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					How to apply Online: Florida Institute of Public Safety
Tallahassee Community College Does Not Require any Type of Application Fee 1. Go to, click on “APPLY NOW”. 2. TCC Application Page for Admission. Read this important page. It explains that before completing the online admissions process, you must have several documents on hand. Click on “I Accept and Wish to Complete the Application”. Click on “Florida Public Safety Institute Programs”. Click on “Complete the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire, other Criminal Justice, or Public Safety Programs at the Florida Public Safety Institute”. Click on “Apply Now”. Notification of Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers. Now that you are ready to apply, be sure
to complete the entire application at one sitting since you are not able to save your work and come back to it.

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Read this important page. It describes TCC’s use and protection of your social security number. Upon the completion of this online application you will be assigned a unique Student Identification number. Click “Next Page”. 7. Personal Information. Provide your information as it would appear on legal documents. Fields starting with * are required. Make sure that you complete the “Sign on Information” in the right column. This will give you access to your TCC’s web services. Click “Next Page”. 8. Address and Mailing Information. Type in your information. Fields starting with * are required. Your email address will not be stored in the TCC student records system. It will be used to send you a confirmation message about your online admission application. All future communications from the College will be sent to your TCC email account. Click “Next Page”. 9. Program of Study. Under “Post Secondary Adult Vocational Programs”, click on your “program of study”. Click “Next Page”. 10. Residency Classification. Read this page very carefully. Your tuition fees will be based on whether you are a non-resident or resident of the state of Florida. Residents must have established legal residence in Florida for more than 12 months. Click on the “Non-Resident circle” if you are not a resident of the state of Florida and enter the state of your residence. If over 23 years of age, most Florida residents click the first circle (I am an independent person and have ………). It may also be checked if you are under 24 years of age. If checked and under 24, you must provide a copy of your tax return. Most Florida residents under 24 years of age will click the second circle (I am a dependent person and my parent or legal guardian has maintained legal residence in Florida for at least 12 months). Read the remaining selections to see if any would apply to you instead. Click on the “County of Residence” and select your county. Read the Residency Disclaimer and click on “I Agree To The Above”. 11. Claimant Information For tuition purposes, the claimant is the person who is claiming Florida residence. This is very important and must be completed. Most students over 23 years of age are the claimant and will submit their own information. Most students under 24 years of age use a parent or legal guardian as the claimant and submit the parent or guardian information. Type in the claimant’s personal information (student if over 23, parent/guardian if under 24). Type two of the following three Florida resident document information:

Claimant’s Voter Registration Information Claimant’s Driver License Information – use the original issue date Claimant’s Vehicle Tag Information – use the issue date of the original tag Click “Next Page”. 12. High School Education If you obtained a G. E. D., click “General Equivalency Diploma”. Type the date of your G. E. D. test completion and click “Next Page”. If you have received a high school diploma, click “Standard High School Diploma” and type the date of your high school graduation. Identify your Florida High School by selecting it from the list provided and click “Add High School”. If you graduated from high school in another state, press the “New State” button. Select your state and click the “Search” Button. Identify your high school by selecting from the list provided and click “Add High School”. If your school is not listed, check “My High School Is Not Listed” and type the name of your high school in the box provided. Click “Next Page”. 13. Prior College & University Education If you have not attended college, click “I have never attended college”. If you attended a Florida college, highlight the college from the list provided and click “Add This College”. For other states click the “New State” button, click on the “state”, and click “Search”. Click on your college and click “Add This College”. If your college is not listed, click on “My College is not Listed” and type the name of your college in the box provided. Click “Next Page”. 14. Discipline Answer the questions listed. Click “Next Page”. 15. Application For Admission (Summary Page) Review your information and make any corrections, if necessary. The “Prev page” button will allow you to go back and make corrections. After you submit your application, do not log off. You will receive important information regarding the status of your application to Tallahassee Community College. Once you are ready to submit the application, click “I Agree To The Above”. 16. Certifying information Read and agree to the statement. Click “Submit Application” 17. Submit Application 18. Your Application Has Been Received. It is extremely important for you to print out this page or write down the information and keep for your records. It includes your; new assigned Tallahassee Community College Student ID number, Tallahassee Community College email address and instructions on how to sign on to the Tallahassee Community College Passport once your email account is active.