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					                          Camden COO Job Description
                          Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Governor Jon S. Corzine is seeking an accomplished public sector manager to serve as
Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Camden, New Jersey, and to lead the efforts to
improve the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal government in the city. Under
the terms of the Municipal Rehabilitation and Economic Recovery Act of 2002
("Recovery Act"), the State of New Jersey has provided significant authority to the
COO to enable him/her to play a major role in these efforts.

The Governor is seeking an individual with the vision and experience to spearhead
Camden's resurgence in conjunction with community, non-profit, and business leaders.
He is particularly interested in a candidate who, while recognizing the full extent of the
challenges Camden faces, understands and believes in its potential.
COO's role and authority
The COO is responsible for the management of governmental operations of the City of
Camden. He/she is responsible for assuring the delivery of essential municipal services
and the professional administration of municipal government. The position was
established in 2002 by the Recovery Act for a period of five years, and legislation is
expected to be introduced that would extend the position until 2012.

The Recovery Act vests in the Camden COO all the functions, powers and duties of the
position of mayor, including those related to municipal organization and reorganization
and the hiring and firing of department heads, managers and supervisory employees.
The COO is also responsible for the preparation of all financial reports, including the
preparation of the annual budget. To perform these tasks, the COO has the mayor's veto
authority and is also provided with authority to develop legislation.

The Camden COO is appointed by the Governor of New Jersey and will report to the
Governor and the Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs.
Background on Camden
Camden is a city of approximately 80,000 residents and has an operating budget of
approximately $120 million. Approximately 1,200 people are employed by the
municipal government. The total area of the city is nine square miles, and it is
strategically located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA.

A number of strategic challenges face Camden, including the revitalization of essential
governmental services and the promotion of longer term economic and community
development. To assist in meeting the goal of long term economic recovery, the
Recovery Act authorized $175 million of funding for capital projects in Camden and
created an Economic Recovery Board, on which the COO serves as a voting member.

Additional information about Camden and the position is available at the following web

Qualifications for the position
Below is a listing of qualifications that will be important for identifying the right person
to help lead Camden forward.
Knowledge of:

   • Principles and practices of public administration;
   • Organization and functions of city government and current trends and recent
     developments in management, finance, budgeting, and administration;
   • Economic development and revitalization initiatives for urban communities;
   • Laws and regulations regarding city management, city contracts for public
     services, budget, finance, and public personnel administration; and
   • Management techniques and effective employee supervision.

Ability to:

   • Plan, organize, and manage the activities of the city;
   • Exercise good judgment, taking into account a broad range of inputs and advice;
   • Manage and provide organizational leadership;
   • Interact effectively with staff, public, and elected and appointed officials;
   • Develop and implement effective city organizational policies and procedures;
   • Establish priorities and direct the allocation of city resources;
   • Develop plans and recommendations for broad and specific city goals, objectives,
      and policies;
   • Direct the execution of city programs and projects;
   • Promote both collaborative and civic participation among residents, community
      groups, government, and the business community and work with various
      cultural, ethnic, and community groups in a tactful and effective manner, and
      elicit cooperation of others;
   • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, including the
      ability to make clear and concise presentations, and with a sensitivity to non-
      English speaking audiences.

Education and Experience Requirements:

   • Education
     Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree.
   • Experience:
     Ten (10) years of experience in the management or supervision of government
     activities. An advanced degree in Business, Law or Public Administration may
     be substituted for three (3) years of experience.

       Compensation for the position is established by the State Economic Recovery
       Board, and the current salary is $175,000.

To apply
Persons interested in being considered should send a cover letter and resume to:
Camden COO Search
c/o Governor's Office
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625-0001