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					Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Solar Energy

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 Accounts for more than 25% of Energy Use  Contribute to serious environmental problems  High rise in demand for new constructions
 Construction Sector is growing at 30%  Rapid Urbanization
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Power consumption in Residential Buildings

Others 10%

Refrigerator 13% TV 4%

Lighting 28%

Fans 34%

Airconditioning 7%
15 June 2009

EV Cooler 4%

Energy demand In Buildings Heating

Cooling Ventilation
15 June 2009 4

Lighting in Buildings
 Indoor Areas – Rooms, Halls, Lobbies, etc  Outdoor Area – Cellar, Parking area, Corridors, Garden lights etc  Street Lights

15 June 2009


Energy Efficiency- A better choice
 Efficiency is not conservation or deprivation – It is getting what we want and paying less  Efficiency saves consumers and business money on their energy bills, reduces global warming & pollution
 Efficiency is better and faster than building power plants to meet the growing power demand
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What could be the B.E.S.T solution??
B etter E nergy S olution T oday

15 June 2009


BEST Solution….
Solar Power
Solar photovoltaic system
• Converts sunlight into electricity. • Silicon based technology.

Solar Water heater
• Technology to heat water • Cost effective solution.

15 June 2009


Why to go for Solar?
Threat of global climate change Reliable and Sustainable energy supply Energy security Lack of availability of sufficient conventional energy Increasing cost of conventional energy
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Benefits of Solar Energy
 Dedicated, clean and safe power source  Minimal maintenance  Long functional life  Reduces the electricity bill  Increases property value  Silent Operation

15 June 2009


Energy Efficient Solar Buildings
 Design of energy efficient solar buildings depends on climate, solar path and intensity, humidity, wind flow, and ambient temperature of a particular place  Can save over 30 to 40% of electricity used for lighting, ventilation.  Provides comfortable and energy secured living conditions both in summer and winter

15 June 2009


Solar Photovoltaic System
 Photovoltaic cells are devices that generate electricity directly from sun light
 Solar PV systems can be stand-alone (With batteries) or Grid Connected  Solar is an ideal solution for lightning and can be designed for any capacity because of its modular nature.  Low maintenance – No moving parts
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How PV system works…

15 June 2009


Our System Solutions….

15 June 2009


Building Integrated Photovoltaic
 Integrates Solar PV into traditional building materials.

 Allows natural daylight to pass through
 Adds aesthetic value providing both shelter and power at a time

15 June 2009


Offsets cost of traditional building material Allows natural day light to pass through Load & Support Structures not required
15 June 2009 16

Solar Power Packs
 It can power Lights, Fans, TV’s, Computers and other electronic devices  Customized design solutions to meet the exact requirement of individuals
 Can effectively replace small generators which runs on fuel and cause noise and pollution.
15 June 2009 17

Sample Calculation
 System Life : 25 years  Operating Cost : Nil  Maintenance cost : Minimal  Simple Installation  No recurring fuel cost
Solar Array Size System Designed Loads Usage / day Total Energy / day Total Energy / annum Electricity Cost per unit Annual Saving 1 KWp 600 Watts 5 hrs 3 Kwh 1095 Kwh Rs 5.5 Rs 6,022

15 June 2009


Solar Street Lighting System
 Independent Stand-alone Systems  LED / CFL

 Autonomy for “No sunshine days”
 Automatic dusk to dawn operation  Rugged design  Can be customized based upon the requirements

15 June 2009


Solar Water Heating System
 It is a device that uses heat energy of the sun to provide hot water for various applications
 Chemical & Fertilizers  Pharmaceuticals  Textiles

 Dairies
 Apartments  Breweries

 Hospitals
15 June 2009 20

Solar Water Heater vs. Electric Geyser
 A 100 LPD Solar Water Heater can replace 2 Kw electric geyser
Electric Geyser Load 2Kw 2 hrs 100 Lts 4 Kwh

 Min Maintenance – Max Returns Operation / day
 No Running Cost
Hot water produced Energy used / day

 Safe & Simple to use
 Long life span – 20 yrs

Energy used / annum 1460 Kwh Electricity Cost / unit Annual Savings Rs 5.5 Rs 8,030

Pay back
15 June 2009

3 to 4 years

LED Lighting Solutions…
 Global energy crisis requires new solutions  LED technology – Efficient enough to drive real benefits in lighting  LED lighting has wide range of applications and huge energy savings

 LED’s are unique in their ability to instantly convert
electricity into visible light with low energy loss from

15 June 2009 22

LED Lighting Solutions
 Low power consumption
 Pollution free

 Long Life – more than 50,000 hrs
 Can be dimmed easily

 Low heat radiation
 Maintenance free
15 June 2009 23

Perfect Combo….

LED Solar

Perfect combination to enhance both power and efficiency

15 June 2009


Solar LED products...
 LED Torch lights
 Solar Lanterns  Solar Home Lighting Systems  Solar Outdoor lighting systems  Solar Street Lighting systems

15 June 2009


Other products
 Solar Home Systems  Solar Power back up systems  Solar LED Signage system  Solar Fencing  Solar Water pumping system  Solar Lanterns (LED/ CFL)  Solar Hybrid systems  Customized solutions for Telecom, Banks, Internet Kiosks, Health centers etc
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Our Services…
System Design Expertise in designing and specifying most suitable system matching clients requirements

Project Implementation Installation, Testing, Commissioning of entire system Maintenance & Service Training on installed systems and their operations as well as maintenance procedures

15 June 2009


Minimum Energy Efficiency standards for design and construction of Buildings

Applicable to the buildings with a Connected Load of 500kW

NanoBright systems are right solution to meet the standards

15 June 2009


ECBC increases awareness in efficient use of energy in Buildings

Applicable to the building Product & appliances Manufacturers in addition to architects and engineers

NanoBright Solar has awareness and committed to contribute in Energy Efficiency

15 June 2009


Benefits of ECBC

Nation wide mandatory enforcement of ECBC could yield a minimum electricity saving of 1.7 Billion kWh yearly It reduces CO2 (GHG) emission by one lakh tones.

15 June 2009


Energy modesty in Lighting

Energy efficient Technologies and appliances are required to achieve the same
Need Felt to Develop LED lighting system For Buildings

LED coupled with Solar – most energy efficient solution

15 June 2009


Solution Provider…
Nano Bright solar Provides Solutions for meeting requirements of ECBC

15 June 2009


About Us
 NanoBright Solar is a focused solar power system integrator
company.  Provides annual maintenance, repairs and also takes care of

related warranty services.
 Company managed by industry veterans.  Engineering advisors with 30 to 40 years solar industry experience.  One stop shop for all solar energy needs

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