The Secret of Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction

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					When people talk about using the Law of Attraction, they usually start with huge targets. They talk about attracting a Rolls Royce or winning the lottery. But…… They are making a critical mistake. Imagine trying to lift heavy weights the first time you go to the gym. Its not going to happen. Not only that but you could injure yourself. The trainer at the gym would advise starting with light weights first and working upward from there. If you keep going you will see results. It’s the same with the Law of Attraction. Many people fail because they haven’t built up their attitude muscles yet. You can’t run before you can walk. So start with trying to manifest smaller things first. Such as a $1000 before trying for a $1 million. The Universe is infinite and the amount of money in the Universe is infinite. Having a positive outlook and making a plan is crucial to manifesting your goals. You can’t simply ask and wait for it to happen. You have to make a plan to enable it to happen. Having a positive attitude is also crucial. All the years of negativity coming from our parents and people around us doesn’t help either. We have to change our mindset to allow the Law of Attraction to work for us. This isn’t easy for most people as the negative voices are replaying in our minds constantly. We think we are being positive when we ask for what it is we need but if your subconscious mind is negative and says things like ‘that’s never going to happen for us’ then the Law of Attraction simply will not work. This is where hypnosis comes in. It helps change the negative voices to positive ones. It goes after your mindset, gets you thinking positive and then helps you start working on a plan. It’s all out there waiting for you, the Universe wants you to have abundance, but it isn’t magic. We have to do our part. If you would like to learn more about the Law of Attraction, then visit to learn more about how you can start manifesting what you want into your life.

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Description: Just like thousands of people who tried the Secret and got nothing…Its because the Universe couldn’t figure out what they really wanted. Be very specific about what you want, if you don’t know what you want, then the Universe certainly won’t. If you are sending mixed messages it could be the negativity from your sub-conscious mind.