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					Adult online High School Resources: http://www.nyadulted.org/distance.htm http://www.jhgroves.homestead.com/ http://www.matc.edu/ http://www.mindquest.org/ Toward a First Class Second Chance: http://www.state.ct.us/sde/adult/plan2000.pdf Standards: http://www.gse.harvard.edu/~ncsall/fob/1999/regiestites.html NCAL: http://literacy.org/ncal.html Kentucky Virtual High School http://www.kvhs.org/ Michigan Virtual High School http://www.mivhs.com/ Kentucky Virtual Adult High School http://www.kyvae.org/ Basic skills Plato – GED prep, ESL, college prep Workplace

Online High School Programs 1) New York State External Diploma Program: http://www.nyadulted.org/distance.htm a) Applied performance, competency based, and assessment program that credentials skilled adults that have received their high school level abilities through their life experiences. b) Expects adults to demonstrate their high school level abilities in a series of simulations that parallel job and life situations. c) Students are evaluated against established criteria of performance instead of by comparison with others. d) An electronic version of the EDP program is in development for release in 2002. 2) James H. Groves Adult High School On-Line: http://www.jhgroves.homestead.com/ a) Diploma at a Distance (DAAD) is a high school program that offers students an independent and flexible means of completing high school course work. b) DAAD courses are delivered via the Internet; students are only required to attend an orientation session and proctored exams in person. c) To be eligible for enrollment students must have a computer with a modem connection and must be subscribed to an Internet provider. d) Students must demonstrate the ability to use email, an internet search engine, and be able to create Word documents.

e) Prior to taking classes students must attend an orientation session which includes the use of technology. 3) Milwaukee Area Technical College: http://www.matc.edu/ a) MATC's Adult High School provides an opportunity for high school non-completers to resume their secondary education and receive a high school diploma from a school accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. b) The Adult High School also offers other alternative ways through which students can obtain their high school diploma. Chief among these ways is the Online Diploma Program. Students take courses on the Internet to complete their requirements for a diploma. There are presently 32 courses online with five more under development. c) Provides Adult High School Guidance Counseling and Advising for on-line learning. d) Provides On-Line Class Orientation, which includes: working with email, using World Wide Web, using Microsoft word and using Blackboard (Bb). 4) Mindquest: http://www.mindquest.org/ a) Mindquest is a program of South Hennepin Adult Programs in Education (SHAPE), an adult education consortium of four cities, which has offered high school diploma classes to thousands of students in the past 20 years. b) Mindquest offers: i) Customized courses developed for online education ii) Interactive teaching and learning with strong teacher and counselor support iii) Portfolio-based learning and assessment iv) Opportunities to complete high school from home through the Internet

5) Kentucky Virtual Adult High School: http://www.kyvae.org/ a) The mission of the KYVAE site is to provide adult learner and instructor access to literacy information, curriculum, resources and services in an easy-to use and motivational format.
b) On line GED prep course is offered on-line using PLATO. Courses.

6) Indiana University- School of Continuing Studies: http://www.indiana.edu/~scs/hs/hs.html a) Indiana University High School (IUHS) is a high school diploma program that students can complete entirely through distance education. b) Can not complete diploma entirely on line, mostly correspondence courses. 7) Florida Virtual High School: http://www.flvs.net/ a) Developed on-line GED preparations course. b) FVHS staff provides training and mentoring for GED instructors c) Students work at their own pace through courses in math, writing, literature, social studies and science. 8) Compuhigh Online School: http://www.compuhigh.com/ a) CompuHigh provides year round high school courses, issues transcripts and diplomas accepted by universities and colleges.

b) c) d) e) f) g)

All course material is online. Each course has a mentor (teacher) to help students with the course material. Mentors will respond to students postings within a 48 hour time period. CompuHigh courses are project-based; not test- based. CompuHigh is the online division of Clonlara School, a fully accredited private school. Adult education program combines previous high school credits, life experience credits and online course.

9) Keystone National High School: http://www.keystonehighschool.com/ a) Accredited highs school diploma program b) Internet based program of study (eSchool) where students can complete the diploma program and receive degree from Keystone National High School. i) Access to online library and tutorials ii) Online conferencing system used to chat with other students, professors, etc. iii) Interactive exercises and quizzes. Students can take their exam online, turn it in on line and receive feedback/grades online 10) University of Texas at Austin: http://www.utexas.edu/cee/dec/uths/index.shtml a) UT High School Diploma Program is a fully accredited program by the Texas education Agency. b) Provides over 50 courses on line. 11) Dennison Online Internet School: http://www.dennisononline.com/ a) Senior Studies Program available online. b) Consists of a six-part final exam/research project. Students answer the questions one section at a time, it is graded by an instructor and when all six parts have been completed and students has a passing grade a diploma from Dennison is awarded. 12) University of Missouri-Columbia High School: http://cdis.missouri.edu/MUHighSchool/onlinediploma.htm a) The University of Missouri-Columbia High School (MU High School) is a part of the University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study, and is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. 13) Futures International High School: http://www.internationalhigh.org/ a) Features personalized, one on one video conferencing via the Internet. b) Real-time interaction between students and teachers distinguishes them from other online institutions. c) Students log on to the Blackboard management system any time to study. 14) Choice 2000 Online High School: http://www.choice2000.org/ a) Fully accredited secondary school from grades 7-12. b) Choice 2000 is a completely online school. c) The instructional platform is interactive. d) Students attend class at a set time.

e) Lessons are presented both verbally and visually and students and teachers are able to interact directly in a virtual environment. f) In addition to meeting standard curriculum requirements students also learn advanced computer skills. 15) Brigham Young University’s High School Transcript Program: http://ce.byu.edu/is/site/index.dhtm a) This program is for students 19 years of age or older. It permits you to earn a diploma through a fully accredited, co-operating school district. Courses are offered through BYU’s online Independent Program. All required courses are listed and the catalogue is online. b) The student is able to check grades, submit assignments and request exams, etc. from this homepage. 16) University of Oklahoma Independent Learning High School http://ouilhs.ou.edu/ The University Of Oklahoma Independent Learning High School (OUILHS) provides the opportunity for teenagers and adults to earn a fully accredited high school diploma through distance learning. a) They offer over 100 courses developed and taught by experienced faculty and delivered online or through print. More than 60 freshman and sophomore college courses available for dual high school and college credit. b) There does not appear to be an option for adult learners to work separately.
school and college credit.

17) Salem Keizer Online, Salem Keizer School District http://skonline.salkeiz.k12.or.us a) SK Online is an alternative program of the Salem-Keizer School District 24-J for centrally delivering web-based curriculum. b) The program is targeted to any school-aged student, who has a need for acceleration or remediation, is credit deficient, has scheduling conflicts in a traditional school building, limited English proficiency or is home schooled. c) In addition, the online learning model accommodates students who are medically fragile, pregnant or parenting, or are in expulsion or diversion circumstances. Courses are geared to young people whose learning style is better matched to the individual, self-paced nature of online learning. 18) Alaska SeeUonline Valley Pathways School http://seeuonline.org/ a) seeUonline can meet the needs of many students who are seeking to complete high school in three years or less, or those students who prefer home schooling. These courses are also ideal for students who have scheduling conflicts, class overloads, or wish to accelerate their learning pace. The program can also accommodate students who have special medical needs requiring a home or hospital setting, students with special needs

requiring flexible programming; and students living in remote locations or facing commuting problems. b) Full-time seeUonline students, with the help of qualified staff, and the input from parents or guardians, will prepare an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).