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1.1 Background Started with the growing of various disease - new disease [in] environmental world especially. Hence from that the masterpiece write this will be provided with [by] the factor - factor [of] arising out and strive - effort which can be [done/conducted] to hit air pollution problem. Therefore, we have compiled the masterpiece write this detail

1.2 Problems As for problems to discussing in the masterpiece write this the following - Any kind of factor causing this pollution [is] happened - What impact arise if air pollution happened, good to human life [of] and also creature of[is other;dissimilar - Effort [of] any kind of which must be [done/conducted] to prevent incidence air pollution and how to overcome [it]

1.3 Target This world a lot of matters which background [of] about the happening of air pollution. A lot of state - developed countries perform research to know what cause from this pollution and got that any this most because act of human being. Become, knowable that intention of masterpiece write is besides to be made a guidance also to see why this pollution happened

1.4 Method Masterpiece write this taken away from assorted [of] guidance book from each of member, others, we have a interview by resource person understanding environmental area and also look for from various media, good from media electronic and also media print. Therefore, each;every member of obliged to give report to underwriter reply masterpiece write this as complete as possible

1.5 Systematic way There are some way of / systematic way to can compile masterpiece write this that is among other things - Determining theme to [in] debate - Formulating problem to be explained and compile [it] clearly - Using words easy to understanding by reader

1.6 Usefulness A lot of problem faced [by] mortal especially the human being. They are most [do] not think what will be happened to [by] wait only wish to enjoy now. That cause, masterpiece write this made arrangements for to remind and awake human being, because that deed will conducive to disaster for our life wait


2.1. Pollution Congeniality a. Whether/What That Pollution 1. Pollution mean contamination 2. Pollution represent entry of the mortal, vitamin, energi, or the other;dissimilar

component into environment causing to change [it] environmental structure by activity [of] human being experienced process or 3. Pollution mean entry of substance pollutant in consequence of activity [of] human being [of] nature process or found in place, moment, and the amount which [do] not righteously

b. Where That Pollution reside in 1. Pollution earn us meet for example [in] land;ground, irrigate, air even voice 2. In or column place of exile [of] garbage [of] a lot of dirt / germ which can cause pollution c. What Kinds Of - Kinds Of That Pollution 1. Pollution very immeasurable once as according to situation / that pollution place [is] happened 2. Pollution [of] where according to [his/its] place [is] masing - masing for example; air pollution, pollution irrigate, pollution and land;ground pollution voice

d. What Such With Air Pollution 1. Air Pollution [is] air quality compilation come up with bothering life [of] because entry of polutan into air 2. Air pollution happened [by] if there [is] chemicals or air component addition which [his/its] attendance endanger organism

2.2 Kinds Of - Kinds Of Polutan a. Whether/What That Polutan 1. Polutan mean pencemar 2. Polutan [is] a[n Iihat vitamin / substan causing the happening of pollution

b. Why That Polutan There [is] 1. Polutan [of] the happening of if a[n dirty or impure environment caused by [his/its] a[n Iihat vitamin which can lessen the place quality 2. The happening of a[n transfer [of] [among/between] attractive force the degan Iihat vitamin

c. Any Kind Of That Polutan Air And That Darimana Polutan Come 1. compound of Brimstone come from tilery 2. Partikulat come from combustion of asbestos fibre, iron ore, and the asbestos which fall to pieces bisannya of[is in form of smoke 3. Karbondioksida Beasal from combustion of fuel and forest and also the motor vehicle smoke 4. Klorofuosokarbon ( CFC) come from leakage of gas of cooler cupboard;locker, resolvent and substance of developer [of] [at] spume plastic 5. nitrogen of Oxide come from process of combustion and forming of smoke fog of chemical fito 6. Hydrogen of Carbon come from machine of car and penyedot air 7. Pengoksida come from nitrogen of oxide and hydrocarbon from car. Contok Pengoksida [is] pereaksi asetit nitrate

d. [Which/Such] endangering [among/between] CO and CO2 and why - What most endanger [is] CO carbon monoxide or [of] because CO represent result from imperfect combustion [is] which is if sucked will be more reaktif bound by haemoglobin so that the oxygen insuffiency somebody

2.3 Arising Out Impact a. What affect or effect [of] [of] if continuous pollution increase a. What affect or effect [of] [of] if continuous pollution increase 1. At human being activity, human being always fulfill [his/its] life requirement variously which can alter environmental condition and affect negativity that is in the form of annoying of environmental balance 2. Organism live to need specific environment biotic and abiotik. If environment [of] about impure nya, will generate trouble

b. Mentioning polutan and effect [of] which generating of from air pollution 1. compound of Brimstone result metal rustiness., rock decay, disease bronchitis, and other;dissimilar - other;dissimilar 2. Partikulat result asbestosis, disease paru - paru and cancer 3. Carbon of Dioxide result change of climate and generate " Glasshouse effect" marked gone uply it[him] the air temperature

4. Klorofluorokarbon ( CFC) result the happening of attenuating of coat of ozone which also can cause to go up nya of temperature of earth air 5. Nitrogen of Oxide result sour rain because can dissolve acid [of] [at] object - object and earn merontokan leaf - tree leaf 6. Hydrocarbon result forming of smoke of fog fitokimia 7. Pengoksidasi result to destroy nya of agricultural produce and human being health

c. What such with glasshouse effects of Glasshouse that is tertahannya of sunlight from earth to atmosfir by polutan CO2 so that menaikan of earth temperature 2.4 Strive that do it. a. How to overcome carbon monoxide ( CO) 1. A lot of way of to overcome CO that is - Each;Every factory have to own high smokestack - Walke - road;street have to be widened to avoid from jam - Garbage - garbage recycle by photosynthesis - Always take care of machine kendaraan 2. Forest [of] a lot of very important greenery [of] [his/its] role for life but the human being often cut away [it] wildly. Therefore, we shall multiply protector plant cultivation b. What [is] role [of] human being in environment 1. Human being represent the part of [his/its] intention environment [is] human being determining kulaitas from [at] environment. For that, needed [by] a human being - conscious human being [of] environment 2. Human being created [by] God to dwell earth. However, human being is not anything from environment. Therefore, esteeming environment mean to esteem ownself 3. Human being as member from environment which must execute obligation in taking care of permanence, natural beauty and stability. Because matter [of] this means taking care of the continuity of human life

CHAPTER III COVER/CONCLUSION 3.1 Conclusion So much problem faced [by] mortal. But there's only one very dangerous problems for life namely the pollution. Pollution represent Iihat vitamin spreading - dangerous Iihat vitamin and defile air, irrigate or land;ground

One of example [of] defiling air [is] dioxide carbon ( CO2), Karmon Monoksida ( CO) And Klorofluorokarbon ( Very dangerous CFC) from polutan - other polutan. From third the polutan there [is] hard single most [his/its] impact namely carbon monoxide This Polutan represent result of imperfect combustion [is] which is if permeated will be more reaktif bound by haemoglobin so that somebody of insuffiency of oxygen will and cause death. Therefore, we have to care [at] environment by going by the book environmental regulation and the environmental ethics

3.2 Suggestion Contamination of Air [in] town - metropolis progressively marak [of] and surely public road smoke - smoke of kendaraan becoming fly. Non just public road but near by factory - factory resulting pollution of patient air progressively. As for solution we which must [do/conduct] for the shake of lessening this pollution shall be as follows a. Chosening industrial location afar off from surface [of] [at] unproductive farm b. Equiping smokestack of factory by means of ... the air-strainer and also heighten the flue c. Cultivating forest - hairless forest with plant - protector plant d. Take care of machine - machine kendaraan e.Take care of object - object easy to rust irony, steel and other;dissimilar other;dissimilar


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