		 Front	Suspension:	Heidts	front	clip       •		 Interior:
        						 •		 Rear	Suspension:	Mono	leaf	               						 •		 Parts	Unlimited,	Inc.	
                                                             						 •		 Ididit	Column
        •		 Brakes:                                          						 •		 Auto	Meter	gauges
        						 •		 Front	Brakes:	GM	rotors	with	             						 •		 Custom	Auto	Sound
        	 	 	 Wilwood	polished	Calipers
        						 •		 Rear	Brakes:		Wilwood                     •		 Cooling	System:
                                                             						 •		 Afco	radiator	
        •		 Paint	and	Body:                                  	 	 •	 Flex-a-lite	electric	fans
        						 •		 American	Muscle	Cars	Inc.
                                                             •		 Lighting:
        •	 Exhaust:                                          						 •		 Delta	Tech	Headlights
        	 	 •	 Magnaflow

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                                      Tel: 714-847-6887 • Fax: 714-841-5348 • www.ClassicIndust r i e s . c o m

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