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Become a Commercial Pilot with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia

The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia (RACWA) is an organisation with a dedicated team of qualified Flight Instructors who provide the professional services required for all aspects of aviation education from student to international airline pilot. RACWA has been operational for over 78 years and is one of Australia’s most experienced and highly respected training schools. RACWA trained graduates may be found in all areas of aviation, including Qantas Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Skywest, Skippers Aviation and the Royal Australian Air Force. Over its long history, RACWA has built a reputation for excellence because of its professional approach to flying; a reputation that is maintained in all its activities. RACWA is committed to ensuring graduates are not only professional pilots, but are employable pilots. RACWA’s airline academy-style training ensures you receive the highest quality training available on the market today. RACWA does not compromise on safety with training, and produces students to above Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements. It is our aim to produce the safest pilots available to the International Aviation Industry. This policy will not change.




The key objective of the RACWA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Course is to provide the most professional flying training available to the International Aviation Industry. Our aim at all stages of flying training is to produce a pilot who is safe, effective, professional and suitable for employment in any domestic or International Airline.

Approved courses
All RACWA courses are approved by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. RACWA was the first training organisation in Western Australia to have Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval of its competency-based training syllabi.

The benefits & advantages of flying with RACWA


Flight Instructing Team Over 50 career-orientated, highly skilled professional pilots are employed to cater for all your training requirements. All Flight Instructors are tested regularly and all senior Instructors are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct flight-testing for the issue of the various Australian pilot licences and ratings. Engineering To keep our aircraft in the best possible condition RACWA operates its own Engineering division. Our highly qualified Engineers take pride in ensuring our fleet is maintained to the highest possible standards. A number of our engineering personnel are also pilots who understand the importance of a highly maintained, smart looking, cost efficient fleet. Integrated flight training program RACWA has worked hard to design a flight training program that allows students to integrate theory studies with the practical flying phases. RACWA is able to provide the entire training syllabus, from General Flying Progress Test through to a “frozen” Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating. All sequences of training are conducted at the RACWA Operations Centre at Jandakot Airport. This means you won’t need to change flying schools to complete your advanced training.

The aircraft fleet Over 40 aircraft guarantee continuity of training. RACWA is proud to be able to provide the diversity of aircraft to enable all flying needs. Our fleet includes the following: • 15 Cessna 152 Aerobats - for all basic training and aerobatic ratings. • 11 Cessna 172 Skyhawks and Superhawks – for navigation and night training. • 7 Mooney 20J- for Commercial and basic instrument training. • Seminole and Partenavia - for Instrument Ratings (CIR) and Multi Engine training. • Frasca 142 Simulator - for basic instrument training and approach training. All our aircraft are fitted with internal intercom systems, which make for a quiet, relaxed learning environment during airborne exercises. Our courses utilise aircraft that best suit the needs of each phase of training. With such a diverse fleet, RACWA offers the very best training in the most appropriate aircraft.


The Facilities

The Training Facilities Our multi-million dollar training facilities are structured in such a way as to ensure training is conducted in pleasant, uncluttered surroundings. RACWA provides modern technology and hardware necessary for the efficient transfer of knowledge from the Instructor/ lecturer to the student. All briefing rooms are so designed to enable study without interruption. They are fitted with computers, whiteboards, aircraft models and are air conditioned to ensure studies are in a most congenial atmosphere. All lecture theatres are fitted with state of the art data projectors (for computer presentations and educational videos), audiovisual equipment, individual aircraft instruments and components.

Medical Fitness You are advised to have a Class One Pilot Medical Examination conducted by an approved doctor prior to commencement of training. The requirements for a pilot medical are not as stringent as entry to the airforce (you may wear glasses for example). The examination includes a visit to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist), lung capacity check, hearing test (audiogram), simple blood test and a general examination. Please ask our Operation Team for a Student Induction Kit. Personal Development In addition to providing the necessary flight and aviation theory instruction, RACWA will encourage you in the development of your personal attributes of self discipline and responsibility, both of which are essential for success as a professional aviator. Uniform As you are aiming towards a professional career in aviation, it is most important that your training and personal image is correct from the first lesson. A uniform consisting of navy blue pants, white epaulette shirt, RACWA epaulettes, black shoes and belt must be worn during your training.

The Course


Course Structure
The Training Your Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence requires you to be totally dedicated to your chosen career. Whilst the Civil Aviation Safety Authority sets minimum requirements for the issue of licences, we recognise that each student is an individual and will learn at different levels. All RACWA courses allow flexibility to ensure you achieve your goals.
Student Pilot Licence application • Obtain Class 1 Aviation medical • Undergo Aviation Security Check to obtain a Student Pilot Licence • Refer to Student Pilot Application kit available from RACWA Pre Solo • Basic flight sequences in preparation for First Solo flight, including Straight & Level Flight, Climbing & Descending, & Take-offs & Landings • Training completed in a Cessna 152 Aerobat Pre Area Solo • Advanced flight sequences such as emergency procedures • Command (solo) hours building General Flying Progress Test (GFPT) • Training towards passenger carrying ‘permit’ • Preparation for first formal flight test • At the completion of the GFPT, you will be able to carry passengers to the local training area Cessna 172 Conversion • Progress to the larger, 4-seat Cessna 172 aircraft in preparation for navigation training Navigation Training • Master the skills of basic navigation; destinations include Bunbury, Northam, Narrogin & other towns in the wheatbelt • Complete the Private Pilot Licence flight test to enable you to take passengers anywhere in Australia and build your command hours Solo Consolidation • The 150 Hour CPL course requires 70 command hours; this stage allows you to consolidate your training and gain valuable command hours Mooney M20J Conversion • Conversion training into the high-performance Mooney M20J aircraft • Consolidate command hours and venture further afield throughout Western Australia • Complete 7 CPL theory examinations CPL Training • Training to the Commercial standard in the M20J aircraft; learning to operate efficiently in preparation for employment as a Commercial Pilot • Upon completion of the CPL Flight Test, you will be able to seek employment as a Commercial Pilot or undertake further training to advance your skills

Drive your career further

Advanced Training
After gaining your Commercial Pilot Licence there are several options available for advanced training, to aid your employment prospects. A Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating or Flight Instructor Rating are advanced training options conducted by RACWA and are available to all Commercial graduates at our Jandakot Operations Centre.

Many financial institutions recognise a career in aviation as a solid investment and as such are happy to discuss your individual financial requirements. Flight training fees are charged at the end of each lesson (not upfront) and RACWA members can enjoy the benefits of individual, monthly accounts to make payments easier.


Career Opportunities
Employment opportunities in the aviation industry are related to the overall economic strength and the evergrowing demand for air travel. Many airlines throughout the world, especially in Australia, are expanding their operations. This means an increased demand for qualified pilots, so now is the time to commence your career in aviation. Call (08) 9417 0000 today to get your aviation career off to a flying start!

Investing in your Aviation Career
Flight training, like most higher education courses, does attract a cost, however the cost of training does vary, depending on the options selected. Instead of setting fixed costs for courses, we treat each student individually and give you a cost estimate for your career training. Cost estimations may be found seperately to this prospectus. Advanced Training Options

The 150 Hour Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Night VFR Rating

Advanced Training , including:

Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

Integrated Course provides the basic requirements to become an employable pilot. From here you can advance to:

The Night VFR Rating may be included as part of the CPL syllabus or completed seperately.

• Command Instrument Rating • Multi-engine Endorsement • Instructor Rating

The ATPL is a theory-only course comprising 7 subjects. On successful completion of the subjects, you will hold a ‘frozen’ ATPL until such time as you accrue 1,500 hours of flight time (broken into certain flight types)

Jandakot 41 eagle Drive Jandakot, WA, 6164 T : (08) 9417 0000 F : (08) 9417 0040

Murrayfield Lakes Road Mandurah, WA, 6210 T : (08) 9581 6222 F : (08) 9583 3922

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