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Rates Booklet


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									Gladstone Regional Council

Rates Booklet


Gladstone Regional Council’s 2009/2010 Budget focuses on the development of key infrastructure projects and the creation of jobs across our region.

Introduction ........................................................ Message from the Mayor .................................... 2009-2010 Budget at a Glance ........................... Your Councillors .................................................. Income and Expenditure ...................................... Capital Works ..................................................... Amalgamation Costs ........................................... Roadworks ......................................................... What does Council provide for my rates? ............ 2009-2010 Rates and Charges ............................ Page 3 Page 4-5 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11

Category descriptions ......................................... Page 11-13 Water Rates and Charges .................................... Page 13-14 Sewerage Charges .............................................. Water Usage ....................................................... Cleansing Utility Charges ...................................... Fire Levies .......................................................... The Rate Cap ....................................................... Discounts ........................................................... Payment Options ................................................ Selling Property or Change of Address ................ Page 14 Page 15 Page 15 Page 16 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19

Pensioner Rebates .............................................. Page 16-17

Overdue rates ..................................................... Page 18-19 How to object to a Category ................................ Page 20-23


Gladstone Regional Council

This booklet is designed to assist ratepayers to better understand the rating system of Local Government and how Council utilises funds raised by rating to provide infrastructure and services. In this booklet you will find information such as general rates, cleansing charges, sewerage charges and also an explanation about how you might go about seeking a review of your rate category. Council has endeavoured to provide you with as much information as possible, but if you require further information, please contact your nearest Council office. Contact details for the offices located across the region are shown on the back cover of this booklet.

Curtis Island Raglan Ambrose Targinnie Yarwun Calliope Mt Larcom South End Gladstone Boyne Island Tannum Sands Benaraby Turkey Beach Seventeen Seventy Agnes Water

Bororen Nagoorin Ubobo Builyan Many Peaks Rosedale Miriam Vale

Baffle Creek Lowmead

Rules Beach

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


A Message from your Mayor
I am pleased to have been able to present a balanced Budget on June 30, especially at a time when both the Federal and State Governments have adopted deficit budgets for the ensuing year. I am especially proud that Council has been able to limit increases in most rates and charges for 2009/2010 to the Local Government Cost Index, which was 5.3% for the past year. This has been achieved at a time when significant external forces are impacting on Council and the economy, in general. These include: •	 The abolition of the State Road and Drainage Grants amounting to $357,000 from the 1st July 2009. •	 Council is a major consumer of electricity (eg. street lighting, water pumping, sewerage treatment) and these will rise by 16% or $238,000. •	 Council has a large fleet of major plant and vehicles. Fuel costs have risen by 8.3c per litre as a result of the withdrawal of the State fuel subsidy. This will add $130,000 to Council’s fuel bill this financial year. •	 Council vehicle registrations will rise by 20% or $34,000. •	 Amalgamation costs of $10.67m will have to be funded by the ratepayer as it appears that no State Government funding will be forthcoming. •	 No commitment by either the State or Federal Government to fund the $65m Gladstone airport upgrade. In the year ahead, Council will contribute to the creation of jobs in the region. The $65m Gladstone Airport project will provide 75 jobs for the 18 month duration of the project. The $43m Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy Integrated Water Project will generate a similar number of jobs in the southern part of our region. The Federally funded $25.3m Kirkwood Road project will also make a significant positive employment impact. Other major commitments in this Budget include: •	 $1.1m towards the development of an integrated planning scheme covering the whole region; •	 $12.4m for maintenance of the road network including gravel re-sheeting and bitumen reseals; and •	 $12.5m for capital roadworks. This excludes the $25.3m upgrade to Kirkwood Road. - continued 4 Gladstone Regional Council

-continued from page 4 Most fees and charges have been increased by 5%. Generally speaking, existing programs and services have been maintained. The integration of systems and processes brought about by the amalgamations in March 2008 are far from complete. Progress continues to be made in this area to ensure that Council services and programs are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Features of the fiscally responsible Budget include: •	 An average increase of 5.3% for most categories of general rating. Existing rate caps are being maintained at current levels; •	 An average 6.7% increase in the total residential rate bill which includes service charges; •	 Revenue of $139m; •	 General expenses of $111m and Capital expenditure of $165m, giving a total expenditure of $276m. This compares to total budgeted expenditure of $242m in 08/09; •	 Loan borrowings of $71m to fund capital expenditure. The Gladstone Airport project accounts for $44m of this figure; •	 A general fund balance of $19.6m and reserve funds of $44.0m; and •	 A total asset base of $1.1b.

Your Mayor,

George Creed
2009-2010 Budget at a Glance
Balanced budget Major developments to create jobs for up to 18 months An increase of 5.3% for most categories of general rating Existing rate caps are being maintained at current levels An average 6.7% increase in the total residential rate bill which includes service charges Revenue of $139 million General expenses of $111m and Capital expenditure of $165 million, giving a total expenditure of $276 million Loan borrowings of $71 million to fund capital expenditure. The Gladstone Airport project accounts for $44 million of the capital expenditure figure A general fund balance of $19.6 million and reserve funds of $44.0 million A total asset base of $1.1 billion Rates Booklet 2009-2010 5

Your Councillors

Phone (07) 4973 8694 Mobile 0448 882 609 MaxineB@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Maxine Brushe

Council Chambers (07) 4970 0712 Mobile 0437 086 401 MattB@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Matt Burnett

Phone (07) 4975 7198 Mobile 0448 882 917 CraigB@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Craig Butler

Phone (07) 4975 6106 Mobile 0448 884 190 ClydeC@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Clyde Cameron

Phone (07) 4979 1275 Mobile 0448 883 961 ColinC@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Col Chapman

Phone (07) 4978 6317 Mobile 0448 885 047 RichardH@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Rick Hansen

Phone (07) 4975 6846 Mobile 0428 757 858 LynP@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Cr Lyn Paton

Cr Gail Sellers - DEPUTY MAYOR
Phone (07) 4972 5182 Mobile 0448 883 134 GailS@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au


Gladstone Regional Council

Where are the funds coming from?
Operating Grants & Contributions 3% Contract Works Other 2% Income 1% Transfer From Reserves 12% Interest 2% Capital Grants & Contributions 20%

Loans 28%

Fees & Charges 5%

General Rates & Service Charges 27%

Where the funds are going to?
Environmental Operations 1% Development & Building Control 2% Waste Management 3% Parks & Open Space 6% Roads & Drainage Network 14% Debt Repayments 2% Community Services 5% Sewerage 13%

Transfer to Reserves 5% Corporate (incl Fleet) 13%

Airpor t Operations & Development 16%

Water 20%

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


Capital Works
Upgrade to Gladstone Airport Seventeen Seventy/Agnes Water Integrated Water Project Planned upgrading works to existing water and sewerage networks to meet the growth demands of the region Smaller roadworks, footpaths and drainage works Kirkwood Road Stage 3 Routine road rehabilitation and reseal program throughout the region Calliope Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade Agnes Water Community Centre Gladstone Entertainment Centre Marley Brown Oval carpark and light replacement $44m $41.5m $28m $12.5m $15m $3.9m $4.5m $3.3m $1.0m $0.6m

Amalgamation Costs
Council has specifically identified $10.3 million in capital costs directly associated with the amalgamation of the three former Councils and the Gladstone Calliope Aerodrome Board, with $5.3 million of works to be finalised in 2009-10. Council has decided that the fairest way is to amortise these “one off” costs by borrowing the required funds over the next 20 years. This will reduce the impact on the annual budget to about $911,000 per annum for the term of the loan. Projects include: Information Technology - Completion of hardware/ $0.811m software integration Integration of water and sewerage telemetry $1.37m systems Development of a new planning scheme for the $0.5m region Corporate building refurbishment (109 Goondoon $1.04m Street, Gladstone) and carpark construction Depot improvements (Calliope and Gladstone) Civic Centre Security Upgrade 8 $1.085m $0.2m Gladstone Regional Council

Projects totalling $31.35 million. These projects include the following: Kirkwood Road Stage 3 Bitumen Reseals and Asphalt Resurfacing Glenlyon Road Stage 1 (Moura Line Overpass) Blackman Gap Road (Colosseum Creek Causeway) Blain Drive (widen seal) Glenlyon Road - Ferris Street to Derby Street Rehabilitation Don Young Drive ashpalt (Dawson Highway to Col Brown Avenue) Round Hill Road (Captain Creek) Rosedale Rail Overpass Mt Larcom/Bracewell Road widening Dougall Street, Miriam Vale $15.0m $3.86m $0.45m $0.42m $0.74m $0.36m $0.30m $0.25m $0.33m $0.75m $0.20m

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


What does Council provide for my rates?
This is a question frequently asked by ratepayers throughout Australia. There is a perception by many ratepayers that rates are a fee for service and that the rate paid should be reflective of the level and type of service available to them. Local government rates are not a fee for service but are a tax based on the unimproved value of your land. However, Council is mindful of the community’s perception and has taken equity into account when developing its rating methodology. Revenue must be raised from the local community to meet the costs of providing services, facilities and activities. In some cases, Council is able to levy fees and charges on a user pays basis, and is able to recover infrastructure costs from developers. Many other services are not entirely self-funding and require a subsidy from general rate revenue. These include:                Roads Stormwater/drainage services Asset management and design services Environmental health and compliance services Environmental operations Assessment and development (town planning) Building certification Parks and gardens Community events and communications Economic and community initiatives Library services Arts and cultural development Corporate administration, human resource and risk management Information management and financial services Governance and organisational development.


Gladstone Regional Council

2009-2010 RATES AND CHARGES Differential General Rates
Council will levy differential general rates in accordance with Section 963 of the Local Government Act 1993 based on the use or authorised use of land. Ten categories of differential rates will apply: Category Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5 Category 6 Category 7 Category 8 Category 9 Category 10 Category 11 Cents in the Dollar 0.98 1.86 2.57 0.98 2.57 2.57 2.57 3.85 5.12 296.57 7.12 Minimum $685.00 $685.00 $753.00 $10,004.00 $753.00 $84,556.00 $88,768.00 $753.00 $753.00 $753.00 $753.00 Cap 10% 10% 15% N/A N/A N/A N/A 15% N/A N/A N/A

The Council will utilise the provisions of Section 1036 of the Local Government Act 1993 to set a maximum percentage that some categories will increase above that levied in the previous year. Principally, the rate cap is a smoothing mechanism which will be used to reduce the impact of large valuation increases on residential, rural, small businesses and the smaller industrial land uses which have less capacity to absorb abnormal cost increases. Categories of rateable land for the purpose of the levy of differential rates are as follows: Category 1 Land with the following land uses: (a) Low density residential (b) Rural (c) Land located on any of the islands within the local government area excluding resorts. Category 2 Land which is used to house multi dwellings such as flats, duplexes, boarding houses, guest houses and strata title unit developments but excluding motels. Rates Booklet 2009-2010 11

Category 3 Land which is wholly or partly used for business or commercial purposes including motels and construction villages. Category 4 Resorts located on any of the islands within the local government area. Category 5 Drive-in shopping centres having a floor space more than 2,000m2 but less than 5,000m2. Category 6 Drive-in shopping centres having a floor space more than 5,000m2 but less than 10,000m2. Category 7 Drive-in shopping centres having a floor space more than 10,000m2. Category 8 Land with the following land uses: a) Land which is wholly or partly used for industrial purposes b) All land held under a mining lease tenure c) All land which is used for extractive industry purposes. Category 9 Land with the following land uses: a) All land which is used for a major industrial land use or in conjunction with major industry including: •	 All land within the major industry and major infrastructure zone in accordance with the Integrated Planning Act compliant Planning Scheme adopted by Gladstone City Council resolution on 29 December 2006; and •	 All land within the major industry and major infrastructure zone in accordance with the Integrated Planning Act compliant Planning Scheme adopted by Calliope Shire Council resolution on 13 April 2007; and •	 All land within the Government State Development Area (GSDA) zone in accordance with the new Integrated Planning Act compliant Planning Scheme adopted by Calliope Shire Council resolution on 13 April 2007 being used for an industrial use; b) Land upon which is located either wholly or partly an industry whose primary purpose is the generation of electricity; c) Land upon which is located either wholly or partly an industry whose primary purpose is the manufacture of aluminium oxide. Category 10 Land zoned Special Purposes upon which is located storage or handling facilities for commodities or containers shipped through the Port of Gladstone. 12 Gladstone Regional Council

Category 11 Land with bulk storage capacity greater than 1,000,000 litres of any combustible liquid and/or flammable liquid.

Water Rates and Charges
Your water levy is split into two components; a fixed cost component and a consumption component. A base charge or a fixed cost component meets the costs that are incurred independently from the use of the system. As such, this charge would apply to all connected and vacant land within the water scheme area. In addition all consumers should share the “fixed costs” of the service provision in proportion to the rate at which water may be obtained. That is in proportion to the equivalent number of base (20mm) services corresponding to the particular service size. The table below details the charges to apply to the respective meter sizes in each of Council’s water schemes for the 2009/2010 financial year. This charge will be levied annually. (a) Fixed Cost Component – Standard Service Water Service Size Lake Bororen Miriam Agnes Water/ Awoonga Raw Vale Seventeen Treated Water Treated Seventy Water Scheme Water Treated Water Scheme Scheme Scheme $238 $238 $238 $371 $609 $952 $1,488 $3,808 $5,950 $13,388 $23,800 $37,188 $53,550 $182 $182 $182 $284 N/A N/A $1,138 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $308 $308 $308 $480 $788 $1,232 $1,925 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $416 $416 $416 $649 $1,065 $1,664 $2,600 $6,656 $10,400 N/A N/A N/A N/A 13

Vacant 20mm 25mm (Domestic) 25mm (Other) 32mm 40mm 50mm 80mm 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm

Rates Booklet 2009-2010

(b) Consumption charge per kilolitre by supply type and water scheme: Scheme Lake Awoonga Treated Water Scheme Bororen Raw Water Scheme Miriam Vale Treated Water Scheme Agnes Water / Seventeen Seventy Treated Water Scheme $ per Kilolitre $0.95 $2.05 $3.36 $3.27

(c) The Beecher/Burua and Tuckers Road constant flow water system: Fixed or Access Charge Consumption Charge Flow Rate 0.4 0.7 1 1.3 $238.00 per connection $1.06 per kilolitre Charge $461.66 $628.08 $795.56 $963.04

Maximum Annual Usage 211kls 368kls 526kls 684kls

Sewerage Charges
Unit Charge Urban Sewerage Scheme - Gladstone $34.50 per unit Urban Sewerage Scheme - Boyne Island, $47.00 per unit Tannum Sands and Calliope Urban Sewerage Scheme Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy $82.20 per unit

Each type of property is allocated a “unit” classification. By way of example a residential dwelling in each of the scheme is equivalent to 10 units. A residential property in Gladstone will pay $345 for this service in 2009-2010.


Gladstone Regional Council

Water Usage
How much water we use Having a bath Having a shower Washing hands in a basin Flushing the toilet Washing up - In the kitchen sink - In the dishwasher In the washing machine - Twin Tub - Automatic Washing the car Watering the lawn - Handheld - Sprinkler How much water we waste A dripping tap A dribbling tap A faulty toilet cistern 40-80 litres per day 100-300 litres per day 80-200 litres per day 120-140 litres per bath 20-60 litres per shower 1.5-2.5 litres with plug in and 2-4 litres without plug 13 litres per flush 8-15 litres per bowl 40-70 litres per load 30-35 litres per bowl 130-180 litres per cycle 80-110 litres 650-750 litres per hour 800-1100 litres per hour

Cleansing utility charges collection of rubbish
There is be a uniform charge of $240 per annum for the two bin refuse and recycling service throughout the region. Additional services are available upon request. The charge for this service applies, even when not used. A rebate will not be allowed for periods in which the premises are unoccupied. When the Rates Section is notified of a final building or plumbing certificate for the completion of the construction of a new dwelling, Council calculates a pro rata cleansing charge from the date of completion to the end of June in the financial year.

Do I have access to a wheeled bin service?
Waste and recycling services are available to residents situated within the major haul route of the refuse vehicle. Please contact your local office to confirm the availability of a service to your property. Rates Booklet 2009-2010 15

For information on Council’s transfer stations and recentlyintroduced ‘Sort and Save’ campaign, visit Council’s website at www.gladstonerc.qld.gov.au.

 Fire Levies

Urban Fire Levies
Under the Urban Fire Levy Scheme, Local Governments have the responsibility of collecting urban fire levies on behalf of the State Government. In this way, the State Government is able to fund approximately 75% of the funding needed for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

Rural Fire Levies
A donation from the General Fund will be made to rural fire brigades as determined by Council.

 Rates will be charged yearly
Rate notices are issued annually except for water consumption charges which are issued half yearly.

 The rate cap
The rate cap is designed to buffer increases in rates due to large valuation increases. A rate cap of 10% for residential properties on the general rate means that irrespective of any large change to your valuation, your general rates will only increase by 10% from that paid in the previous year. The rate cap cannot apply in situations where a subdivision, re-survey or amalgamation of the lot has occurred.

 Pensioner Rebates
Council Subsidy
16 Council recognises the special needs of pensioners and offers Gladstone Regional Council

a remission of rates to financially assist eligible pensioners. The remission encourages pensioners to be independent and live in their own home where possible, which Council believes provides a ‘quality of life’ benefit. A remission is available to pensioners, equivalent to 50% of the general rate levied up to a maximum of $290 per annum. Council’s remission is additional to that offered by the State Government.

State Government Subsidy
The State Government grants a 20% remission on all current rates and charges up to a maximum of $180 per year. To be eligible for this subsidy, the property must be your principal place of residence and you must be the holder of: •	 A current Centrelink Queensland Pensioner Concession card; •	 A Veterans’ Affairs Gold card; or a •	 A Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession card. The cards that do not qualify for a remission are Seniors cards, Health Care cards, Health Benefit cards and Repatriation Health cards for specific conditions.

 Discounts
Discount will apply for the payment of the general rates and charges, (excluding state fire levy and water consumption for 2009-2010) as follows: •	 10% for payment within 30 days; or •	 a 5% discount if the account is paid between 31-60 days.

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


 Payment options

Can I pay in instalments?
Council understands that a rates notice can arrive at a difficult time when there are other bills to pay. This is why Council offers its ratepayers an instalment scheme. To pay your rates by instalments, simply fill in the form on the back of your rates notice and return it to your local office. Your first payment will be due on the 21st of the month following the issue of the rate notice and then on the 21st of each month in 12 equal instalments. Please remember that you cannot participate in this scheme if Council has not received your signed instalment slip. Ratepayers participating in the instalment scheme will not benefit from the discount offered to those paying within 30 or 60 days.

How do I pay?
Please refer to the back of your rates notice for payment options. Please ensure the correct payment reference number and biller code for payment of all rates and water notices, as displayed on your 2009/2020 rates or water notice as your details may have changed with the integration of financial systems.

Overdue rates
All rates are due and payable on the due date stated on the rate notice. Should rates remain unpaid after this date, they are deemed overdue and are subject to legal recovery action. 18 Gladstone Regional Council

Overdue rates will attract interest of 11% per annum, compounding daily. Interest will apply from 365 days after the issue date stated on the rate notice.

Sale of land for arrears of rates
The Queensland Local Government Act 1993 enables Council to sell land where rates have remained unpaid for in excess of three years. It is Council’s policy to conduct sale of land auctions on an annual basis.

 Have you sold your property or changed your address?
To assist in the receipt of your important mail in a timely manner, please ensure that Council is aware of your correct postal address. Change of address needs to be advised in writing. With electronic mail sorting now a prominent feature of Australia Post’s operations, it is important that the correct postal address and postcode is included on all mail. This allows Australia Post to deliver mail promptly and correctly. There can be many localities within a single postcode. Therefore, all mail needs to be addressed with the correct locality for the area as determined by the Department of Natural Resources and Water. Residents should contact the Department to confirm their correct locality.

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


How do I object to my rate category?
This section deals with your appeal rights regarding the category of differential rates in which your property has been placed. It is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993 that this be included with your rates notice.

Your Rights of Objection
You, as landowner, may object to the categorisation of your land which has been made by Council. Such objection must be in writing and signed by the landowner and be submitted to Council within thirty days of the issue of the rate notice. The sole ground upon which you may object is that having regard to the criteria as outlined above, that your land should have been included in another category. The objection must clearly state the facts and circumstances on which the objection is made. Please note that giving a notice of objection will not in the meantime affect the levy and recovery of the rates specified in the rate notice. If your objection is upheld, a rate adjustment will be made at that time. A copy of the relevant provisions of the Local Government Act are as follows:

Owner’s Objection to Categorisation
Section 984 1. An owner of rateable land categorised under Division 1 (Categorisation of Land) may object to the categorisation of the land on the sole ground that, having regard to the criteria decided by the Local Government by which rateable land is categorised, the land should have been included, as at the 20 Gladstone Regional Council

date of issue of the relevant rate notice, in another rating category. 2. The objection must be made by giving notice of the objection to the decision maker. 3. The notice of the objection must: (a) Be given within 30 days after the date of issue of the rate notice or any further period the decision maker allows; (b) Be in the form approved by the decision maker; (c) Nominate the rating category in which the owner claims the land should have been included; and (d) Specify the facts and circumstances on which the claim is based. Decision on Owner’s Objection Section 985 1. If the owner of rateable land objects to the categorisation of the land, a person authorised by the decision maker for the purpose, must: (a) Consider the categorisation of the land; and (b) Consider the facts and circumstances on which the claim is based. 2. The person may: (a) Allow the objection; or (b) Disallow the objection; or (c) Decide that the land should be included in another rating category. 3. The person must decide the objection and give written notice of the decision to the owner, within 60 days after the end of the period within which the objection had to be made. 4. The notice must include the reasons for the decision. Effect of Decision on Objections Section 986 1. Unless it is set aside on appeal, the decision on an objection to the categorisation of land has effect under this section. 2. If the decision allows the objection, the land is taken to be included for the period for which the relevant rate notice is issued in the category nominated by the objector in the notice of objection. 3. If the decision disallows the objection, the land continues to be included in the category specified in the relevant rate notice. Rates Booklet 2009-2010 21

4. If the decision is that the land should be in another rating category, the land must be included in the category for the period for which the relevant rate notice is issued.

Right of Appeal Against Decision
Section 987 1. If the owner of rateable land is aggrieved by: (a) The decision on an objection to the categorisation of the land; or (b) The failure by the decision maker to allow a further period to give a notice of objection; The owner may appeal to the Land Court against the decision or failure.

Where and How to Start Appeal
Section 988 1. The appeal must be started by filing a notice of appeal in the Land Court registry. 2. The notice of appeal must: (a) Be filed within thirty days after the owner received notice of the decision or failure; and (b) Be in a form approved by the Land Court. 3. The owner must give a copy of the notice of appeal to the decision maker within seven days after the notice of appeal is filed in the Land Court registry. 4. Failure to comply with subsection (3) does not affect the making of the appeal or the jurisdiction of the Land Court to decide the appeal, but costs of any adjournment caused by the failure may be awarded against the owner of the land. 22 Gladstone Regional Council

Constitution and Procedure of Land Court
Section 989 1. When exercising jurisdiction in an appeal under this Division, the Land Court: (a) Is constituted by one member; (b) May sit in chambers; and (c) Is not bound by rules of evidence. 2. The appeal must be conducted as directed by the Land Court with a view to its prompt disposal.

Decision on Appeal by Land Court
Section 990 1. In deciding an appeal against a decision on an objection to the categorisation of land, the Land Court may: (a) Set aside the decision and decide that the land should be included in a different rating category; or (b) Disallow the appeal. 2. In deciding an appeal against a failure to allow a further period to give a notice of objection, the Land Court may: (a) Allow a further period to give the notice; or (b) Disallow the appeal. 3. If the Land Court sets aside the decision on the objection, the land is taken to be included in the category decided by the Land Court for the period for which the relevant rate notice is issued.

Levy and Recovery of Rate Unaffected by Objection or Appeal
Section 991 The making of an objection, or the starting of an appeal about the categorisation of land does not affect the levy and recovery of rates on the land.

Rates Booklet 2009-2010


Gladstone Regional Council

Rates Booklet


For more information please contact your local Council Office
101 Goondoon Street, Gladstone DC Q 4680 Ph 4970 0700 Fax 4972 3381

Gladstone Office

5 Don Cameron Drive, Calliope Q 4680 Ph 4975 8100 Fax 4975 7106

Calliope Office

36 Roe Street, Miriam Vale Q 4677 Ph 4974 6222 Fax 4974 6299

Miriam Vale Office

Or Visit Council’s Website www.gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

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