ITIL Foundation V3 for IT Service Management by slappypappy126


									                                                       ITIL Foundation V3 for IT Service
                                                                                                                             Course Outlines

ITIL Foundation V3 for IT Service Management                                                                                Days of Training: 3
Overview                                             Lesson 1: Introduction                        Lesson 4: Service Transition
  ITIL (Information Technology                                                                                   Key functions and processes
  Infrastructure Library) is the most                Lesson 2: Service Strategy
  widely accepted approach to IT                                 Service Models
                                                                 Financial Management              Lesson 5: Service Operation
  Service Management in the world. It                            Service Portfolio Management                    Event Management
  provides a cohesive set of Service                             Demand Management                               Incident Management
  Support and Service Delivery                                   Organizational Development                      Request fulfillment
                                                                                                                 Problem Management
  practices drawn from the best                                                                                  Access Management
  practices of public and private sectors            Lesson 3: Service Design                                    Service desk
  internationally. This course provides                          Service Portfolio / Catalog
                                                                 Technology, architecture and
  students with a "foundational"                                 management systems                Lesson 6: Continual Service
  knowledge of the functions, roles, and                         Processes required                           Improvement (CSI)
  processes that span the service                                Measurement methods and metrics                 Basics of CSI
  lifecycle.                                                                                                     Key Concepts

At Course Completion
Upon successful completion of this
course, students will be able to:
• Articulate key concepts related to
• Use common ITIL terminology.
• Describe the overall goals, benefits,
  activities, and success factors.
• Recommend metrics.
• Discuss the basic cross-functional
  dependencies for each.


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