Performance task Assessment for wanted Poster by murplelake73


									Performance task Assessment for The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm

Element to be included.             Possible points          Self       Teacher
                                                         Assessment   Assessment
Purpose                             3 points
The purpose of this project is
clearly accomplished. Ideas
persuade viewer using
convincing images and text.

Supporting Details                  4 points
Appropriate and accurate details
support main idea and “hook” is
evident. ( Minimum – 3 Quotes
and/or vocabulary from text are
Illustration                        4 points
Illustration adds to the purpose
and interest of the project.

Mechanics                           3 points
No errors in capitalization,
usage, punctuation, or spelling.
Written elements are neatly
written or typed.

Creativity                        2 points
Highly original and creative. .
Artwork is colorful and appealing

Artwork Presentation                2 points
Project is neat and presentable.
Images outlined, clear text,
pencil marks erased.

Total points_________

18-16 = A       15-13 = B        12-10 = C     9-7 = D      6-1 = F

Group ____________________         Name _____________________________________
Date ____________________          Advisory ___________________________________

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