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Essay Editing
This form is for if you would like your essay edited for clarity, punctuation, spelling and English grammar. Fees are charged per word count (see fees page). Please fill in all boxes. If not applicable, write ‘NA’. Please ensure you sign the bottom. Full name: Address:

Tel: Email: Essay title: Academic discipline or school (e.g. creative arts): Essay question:

Preferred reference style (if any — e.g. Harvard): Word count: I, ______________________________________ [your name], hereby accept the terms and conditions of White Cow Manuscript Services. Signed:_______________________________________________________[your signature].

Please print this form and post it with the appropriate fee (cheque or proof of bank transfer) to White Cow, 89 Berkeley Rd, Berkeley Vale, NSW, 2261. Alternatively you can return this form as a PDF email attachment. Please attach a copy of your transfer receipt to the email (e.g. screen shot or PDF), or send a cheque to the above address.