Market Research Survey Template by Dijlistic

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									Market research survey template
Use this template to survey your target customer group about the viability of your concept. Edit this document as required. Our concept We are researching market demand for our new business idea and would appreciate your help in answering a few questions for us. Our concept is {enter details about your idea here}

1. Would you buy this product/service if it was available?



2. Have you ever paid for this product/service elsewhere?



If so, where?

3. How often would you use this product/service?





4. How much would you pay for this product/service?

Under $10



Over $20

5. What features would you want to see in this product/service?

6. About you (please circle answers that apply) Sex: Age group: Your location: Male female 20 – 30 31 - 45 46 -60 Over 60

Under 20

Thank you for taking the time to help. Regards

{sign here} {Your business name here}

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