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					AP Biology                                   Name: _______________
Clark 05

AP Biology Final Project

Congratulations! You have taken your AP Exam and you can take pride in your efforts
and relax a moment…… …………………………………………………Times up. Your
final project in AP Biology will represent approximately one third of your fourth quarter
grade, which represents approximately 200 points of the 615 assigned during the quarter.

Your task:

   1. develop a grading rubric with percentage point allocations (typed)
   2. the rubric is approved by Mr. Clark and signed by all parties (individual or
       partner projects)
   3. the rubric is as objective in design as possible
   4. the project topic is biological in nature
   5. the project is of significant depth and breadth that makes use of the class time
    (Mr. Clark will impose daily point deductions for overt signs of “senioritis” /

The project is due on or before your last contact day with me. Which is yet to be
determined by the administration, however, it will be during the week of June 13th. Be
very careful with your planning. Finishing too early will result in mini-projects assigned
by Mr. Clark.

Be sure to turn in our text book as soon as you can. I need to be re-issuing them to next
years students shortly. (No time to waste in preparing for next years exam!)

Project Ideas:
            book review “Decent with Modification”, “Voyage of the Beagle”,
               “Silent Spring”
            research paper on area of interest
            teaching a biology lesson to a section of “baby biology”
            AP Biology study guides / review games
            Study guide to video, “PBS- Evolution”, “Race for the Double Helix”
            Other …..Be creative and have some fun with it….. not too much fun.