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					Dental Assisting Certificate Program
A program designed to prepare entry-level Dental Assistants for work in a dental practice.
The ACC Health Professions Institute provides Dental Assisting training that helps to meet the workforce needs of Austin area dental providers, while offering the students a solid start in a new career in the dental profession. The program provides a heavy emphasis in hands-on skills development, and utilizes clinical observations, group clinicals and preceptorships to ensure that the skills learned are pertinent to the current practice setting. The program includes preparation for Texas State registration in dental radiology. Program Outline The courses listed below make up the Dental Assisting Certificate Program. Courses must be taken in order as they are listed. Semester I DNTA 1011 Dental Science DNTA 1073 Emergency Management Semester II DNTA 1075 Chairside Assisting DNTA 1005 Dental Radiology DNTA 1060 Clinical - Dental Assistant Semester III DNTA 1052 Office Management/Procedures DNTA 1064 Practicum Dental Assistant Total Contact Hours - 351 hours Class Hours 52 hours 8 hours 51 hours 64 hours 48 hours 16 hours 112 hours

NOTE: program outline, tuition and fees are subject to change. Check the current Continuing Education Course Schedule for current tuition and course information. Tuition/Fees for the program are approximately $2500.00, but do not include the cost of required vaccinations, criminal background check, textbooks, supplies or clinical uniforms. Clinical Affiliations This program has been developed in collaboration with Austin area dental professionals. Clinical preceptor placements are coordinated with dental clinics and offices throughout the Austin area. Course Dates and Times For specific course dates and times, please see the current Continuing Education Course Schedule. Every effort is made to schedule classroom-based courses at a time and date that is convenient to students who may be employed during normal work hours. However, students can expect to attend their clinical and preceptorship courses during normal business hours during the week. Currently, students are only admitted to the program once a year.

Tuition and Fees For current course tuition and fee rates, please see the current Continuing Education Course Schedule. Courses are provided at competitive rates. Financial aide may be available to students in this program. Contact (512) 223-7872 for information concerning financial aid. Textbooks & Other Required Supplies Students will need to purchase textbooks to be used for the duration of the program. A list of books, other supplies and materials needed for the program will be provided to registered students prior to the start of the program. Program Admissions Requirements -submission of a completed application. The application with all supporting documentation must be submitted for evaluation and approval prior to the start of the first semester session courses. The program brochure is available at: The program application is available at: Information on vaccinations and the criminal background check can be found at: You may also request an application by calling (512) 223-7090. Proof of initial required vaccinations and a background check are part of the application process. All vaccinations and proof of a current American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Workers card will be necessary prior to student contact with patients. - high school diploma or GED equivalent before completion of the Dental Assisting Program. - a majority of employment opportunities will require being able read, write, speak and understand English, at a level to allow accurate patient data collection, patient teaching; and daily interaction with the public and an other dental professionals. A passing score on appropriate assessment and/or departmental approval is required for admission to program. All prospective students must contact (512) 223-7090 before registering. Sign language interpreters are available through the ACC Office of Students with Disabilities at (512) 223-6401. - must be in suitable physical and emotional health to perform CPR and other physical duties associated with dental assisting. Registration Information Registration payment of course fees are required each semester for each course offered that semester. Payment is due at the time of registration. Current Continuing Education Course Schedules can be obtained by calling (512) 223-7542. Contact (512) 223-7090 for exact registration dates/times. To register in person, visit: ACC Highland Business Center - 5930 Middle Fiskville Road - Continuing Education - 4th floor 8:00 am – 7:00pm, Mon-Thurs 8:00am - 5:00pm, Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday For more detailed information on registration by phone or online, please go to:

NOTE: Total refund of tuition can only be made if ACC cancels the course or the student drops the class before it begins, and partial refund of tuition may be available according to the ACC Refund Policy for students dropping courses.