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Interior Ad Rates
Full Back Page Full Interior Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1x $5,000 $3,500 $2,000 $1,620 4x $4,625 $3,238 $1,850 $1,499 8x $4,250 $2,975 $1,700 $1,377 Payment must be received by CbAbC prior to delivery deadline.

Member Rates/Discounts
a) CbAbC Membership rates apply only to those firms or companies with 50% or greater active CbAbC membership amongst their Lawyers. Member Firms receive 50% discount off all advertising with the exception of interior Ads.

Full Page Interior Ad Mechanical Specs
Size (final): 8.25” x 10.75” Size (with bleed): 9.25” x 11.75” Size (type safety): 7.25” x 9.75” Colour: Convert all images to CMYK Color Format: EPS Fonts: must be outlined Deadline: Classified/Display

Copy of Contract Regulations

a) All advertising copy subject to approval of the publishers. b) Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content (including text, representation and illustrations) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising there against the publishers.

Classified Rates
$50 per line

Other contract conditions

Insert Rates
ArEA Lower Mainland Vancouver Island Interior All of BC DiStribution 7,900 1,550 1,050 10,500 CoSt $1900 $350 $250 $2,500

Insert Proceedure
Advertisers are responsible for both the printing and delivery of inserts to the mailing house. **Deliver inserts to: Coast Mailing House c/o Bill MacDonnell 1305 E 66th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5X 4K9 Tel: (604) 322-6544

a) this rate applies exclusively to the regular business announcements of the advertiser, advertisements inserted for other concerns will be charged at card rates for space used. b) Advertiser and advertising agency agree that BarTalk shall be under no liability for their failure, for any cause, to insert any ad. c) Production charges apply for material not to specification, or for alterations. d) Verbal agreements are not recognized. e) rates are subject to change without notice. f) Publishers are not bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise appearing on contract or copy instructions when such conflict with policies covered by this rate card. g) Publishers shall be entitled to payment as herein provided, upon their having completed the printing of the advertising and having taken reasonable steps to see that the publication will be distributed.

2010 BarTalk Closing Dates
ISSUE February April June August october December CLASSIFIED/DISPLAY January 8 March 5 May 7 July 2 September 3 november 5 INSERTS approval delivery** January 14 January 20 March 11 March 17 May 13 May 19 July 8 July 14 September 9 September 15 november 14 november 17 DISTRIBUTION February 5 April 1 June 4 July 30 october 1 December 3
Revision JT_15/12/2009

onLinE oPPortunitiES
BarTalk Digital Sponsorship
$1,000 per issue 940 x 120 pixel banner ad (banner is limited to 1 advertiser per issue)

Online Classifieds
$100 for up to 150 words for one month $50 for each additional 100 words

News and Jobs Email Sponsorship
$1,000 per email - 6,000+ recipients

News and Jobs Email Career Ads
Per insertion $600

News and Jobs Terms and Procedure
1. Acceptance of advertising is subject to space availability upon receipt of payment. 2. Advertisers will provide CbAbC with a one page document detailing the position they wish to advertise; this document will be posted on our servers and linked to in the “news and Jobs” email. 2.1. up to two posts may be advertised per firm provided they are both described on the same single page document. 3. For each position advertised the name of Company, Location of Post and name of Post will be stated directly on the “news and Jobs” email, and linked to the one page description of the post. it is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify CbAbC if they do not wish have the Company name, Location of Post or name of Post stated on the “news and Jobs” email. 4. the deadline for submitting “news and Jobs” email advertising is 5 pm on the Monday of each week. 5. CbAbC does not guarantee that the news and Jobs email will be sent out every week.

Revision JT_15/12/2009

AD orDEr ForM
Print BarTalk Interior Ads
1x Full Back Page 	 $5,000 Full Interior Page 	 $3,500 1/2 Page 	 $2,000 1/3 Page 	 $1,620 4x 	 $4,625 	 $3,238 	 $1,850 	 $1,499 8x 	 $4,250 	 $2,975 	 $1,700 	 $1,377  2 months - $1,000

Online BarTalk Digital Sponsorship Online Classifieds (Free for Member Firms)
	 1 month - 150 words - $100 (each further 50 words is $50)  Link to your website - $50

	 $50 per line

News and Jobs Email Sponsorship
$1,000 per email

    x __ __ __ __ Lower Mainland Vancouver Island Interior All of BC $1900 $350 $250 $2,500

News and Jobs Email
   1 distribution - $600 1 month on website - $100 Ad Laid out with Logo - $250

Basic Design Service
Subtotal: __________ Discount: __________ GSt (5%): _________ total: _____________

• CbAbC Membership rates apply only to those firms or companies with 50% or greater active CbAbC membership amongst their Lawyers. (online Classifieds FrEE for member firms)

Firm/Organization: _____________________________ Address: Tel: Email Address: BarTalk Edition:

o Member Firm (min 50% CBA Members)
__________________________________________ Fax: _______________________________________ Contact: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________________________






Please invoice (BarTalk Inserts Only) Expiry date: _________________

Credit card number: ______________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________

Fax or Mail Filled Out and Signed Form to the Attention of: Jesse Tarbotton 10th Floor, 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 5T3 tel: 604.687.3404 | toll free: 1.888.687.3404 | fax: 604.669.9601 | toll free fax: 1.877.669.9601 | ads@bccba.org

Revision JT_15/12/2009

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