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					SentenceErrors You Want to Avoid
1. Fragment: A sentence must contain a subjectand verb and must be ableto standalone as a completeidea. A fragment lacks either a subjector verb, so it can not stand alone as a complete idea. Example: A frne young woman. Iovd b hear about sntence errots.

When it doeshave a subjectand verb but still can not stand alone,it is called a dependentclause. (A clausecontains a subjectand verb). [,xample: Maura drcidd to major in biologSr. Since human fuhawbr had always fasinatd her.

Why is the secondsentencea dependentclause/fragment? 'Since' is a subordinatingconjunction. Here is a list subordinatingconjunctions that start off a clauseand keep it fiom standinlgalone as a complete sentence. Then it is called a dependent clause: After Although As (iD because bcficrc if slnce unless until when (ever) whereas whilc

Two other kinds of words that make a clausedependentare . Who, which, that (they open relative clauses) . And -ing modifiers. So thesewould all be fragments: A fine prhrmerRunning a mile bebre beakfast That caII people for donah'ons2. Run-on; This kind of sentence error joins togethertwo independentclauseswithout a conjunction or punctuation. This confusesthe reader, who cannot tell where one thought stops andthe next begins: My neighbor is sirtlryean old he plays bnnis everyafternnn3. Comma splice: This incorrectly joins two independent clauseswith a comma, but no conjunction My netghbor is sixtyyearc old, he plays tennis every &tutday aftenan. How can you fix run-ons and comma splices? Herae the three most common solutions are 1. Use a semicolon by itself to join independent clauses. Below are shown examplesof simple independent sentences, and how they look once they are joined. In orrderfor this processto work, there are two requirements: the original simple sentencesmust be closely related, and they must be independent clauses.

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Original sentences: were nlluencd bvhim.

somepainterc influenced Ceanne- otherpainters r Compoundsentence with semicolon:

somepainterc influenced ceznne; orherpainterc were influenced bv him. . Original sentences: This is the end of my story I have nothtng morc to vy o Compoundsentence with semicolon:

This is the end of mystotyl l have nothing morc to ey. , CAT,which nerefoi, sintartrr-iii"q n" thus'some r conjunctive othe arso, Qi"1;;;;,t;:";,-"on"rqu.nry, ia"rralt irL:agarn,"i.;i;;'i;;"1 "i fufthermore, inieea,ntsw, soon' then' motcover, nonetheress. likewise, con.s".que7ily, some of the common conjunctive adverbs canberememberedwith the acronym HorsHor stands however. for othe-tu,irc,

TevSrtheless, accordingly.Each conjunctive adverb a particular relationshipthat exists describes b"t"r""n thejoined clauscs. o (-)riginal.sentences: This gadget won,t work Therc is no pint r n using it-

compound sentence with semicoron, conjunctive adverb,and comma: therefore, thete is no pont n using it

Thisgadget won,t wof .

Original sentences: e4jc>y Brandob ftlms hme crittbs dtsl*e hts work

Many pple o

Compoundsentence with semicoron, conjunc tive adverb,and comma: enlby Brandob fiIms; howeuer, pme cnh'cs drslike hts work

Many pple 3. Usea

y,:3:Lg;:*;:t:rffi*tr;;**:1H:t;;gxff :fi;t#,ff :3:#ff;?""*"Ji."ii"g. Original sentences: word n clear"ry Compoundsentence with comma and coordinating conjunction: His dichbn ts excellent E o

There are sevenconjuncfions, known

as coordinating conjunctions, which canberemembered by the

His dtchon is excellent, e every wotd is clear.