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Salsa Mondays Heats Up NYC!! Salsa and the City @ Taj NYC PREMIER OF LATIN TINGE TUESDAYS @ EL MOROCCO NIGHTCLUB R.I.P Joanne Knowles (view more)

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Henry Knowles, known as the # 1 Salsa DJ around the world, is the DJ‟s disc jockey, spinning that tension-building beat and filling dancers with ánimo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, he carries his passion for Latin culture and music in his work. This very special disc jockey's mixing abilities are unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about Salsa music and its history, his music library, and ability to read his audience while creating un ambiente caliente have made Henry the Salsa community's most beloved disc jockey. Henry tours the world, organizes his own events, does remixes and has been working with the most important names in the Latin music industry promoting, as well as managing, some of the best salsa performers and salsa bands. His background includes working with promotions for major recording labels, such as BMG, WEA, RMM, for artist such as; Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Christina Aguilera and has also worked with representation of artist such as; Marc Anthony, Ruben Blades, Spanish Harlem Orchestra and others. As the first official disc jockey for the Bacardi World Salsa Congress and the first world salsa congresses to ever be held around the world…Henry is the consummate professional with more than 25 years of experience catering to the serious Salsero. He has created remixes and compilations for the RMM recording label, including the popular Bacardi Salsa Congress compilation, which is still sold in record stores around the world. Some recognitions and awards include: Recognition Award (Copacabana, NY 2001), Andy Award (Puerto Rico 2002), Top Int‟l DJ Award

(UK 2003), Lifetime Achievement Award (Los Angeles, CA 2003), Latin Beat Magazine Honoree “Siempre Salsa Fest” (NYC 2003, 2005, 2006) & Int‟l Salsa Ambassador Recognition (Eilat, Israel 2006)… to name a few. Born in New York City‟s „Spanish Harlem‟ and of Puerto Rican descent, Henry's love for the music that makes his blood flow was born during the family parties in New York City and childhood summers in Puerto Rico. On this tropical island, and in New York City is where he found his soul—and learned to dance Salsa. A dancer, practically all his life—"My heart beats on clave" —he is known to hold his own and understands how to honor and inspire a Salsero on the dance floor. Henry has worked as a disc jockey, master of ceremonies, sound engineer, video jockey and promoter in major nightclubs and venues around the world throughout his career span.

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