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					Make Money with Adsense (step by step guide)

Step One: Find A Niche (If you want to use one of those websites you just downloaded, skip to step 3)

First you need to find niches where there is some traffic. You should use the usual tools, such as the overture inventory keyword data miner, to conduct research on how many searches are done for certain key phrases (look for sites with at least 1000 searches per month). Don’t aim for keywords and topics that are highly competitive, look for low competition with *some* traffic. Take for example Jonathan Wold’s Sump Pumps Information niche. How random is that! Do you even know what a Sump Pump is? I don’t, but he suspects enough people are searching for sump pump information online and he only needs a handful of them to click his ads per day. The key is to find topics that people search for and advertisers use Pay-Per-Click marketing and other online advertising methods to sell to these people. Your niche content site helps to bring these two groups together and you take your middle man fee, with the help of the search engines for traffic and advertising programs for a monetization system. Always be certain there are monetization possibilities before starting a niche content site otherwise you will be wasting your time. Look for AdWord campaigns by doing Google searches for the niche you are considering - if you see several ads down the right column that target the niche then you know advertisers are paying to reach these markets. To be really thorough, log into AdWords and set some test campaigns up and see what the bid prices are for your keyword research subjects. If the prices are reasonable then there probably is some competition for those keyphrases from advertisers running AdWord campaigns.

Step Two: Scan For Competition
Once you find a few niches you think have potential search those keyphrases and see what results show up. If the natural search result sites that turn up are badly optimized (look for low PageRank, poor title keyphrases and heading tag keyphrases) and you are confident that a site with well optimized content would quickly jump to the top of the rankings and by quickly I mean about 3-6 months (remember the Google Sandbox is going to impact how quickly you get high rankings) then you might have your first candidate for a niche content site.

Step Three: Buy a domain and host your site
Buy a domain name and host your site through a professional hosting company. There are hundreds available. I highly recommend the webhost Hostgator . I have one of my niche websites hosted on Hostgator and it has been a flawless experience with them. I have had absolutely no down time at all with my Wordpress site hosted on Hostgator, and that is very important for me as I continue in my make money online pursuits. I need to have my sites up and running all the time. Choosing the right domain for your niche site its important because you are automatically selling your customer with the name before they enter your niche site. Imagine if you are promoting a product in the pet niche that is about dog training, wont it be good to have a domain like ? Most often people say i want a short domain name that is easily remembered but the bad news is that most of those are long gone. You should not bother yourself about how long the domain is, though i think you stick to most three words domain that conveys your site motives. Also do not worry if a domain you have in mind is gone but the .org or .net or you have to add dashes {i.e} is available you choose them too. Think ahead when choosing your domain name, remember its going to be part of your advert campaign and most of the time this flow is important because you have limited text to put in your campaign.

How To Find Content

At first thought this would probably be the hardest part of using the niche content site technique - how do you come up with content for a niche site that very likely you have next to no interest in or experience with? Now if you are not the writing type and can’t waffle on and bang out a few key pages of content yourself by utilizing what’s already available online, then you may want to try these options:

Use Private Label Rights articles (recommended) : Private Label Rights Articles (PLR) are a fantastic way to add new content to your website or blog and fill up your newsletter or autoresponder. Private label rights give you total rights to products such as software, articles and eBooks. Unlike resell rights, where you have the right to sell a product, but not change it in any way, private label rights afford you the right to change the product in any way you like and claim it for your own. In other words you can modify the product as you like. You can include links to your products or affiliate products, change or add any graphics you wish, edit or use the existing content as is and ultimately put your name on the product as the originator.

Tip: You can find 5000 more PLR articles here by just submitting your name and e-mail.

Use articles from public article repository sites such as Ezine Articles and GoArticles: Writers contribute articles to these sites that you can republish on your site as long as you keep the author’s byline intact. The downside of this is that other people also can do the same and your article won’t be original. However if your niche is small enough there won’t be that many other people out there discussing the topic (in fact you are banking on it) so if you are lucky enough to find some on-topic articles in repository sites, make use of them.

Republish Wikipedia content. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia contributed to by anyone and if you have ever used the site you know that it has entries on virtually any topic you can think of. Chances are your obscure niche content site topic will have some entries in the Wiki and under the GNU Free Documentation License you can republish the content on your site.

The Importance Of Keyword Click Through Prices

For most niche content sites AdSense and/or Chitika will be the main monetization strategy. These programs pay on a per click basis and click through prices are calculated based on advertiser demand. The golden mix is to find a niche with few well established content sites but a lot of advertisers competing to find customers. This means click through prices will be high but the market is not likely to stay untapped for long and likely a bunch of competing content sites will pop up. In fact you may never find this combination. A more likely scenario is a niche where there are high click prices because of lots of advertisers and a few well established content sites or moderate to low keyword prices but almost no competition. How you can succeed in these situations is to be better at search engine optimization than any of the other sites. If your site pulls more traffic you get more clicks. The situation you want to avoid is a niche with few advertisers so low click through prices. No matter how much traffic you get and much you dominate a niche, if there are no advertisers paying to use Google AdWords you won’t get any AdSense income or it will be 10 cents a day from the one advertiser with no competition. Bear in mind however that there are general advertisements, for example Chitika can show

cameras, computers and other electronic products that may appeal to a general audience and produce enough click throughs to make it worthwhile. This is a risky venture though since your niche is not relevant to your monetization method, the amount of income you earn will like be very random and inconsistent.

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Description: This is a start up guide for people who wants to own a adsense program for their personal use but they don't have any idea to start from where. This guide is specially written for such kind of people.