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4951 W Barry Ave


									4951 W Barry Ave



Assessed Valuation
2009 First Pass Assessment 2008

Board of Review Certified
6,824 35,729 42,553

Land Assessed Value Building Assessed Value Total Assessed Value

6,125 38,196 44,321

Property Characteristics
Estimated 2009 Market Value
The market value of your property was revised due to the 10/25 ordinance. This revision will not affect your assessed value or your total taxes due. To learn more about the new 10/25 provision click here. 443,210

Estimated 2008 Market Value Description
Residence Type Use Apartments Exterior Construction Full Baths Half Baths Basement Attic

265,956 Two to Six Apartments, Over 62 Years Two Story Multi Family Two Masonry 2 0 Full and Unfinished None

Central Air Number of Fireplaces Garage Size/Type Age: Land Square Footage Building Square Footage Assessment Pass

No 0 None 92 4,375 2,738 First Pass

2008 Tax Year Information - Payable in 2009
Tax Year: 2008 Tax Type: Current Tax Volume: 358 PCL: 2-11

Property Location
4951 W BARRY AVE CHICAGO, IL 60641-5105 (To update contact the Cook County Assessor's Office at 312-443-7550.)

Mailing Information
CARMEN L BERRIOS 4951 W BARRY AV CHICAGO, IL 60641-5105 To update your mailing information click here. To request a duplicate tax bill click here.

Exemption Information
Homeowner Exemption Received: YES Senior Citizen Exemption NO Received: Senior Freeze Exemption NO Received: If you are entitled to an exemption you did not receive, click here. To check if you received exemptions on previous tax years, click here.

Tax Payment Information
Installment 1st 2nd Balance Due: Tax Amount Billed $2,374.45 $2,770.80 Tax Due Date 03/03/2009 12/01/2009 Last Payment Received $2,374.45 $2,770.80 Date Received 02/25/09 11/25/09


The balance due, including any penalty, is as of: 1/4/2010 Payments processed are posted through: 12/31/2009

Total Taxes Paid: $5,145.25

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