The Most Shameless Apple Knockoffs by PowerfulPointer

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									The Most Shameless Apple Knockoffs

Luxpro Super Shuffle – The only thing super about this first-gen Shuffle knockoff is how much it looks like the real thing. Both look like Wii-motes now, however.

Samsung Instinct – Really Samsung? Really? You’re not even a little concerned that people will prefer… an actual iPhone?

Sony Vaio N10-series– Et tu, Sony? Don’t you have enough marketshare? Why did you feel the need to step on Apple’s lovely Macbook line?

iMini– Hi, remember me? I’m the Mac Mini… so yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of calls complaining about my cheap workmanship, and also asking for the phone number of the model holding me. Do you know anything about this, iMini?

iOrgane – What’s not to love? Playfully copied and misspelled name, two phone buttons, and a form factor that could only happen in China. Oh iOrgane, you are the Mr. Pibb to the iPhone’s Doctor Pepper.

Nameless Shuffle Clone– Can it be? A knockoff that’s better than the real thing? Yes, its true, this tiny mp3 player does everything a shuffle can do and tells you what it’s doing via a crappy LCD screen. Crappy though it is, it’s better than nothing.

Psystar OpenMac– Ok, so it doesn’t look as pretty as a real Mac, but you know what OpenMac does have? Heart. And by “heart,” we mean Leopard OS X.

gPod– This is a strange one – half iPod, half Sony PSP, but entirely fake! Circulating around 2005, the makers of this admittedly stylish device didn’t anticipate the arrival of the iPhone.

Meizu MiniOne– Though the MiniOne is not strictly an iPod Clone, the list would not be complete without it. Why? Aside from all the press it got as an iPod clone, Meizu has made a name for themselves as the top producer of products copied from Apple.

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