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					MASTER ESTHETICANS PROGRAM Continued Education 24 Credits Minimum of 700 Clock Hours This Program is an in-depth and hands-on training by highly qualified instructors with years of experience in Esthetics. Supervised classes in theory and practical applications will help you develop your self-confidence and communication skills. Participation in customer service & relations is strongly emphasized along with advanced facial treatments; pharmacology advanced cosmetic ingredients, exfoliations including microdermabrasion, skin analysis, Lymph Drainage Massage, light therapy and the appropriate sanitation requirements and occupational requirements. The student must currently have an Esthetics Certificate. Goals and Objectives: this Program is designed to provide students with additional preparation for entry into the modern business of Salon, Spa and Medical Office skin care. Graduate will continue to learn new and current information related to techniques, trends, fashions and methods for career development. The graduate is aware that Continuing Education is a vital part of their professional growth and development. Objectives: Upon completion of the Program requirements, the determined graduate will be able to: 1. Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence. 2. Practice effective communication skills, visual poise, and proper grooming. 3. Have a basic understanding of doing business when pursuing a career of Esthetics either in the spa or a medical office. 4. Respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received in an employer-employee relationship. 5. Perform basic manipulative skills in the areas of advance facial & skin treatments, exfoliation including microdermabrasion, lymph drainage massage, body wraps, spa treatments, sanitation and the career opportunities in medical esthetics. 6. Perform basic analytical skills to determine proper cleansers, treatments, skin disorders, and make-up application for the client’s overall image. 7. Practice and display knowledge of Public Safety and Sanitation when handling implements, tools and equipment. 8. Apply learned theory, technical information, and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures. 50% of the student’s time is spent working in the school’s clinic, where experience is gained through actual practice on live clients 25% of the student’s time is spent working on mannequins, projects and experiments; and 25% of the student’s time is in lectures, demonstrations, and other theoretical learning efforts To ensure continued career success, the graduate will continue to learn new and current information related to skills, trends and methods for career development in Esthetics and related fields. MASTER ESTHETICIAN Basic Core Curriculum Review Exfoliation Pharmacology Holistic/Alternative Skin Care Advanced Ingredient Technology Advanced Home Care Advanced Skin Care – Ageing Skin Body Treatments Advanced Skin Care - Sensitive Skin Advanced Skin Care - Hyper pigmentation Advanced Skin Care - Acne Advanced Skin Care - Ethnic skin Advanced Medical Skin Care – Career Opportunities in the Medical Esthetics Plastic and reconstructive surgery Immunity Understanding the Lymph Drainage Massage Edema Tissues and Organs of the Lymphatic System Lymph Drainage Massage Principles Lymph Circulation Lymph Drainage Massage Session Functions of the Lymph System Face and Neck Treatment Sequence Lymph Drainage Massage Indications & Contraindications Cellulite Patient Profiles Pre & Post Operative Care Camouflage Therapy The courses and outline of this Program is a combination of the Non-repetitive units. COS24 - COS24/26D
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Program Courses: COS24 Beauty Culture Theory X 4 Credits (4 Lecture Hrs per week) Days 4 Credits (4 Lecture Hrs per week) Evenings The Master Esthetic technology lecture session’s concentrate on the advanced information necessary for students to prepare for participation in today’s Salon, Spa and Medical Offices. Basic Esthetic information will be reviewed and a number of topics will be expanded on and taken to an advanced level. Subjects include; client preparation and protection, safety, sanitation, bacteriology, hygiene, professional ethics, anatomy of the face, neck, and the lymphatic system, theory of lymphatic drainage massage, and chemical exfoliation, including pre-exfoliation consultation, post-exfoliation treatment and reactions. This course also includes the use of electric facial equipment, and the study of electricity and light therapy. Prerequisite: Must be a Certified Esthetician. COS25 Beauty Culture Lab and Clinic X - 8 Credits (24/26 Clinical Hrs per week) Days COS25A - 5 Credits (16 Lab and Clinic Hours per week) Evenings The Master Esthetic Technology lab sessions employ demonstration followed by supervised practice in the development of skills in skin services including; analysis of the skin, facial massage, facial treatments, body wraps and treatments. Emphasis will be on the lymphatic system consisting of manual massage of the full body, including the face and neck. Manual massage shall consist of 100 applications of one hour each; and lymphatic massage by other means, including but not limited to, suction assisted massage or pressure therapy equipment, shall consist of 60 applications of one hour each. Prerequisite: Must be a Certified Esthetician. COS26 Beauty Culture Theory XI 4 Credits (4 Lecture Hrs per week) Days 4 Credits (4 Lecture Hrs per week) Evenings These lecture sessions are designed to meet the advanced needs of the medical Esthetician, career opportunities, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pre- and postoperative care, and Camouflage Therapy, advanced Aromatherapy, and microdermabrasion. Prerequisite: COS24 COS27Beauty Culture Lab/Clinic XI - 8 Credits (24/26 Clinical Hrs per week) COS27A - 5 Credits (16 Lab and Clinic Hours per week) Evenings COS27B - 6 Credits (20 Lab and Clinic Hours per week) Evenings This advanced lab and clinic is designed to practice in all areas of practical applications performed in COS 25. Emphasis will be on speed, finishing techniques and weekly practice. There will be CPR training. During this course, the student will complete the clock hour requirements, service requirements and the practical evaluation required to prepare for the certification exam. Prerequisite: COS25 Upon completion of Program, students are required to pass a written and practical exam.

Length of Program 700 Clock Hours Theory 8 Credits Lab/Clinic 16 Credits 24 credits Days = 2 Terms Evenings = 4 Terms Term Days Evenings COS24 COS24A 1 COS25 COS25A 2 3 4 COS26 COS27 COS24B COS25B COS26A COS27A COS26B COS27B

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