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kevin's resume


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									CUARTA, KEVIN S. Position Desired: SCIENCE TEACHER

Contact Information

Address: Mobile No.: Residence No. : Email:

35 Palihan, Orani, Bataan, Philippines 2112 +639074020177 +639165145674 shinyshimmering@yahoo.com Personal Particulars

Age: 20 years Date of Birth: 20 Jan 1991 Nationality: Filipino Gender: Male Height: 5’7 Weight: 65 kls. Marital Status: Single Permanent Residence: Philippines

Educational Background

Tertiary level Track: Major: Institute/University: Graduation Date:

Biological Science Bachelor of Secondary Education Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines March 2011

Secondary level Institute/University: Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines Graduation Date: March 2007 Primary level School: Orani North Elementary School Graduation Date: March 2003


Conversational Skills in English, Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet, Capable decision maker, Dependable worker, knowledge in baking and cooking, dancing and singing, playing volleyball, swimming, and teaching. Seminars Attended and Recognition

Leadership Training Seminar, 2006 Classroom Management Seminar, 2008 Portfolio Making Seminar, 2008 Student-Teacher Seminar, 2009

Character Reference

Mrs. Josephine Almazan Food Teacher, BPSU-Orani Mulawin Heights, Orani, Bataan +639295649877 Mrs. Anatalia Bringas English Teacher, BPSU-Orani Apollo, Orani, Bataan +639159841552 Mrs. Teresita Salonga Principal, BPSU-Orani Laboratory School Ma. Fe, Orani, Bataan +639063846787

I, by means of this, certify that the aforementioned information are all true and correct and are to the extent of my knowledge.

Kevin S. Cuarta Applicant’s signature

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