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					Detailed Lesson Plan in science and Technology I February 25, 2009 I-A (Rose) I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, 100% of the students shall attain at least 80% level of proficiency in: 1. defining adhesion and cohesion 2. demonstrating adhesive and cohesive properties of water 3. relating adhesion and cohesion to daily lives II. Subject Matter: Adhesion and Cohesion Unit III: Matter and Its Properties Chapter 36: Matter and Its Properties Lesson I: Adhesion and Cohesion Materials: Beaker or narrow-spouted measuring cup Yarn (soaking wet) Container Colored water Music player Water Paper and drawing materials Event 1: plastic cups, one hundred peso coins/ small stones/ marbles Event2: eye dropper/ medicine dropper, 1 peso coin Event 3: boat pattern, card board, scissors, soap chips, trays, stopwatch Event 4: paper clips, fork, magnifying glasses, clear plastic cups Event 5: tissue paper, glasses, tape, ruler, scissors Concept: Students see signs of water’s adhesive properties daily (e.g. water leading on the surface of the glass); however, they may not appreciate how unique this quality is, learning how water strider skates over the surface of water or how water travels upward through soil gives students opportunities to explore further the structure and behavior of the water molecule. Skills: defining demonstrating relating Values: Students will develop to themselves the characteristics of cooperation, camaraderie and patience towards each other by having this lesson and activity.

References: Science and Technology I text by Rabago pp. 48, PSSSLC II 1.1 III. Learning Activity A. Preparatory Activities 1. Prayer 2. Greetings 3. Checking of attendance 4. Checking of assignment TEACHER’S ACTIVITY B. Developmental Activities 1. Review Yesterday we are through discussing water right? Again, what are its properties? STUDENT’S ACTIVITY

Yes sir! Sir, it is consist of 2 atoms, which are hydrogen and oxygen.

Very good! With that we will have an activity. It is entitled “Water and Me” Here are the instructions: 1. The class will be divided into 3 groups; count 1-3. 2. Each group will receive an envelope containing questions, 2 questions. 3. All you have to do is write down your answers on the manila paper. Yes, sir. This will last for only 3 minutes. Okay? (Students doing the activity.) Alright then. You may start. Okay. Post your works on the board. Alright, is there a need to discuss it? Because I think that you have truly understood our yesterday’s topic, did you?

Yes, sir.

2. Motivation Okay class, to introduce the new lesson that we’ll tackling today, I will show you a magic trick. Do you want to see how water will defy gravity? But before that, let us focus on what the Physicist said earlier about Jesus. “Defied gravity by ascending to heaven”. How do you think Jesus did that? Nice idea, but how? Through magic? Through a rope fell from heaven or flew by his wings? Let’s figure it out later as I show you this magic trick. Here are the materials: I have here a beaker (partially filled with water) an empty container and a yarn. I will show you this and then you will do it with the group via representative. Okay?

Yes, sir.

Sir, He flew up the sky by using wings.

And here it goes. (The teacher will show to the students the activity) Wow! Isn’t it amazing, the water walked on a tight rope? Do you want to try it? Okay before that there will be groupings. And I will assign to leaders in each group. Okay? Here are your group mates Clear class?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Have your group name representing a body of water. Example: Atlantic Ocean. Okay leaders, present your group. Stay put on your groups class, because I will need only 2 members your captain and your group to assist you on your work. The rest will arrange the puzzle and cheer your players. The first pair to fill up the container with a least drop of water will win the game and will have the puzzle pieces that you need to arrange and post on the board to unlock the mystery behind our today’s lesson. Alright? Ready set go! Very good! What have you formed? Correct! Let’s give them 4 big claps. 3. Lesson proper So based on the activity, what is adhesion and cohesion? Okay seems everyone of you are clueless, so for better understanding of the lesson, let us have our miniOlympics entitled “H2Olympics” Excited? Are you familiar with the reality game AMAZING RACE? Good. Because today, our activity will Yes, sir. Yes, sir. (Students doing the activity.) Sir, adhesion and cohesion. (groups having their names) (students presenting their groups)

(No one will answer.)

be like that, there are 5 stations aroud this room. All you have to do is to finish each task with the least time to gain more stamps. Here are some guidelines and rules; 1. Each player will position on the station they want by pair, except for the station 4 with 3 players and for the team captain and the used player( the one who played in the magical game), they will not play again because each player should play once. 2. After the task was done, the players will go to the opposite team’s captain to get the stamps. Five stamps for the 1st pair and four for the last pair to get the stmps. You have to keep the stamps, because that will decide if you will win the H2Olympics. The after that, you have to give the turn to your next players. Okay? 3. Avoid horse plays, be honest, read intructions carefully, cooperate, do it silently if possible and be careful. 4. Team captains and the unused members will serve as the cheerers for your playing teammates and will fix the used materials. 5. Every event has a mini envelope that contains the directions and the vocabulary words inside. 6. Take note of the vocabulary words in every station. Are the instructions clear? Alright, ready set go!

Yes sir!


Yes, sir. Activity2 (students doing the activity)




Okay time’s up. What are you feeling right now? Now it seems that you have truly understood the menu for the day with that, give yourselves a 3 ½ clap followed by the kwitis clap. So have you jotted down the

vocabulary words I gave to you? Can you please give me your score sheets? The winners will receive the medal and prices tomorrow. Okay? And what are the vocabulary words by the way?

We are exhausted, and nervous about the result.

Yes, sir. (Students giving the score sheets.) Yes, sir. Sir, adhesion, cohesion, surface tension and capillarity. Sir it is the ability of unlike molecules to stick together.

Very good! adhesion, any intellectual guess? Nice. Adhesion is the tendency of certain dissimilar molecules to cling together due to attractive forces. An example of that is the water droplets in a flower, the water is held in place. How about for cohesion, any idea?

Great! Class cohesion is physical property of a substance, caused by the intermolecular attraction between like molecules within a body Sir, cohesion is the abilty of like or a substance that acts to unite molecules to stick together. them. An example of that is the water drops on a flower stalk after the rain.

Since two more terms are mentioned earlier, i will discuss it anyway.

Surface tension, any idea? Correct. Surface tension is the is an attractive property of the surface of a liquid. It is what causes the surface portion of liquid to be attracted to another surface, such as that of another portion of liquid. An example of this is the water strider, an insect that floats on water. And Water droplets are flatter on a Hibiscus flower which shows better adhesion. And how about capillarity?

Sir, surface tension is the ability of objects to float on water.

Aha. Nice, capillarity is Capillary action, capillarity, capillary motion, or wicking refers to two phenomena: 1. The movement of liquids in thin tubes 2. The flow of liquids through porous media, such as the flow of water through soil

Sir, it is the attraction between solid and liquid.

4. Generalization Alright, I have here a box containg strips of papers and each strip has a question written on it. You will pass this box to the person next to you while the music is playing, the person who holds it at the time i stopped the music will get a strip and he/she should answer the question, otherwise he/she will receive a punishment. Okay?

5. Application: Class, are you seeing and experiencing (Students passing the box while these 2(cohesion and adhesion) in the music is playing.) your daily lives? But how? How come? Yes, sir. Sir, in a way that it keeps the plant alive. The water in the soil travels upward, letting the root of the plants take it in. The drops of water that was left in the glass after we drink shows adhesion and cohesion. Sir in our blood, as it circulates. Evaluation: Okay keep all your things, we will have our quiz. I. What are? Adhesion Cohesion II. Draw a picture of water moving along yarn of a water drop and point out where in adhesion and cohesion occurs. III. Give at least 3 everyday lives activity that shows cohesion and adhesion. Assignment: (photocopied) Prepared by:

Good! Some more?

Very Good! Can you give other example? Great!

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