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Completing ADF96 Private Hospital Discharge Forms by slappypappy122

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Private Hospital
Discharge Forms


             July 2008

Introduction .................................................. 2        First consultation date (mandatory in above
    When to use ADF96 forms ....................... 2
                                                                         Waiting list date (mandatory in above
    Filling in the form ..................................... 2
    Sending completed forms ......................... 2
                                                                         Surgical priority (provide if known) .........11
    Other information ..................................... 3
                                                                         Days on leave (provide if applicable) ......11
    Some definitions ....................................... 3
                                                                         Suppress ...................................................11
Patient identification .................................... 5
                                                                     Cancer patients ...........................................13
    National Health Index number (NHI) ........ 5
                                                                         Occupation code (mandatory field for
    Family name (mandatory field) ................. 5
                                                                         cancer patients)........................................13
    First given name (mandatory field) ........... 5
                                                                         Country of birth (mandatory field for
    Second given name .................................... 5
                                                                         cancer patients)........................................13
    Third given name....................................... 5
                                                                         Morphology description ...........................14
Patient information ...................................... 6             Morphology code .....................................14
    Date of birth (mandatory field).................. 6
    Gender (mandatory field) .......................... 6                Laboratory code .......................................14
    NZ resident (mandatory field) ................... 6                  Melanoma invasion level .........................14
    Ethnic group (mandatory field).................. 6
                                                                         Melanoma thickness.................................15
    Patient’s usual residential address ............. 7
    Domicile code............................................ 7      Infants born in hospital ..............................16
Event information......................................... 8             Birth weight (mandatory field).................16
                                                                         Gestation period (mandatory field) ..........16
    Event type (mandatory field) ..................... 8                 Birth status ...............................................16
    Health agency facility name (HAF)                                    Age of mother (mandatory field) .............16
    (mandatory field) ....................................... 8
                                                                         Birth location............................................16
    HAF code (mandatory field)...................... 8
    Admission date (mandatory field) ............. 8                 Diagnosis and procedure data....................17
    Discharge date (mandatory field) .............. 8
                                                                         Principal diagnosis code...........................17
    Admission source (mandatory field).......... 8
                                                                         Principal diagnosis description (mandatory
    Admission type (mandatory field) ............. 8
                                                                         field) .........................................................17
    Discharge type (mandatory field) .............. 9
                                                                         Other diagnosis, procedure or external
    Principal purchaser (mandatory field)
                                                                         cause code (provide if applicable)............17
    ..................Error! Bookmark not defined.
    Health agency (mandatory field) ............. 10                 Appendix......................................................19
    ......... Specialty code (provide using table in
                                                                         Complete occupation code list (in
    appendix) ................................................. 11
                                                                         alphabetical order)....................................19
    Weight on admission ............................... 11
                                                                         Health specialty codes..............................27
    (mandatory field for infants aged less than
                                                                         Complete country of birth list ..................29
    29 days on admission) ............................. 11
                                                                         Laboratories by region .............................35
    Referral date (mandatory in above cases) 11

                                                  Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms                                      1

This guide will assist private hospitals and hospices to provide accurate discharge data
to the Clinical Coding Sector Services.
• It follows a step-by-step method.
• It includes all relevant information and instructions.
• It will be useful as a training tool.
• It will be useful as a reference guide.

When to use ADF96 forms
ADF96 forms must be filled in for
• inpatients – patients who remain overnight are inpatients
• day patients – patients who attend for more than three hours and do not remain
  overnight are day patients
• any patient who dies while in hospital.

A form needs to be filled in after the patient is discharged, or transferred, or has died.
Please do not send in ADF96 forms for residents in rest home beds.

Filling in the form
We cannot emphasise enough the importance of making sure that all writing is legible
and in capital letters where appropriate.

Some sections of the ADF96 form must be filled in to provide Clinical Coding Sector
Services with the minimum of useful information. These mandatory fields are marked
in this guide.

The Country of Birth table that appears in the instructions is an edited version of the
full list that appears in the appendix. Common countries of birth have been selected
from the full list. Feel free to add more in the empty spaces.

The occupation of the patient needs to be reported for patients who have cancer. The
full list of occupations and codes is included in the appendix.

Sending completed forms
Please send completed ADF96 forms to Clinical Coding Sector Services. ADF96
forms can be used by the hospital as part of the Register requirements and a
photocopy sent to Clinical Coding Sector Services if desired. Batches of completed
forms are to be sent monthly in order to ensure an even workflow and up-to-date
information. A monthly batch will contain all forms for all discharges in the previous

We would prefer you to send the forms in batches of no more than 200 (for security
reasons) and placed between two sheets of cardboard and tied. Please place forms

                               Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 2

covering MOH (previously HFA) and ACC contracted events on top and clearly label.
This allows priority processing so that they are input into the National Minimum
Dataset(NMDS) in the timeframes required in your contracts. ADF96 forms can be
sent in quarterly batches if a hospital generates fewer than 10 discharges per month on
average. In all instances, all ADF96 forms for any calendar quarter (eg, January-
February-March) must arrive within 28 days from the end of that quarter.

You can send completed forms to (and obtain new forms from):

Postal address:          Private Hospital
                         Clinical Coding
                         Sector Services
                         Ministry of Health
                         PO Box 5013

Courier address:         Private Hospital
                         Clinical Coding
                         Sector Services
                         133 Molesworth Street

Telephone:               (04) 816 2562
Facsimile:               (04) 816 2897

Other information
Assigning the patient the correct National Health Index (NHI) number requires
accurate information on the patient’s personal details. This helps guarantee the
integrity and accuracy of the data on the National Health Information Systems
operated by Clinical Coding Sector Services.

Clinical Coding Sector Services is contracted to provide accurate procedure and
discharge information to the Ministry of Health and the District Health Boards. This
data is gathered from the ADF96 discharge forms, and so it is important that the
procedural and clinical information provided to us is as accurate and complete as

Some definitions

ADF96:        Private hospital discharge form first used in 1996. A copy can be found
              on the Clinical Coding Sector Services web site at

Dates:            All dates on the ADF96 forms are to be filled in as DDMMYYYY.
                  DD refers to the day, MM to the month, and YYYY to the year.
                  Examples:       • the third of September 1962 is to be reported as

                                 Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 3

                       • the fourteenth of October 1906 is to be reported as

DHB:    District Health Board.

HAF:    Health agency facility. This is the healthcare facility (hospital or
        hospice) where the patient is treated. Each healthcare facility has been
        allocated a code number by Clinical Coding Sector Services.

HFA:    The Health Funding Authority, the principal government purchaser of
        healthcare services in New Zealand. The HFA merged with the
        Ministry of Health on 1 July 2000.

MOH:    Ministry of Health.

NHI:    The National Health Index is an alphanumeric index that uniquely
        identifies health care users across a number of national systems. It
        contains only information related to the identification of patients.

NHIS:   National Health Information Systems. These include the National
        Minimum Dataset (NMDS), the Medical Warnings System (MWS),
        and the National Health Index (NHI).

CCSS:   The Clinical Coding Sector Services, a group within the Ministry of

                       Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 4
                                                                 Patient identification

                            Patient identification

National Health Index number (NHI)
      Please enter the patient’s NHI number if known.
      Leave this blank if the NHI number is not known. Clinical Coding Sector
      Services staff will assign it, based on the patient information you provide.
             – This is also known as the Healthcare User (HCU) number.

Family name (mandatory field)
      The patient’s surname.

First given name (mandatory field)
       The patient’s first given name.

Second given name
     The patient’s second given name. Please provide this if available.

Third given name
      The patient’s third given name. Please provide this if available.

                             Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 5
                                                                   Patient information

                              Patient information

Date of birth (mandatory field)
      The patient’s date of birth (entered as DDMMYYYY).

Gender (mandatory field)
     The patient’s gender (sex) – ‘M’ (male) or ‘F’ (female).

NZ resident (mandatory field)
      Is the patient a resident of New Zealand? – ‘Y’ (yes) or ‘N’ (no).
              – A person is judged to be a resident of New Zealand for reporting
                 purposes if they are a New Zealand citizen or classified as
                 ‘ordinarily resident in New Zealand.’

Ethnic group (mandatory field)
      The patient’s ethnicity. A two-digit code from the list below or a description in
      the empty space to the right of the Ethnic group fields.
             – The patient may identify the ethnic groups they feel they belong to.
                Up to three may be reported on the ADF96 form.

       10   European not further defined
       11   NZ European
       12   Other European (stated ethnicity not listed)
       21   NZ Maori
       30   Pacific Island not further defined
       31   Samoan
       32   Cook Island Maori
       33   Tongan
       34   Niuean
       35   Tokelauan
       36   Fijian
       37   Other Pacific Island (stated ethnicity not listed)
       40   Asian not further defined
       41   South East Asian
       42   Chinese
       43   Indian
       44   Other Asian (stated ethnicity not listed)
       51   Middle Eastern
       52   Latin American / Hispanic
       53   African
       99   Not stated

                               Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 6
                                                              Patient information

Patient’s usual residential address
      The patient’s address where they have been, or plan to be, living for three
      months or more. Provide the address as completely as possible.

Domicile code
     This is not required to be completed by the hospital.
             – Clinical Coding Sector Services staff derives the domicile code
                from the address information you provide together with an
                automated coding programme on the NHI.

                            Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 7
                                                                        Event information

                              Event information

Event type (mandatory field)
      A two-digit code from the list below, identifying the type of health event.

       BT    Birth event (infants born in reporting hospital)
       IP    Non-psychiatric inpatient event (include day patients)
       ID    Intended day case

Health agency facility name (HAF) (mandatory field)
      Report the name of the hospital where the patient is being treated.
      Use the empty space beside the ‘Event information’ heading if necessary.

HAF code (mandatory field)
     The four-digit code unique to your hospital.
     Please contact the Private Hospital Section, Clinical Coding Sector Services, if
     this code is not known.

Admission date (mandatory field)
     The date the patient was admitted to your hospital.
     This is sometimes known as the ‘Event Start Date’.

Discharge date (mandatory field)
      The date the patient was discharged or transferred from your hospital, or the
      date the patient died whilst still in care.
      This is sometimes known as the ‘Event End Date’.

Admission source (mandatory field)
     A single-digit code from the list below describing whether the patient’s
     admission was routine or a transfer from another hospital.

       R    Routine
       T    Transfer from another hospital

Admission type (mandatory field)
     A two-digit code from the list below describing the admission type.
     AA, AC and AP are the most common.
     This is sometimes known as the ‘Event Start Type’.
                                             Choose the code from the table on the next page –

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 8
                                                                     Event information

       AA     Arranged admission
              (A planned admission where:
              • the admission date is less than seven days after the date the decision
                was made by the specialist that this admission was necessary, or
              • the admission relates to normal obstetric cases, 37 to 42 weeks
                gestation, delivered during the event.)
       AC     Acute admission
              (An unplanned admission on the day of presenting at the admitting
              healthcare facility. Admission may have been from the Emergency or
              Outpatient Departments of the healthcare facility.)
       AP     Elective admission to a private hospital
       WN     Waiting list/Booking list
              (A planned admission where the admission date is seven days or more
              after the date the decision was made by the specialist that this admission
              was necessary.)
Discharge type (mandatory field)
      A two-digit code from the list below describing the type of discharge from
      your hospital. DD, DR, and DT are the most common.
      This is sometimes known as the ‘Event End Type’.
       DR     Ended routinely
       DT     Discharge of patient to another healthcare facility (transferred)
       DD     Died
       DI     Self-discharge from hospital (indemnity signed)
       DS     Self-discharge from hospital (no indemnity)
       DA     Discharge to acute specialist facility (neonates and burns only)
       DW     Patient discharged to another specialty service within the same facility
Principal purchaser (mandatory field)
A two-digit code from the list below identifying the organisation or body which
purchased the healthcare service provided. The purchaser who paid the most should
be selected in cases that have more than one purchaser, unless the MOH (previously
HFA) or DHB have been involved in funding (subsidy, top-up, partial, or full). In this
case, in the Principal purchaser field use code 34 when the health care service is MOH
Funded or code 35 when the health care service is DHB-Funded.

06 Privately funded NZ citizens
34 MOH-funded purchase
35 DHB-funded purchase
98 Other / not specified
A0 ACC – direct purchasing
A1 FIS – direct purchase, Fusion Insurance Services
A2 NZI – direct purchase, NZ Insurance Ltd
A3 HIH – direct purchase, HIH WorkAble Ltd
A4 MMI – direct purchase, MMI General Insurance (NZ) Ltd
A5 FMG – direct purchase, Farmers’ Mutual Accident Care Ltd
A6 AWK – direct purchase, At Work Insurance Ltd
A7 CIG – direct purchase, Cigna Insurance Ltd

                             Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 9
                                                                      Event information

Health agency (mandatory field)
Report the organisation that holds the contract for treating this patient. (The hospital
that physically provides the healthcare is reported in the Health Agency Facility field.)
There are four common scenarios:
   •   Your hospital has a contract with ACC or an accident insurer to treat the
       patient. Report your own Health Agency code and choose the correct Principal
       Purchaser code to show the organisation paying for the treatment.
   •   The patient is paying for their own care or it is being paid for by a private
       health insurer (eg, Southern Cross). Report your own Health Agency code and
       choose the ‘06’ Principal Purchaser code to show that healthcare is being
       privately funded.
   •   Your hospital has a contract with a DHB or MOH (previously HFA) to treat
       this patient. Report your Agency code and choose Principal Purchaser Code 34
       (MOH-Funded Purchase) or Code 35 (DHB-Funded Purchase) to show the
       event is publicly funded.
For example: Capital and Coast hospital have a contract with the Ministry of Health to
treat patients on a booking list. They subcontract some of their booking-list patients to
be treated at a private hospital. The contract between Capital and Coast and the
private hospital states that the private hospital will report these events to Clinical
Coding Sector Services. The event is coded with Capital and Coast as the Health
Agency (ie, the hospital with the original contract), and the private hospital as the
Health Agency Facility (ie, the private hospital that did the work). The purchaser code
is Code 34 (MOH-Funded Purchase) or Code 35 (DHB-Funded Purchase) to show the
event is publicly funded.
A schedule of health agency codes can be downloaded from the Clinical Coding
Sector Services web site at home page and look for links to the
information you want.

Alternatively, please contact Clinical Coding Sector Services if you require the Health
Agency codes.

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 10
                                                                       Event information

Specialty code (provide using the table on page 27 and 28)
      A three-digit code from the list in the appendix to this guide. Choose the code
      that best reflects the specialty or service to which a patient has been assigned.

Weight on admission
(mandatory field for infants aged less than 29 days on admission)
      The weight, in grams, of any infant patient.
              – Infants are those who are under 29 days of age. Acceptable values
                  are between 0001 and 9999 grams.

Referral date (mandatory in above cases)
      The earliest of the following dates that led to this hospitalisation:
             • the date of the doctor’s referral letter
             • the date that the patient presented for self-referral
             • the date of transfer from another facility.

First consultation date (mandatory in above cases)
       The date of the first specialist consultation that led to this event. This includes
       consultation with a specialist in private practice. (The format is DDMMYYYY).
              – This may be the same as the Referral date, for example in the case
                 of an emergency admission.

Waiting list date (mandatory in above cases)
      The date on which the patient was assessed as requiring surgery. (The format
      is DDMMYYYY).
      Also known as ‘Booking List Date’.

Surgical priority (provide if known)
      A single-digit code from list below describing the severity of the patient’s
      condition at the date surgery was confirmed.

                     R     Routine
                     S     Semi-urgent
                     U     Urgent

Days on leave (provide if applicable)
      The number of days an inpatient is absent from the hospital. A day is counted
      at midnight. This includes ‘holiday’ leave and time spent in another hospital.
      • A discharge is considered to be effective on the date of the patient leaving
          hospital if they have not returned after three days (ie, more than three
          midnights). A readmission (with a new ADF96 form to be completed) is
          considered to occur if the patient returns after three days.
      • There is no limit to the total number of leave days or periods a patient can
          be absent for, provided that no single period is longer than three days (as
          above). Total accumulated leave days should be noted on the form.

     • Enter ‘N’ (no) if a patient requests that details of a hospitalisation be
         passed to the event summary of the Medical Warnings System (ie, do not

                               Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 11
                                                                      Event information

       •    Enter ‘Y’ (yes) if no such request is made.

The four fields – Referral date, First consultation date, Waiting list date, and Surgical
priority – need to be completed only for specific publicly funded procedures. These
are total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and coronary artery bypass graft.

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 12
                                                                      Cancer patients

                               Cancer patients

The following information only needs to be reported for the patient’s first cancer
diagnosis admission to your hospital.

Occupation code (mandatory field for cancer patients)
     A four-digit code or a description of the patient’s current occupation at the
     time of admission (or their previous occupation if they are now retired).
     Choose a code from the list in the appendix (pages 19–26), or enter a
     description (eg, Accountant, Retired Gold Miner) in area above ‘Occupation
            – Those over 60 years of age that do not report an occupation, as well
               as housewives, students, and children under 16 years of age, should
               be coded as ‘9900’.

Country of birth (mandatory field for cancer patients)
     A three-digit code giving the patient’s country of birth. Choose a code from
     the list of selected countries below or from the complete list in the appendix
     (pages 29–34), or write a description in the area to the right of the code field.

      060     Australia
      148     Canada
      180     China, Peoples Republic of
      196     Cook Islands
      244     England
      268     Fiji
      276     France
      300     Germany
      372     India
      388     Republic of Ireland (Eire)
      412     Japan
      572     New Zealand
      596     Northern Ireland
      612     Pakistan
      643     Russia
      698     Western Samoa
      712     Scotland
      800     Tonga
      840     Great Britain
      844     United States of America

                             Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 13
                                                                           Cancer patients

Morphology description
     Describe the pathological nature, structure, and form of malignancy. Please
     provide this if known.

Morphology code
     A code, from the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, that
     describes the pathological nature, structure, and form of the malignancy.
     Please provide this if known.

        A single-digit code from the list below, giving the single most valid basis for
        diagnosis of a new, primary, malignant tumour. Please provide this if known.

        0   Death certificate only
        1   Clinical only
        2   Clinical investigation
        3   Exploratory surgery or autopsy but without histology
        4   Specific biochemical / immunological tests
        5   Cytology or haematology
        6   Histology of metastases
        7   Histology of primary tumour
        8   Autopsy with concurrent or previous histology
        9   Unknown

        A single-digit code from the list below, describing the stage of development
        the primary malignant tumour reached at time diagnosed. Please provide this if

      0       In situ
      1       Localised
      2       Regional or node involvement
      3       Remote or diffuse metastases
      5       Not stated
      6       Not applicable (Lymphoma / Leukaemia)

Laboratory code
     A four-digit code from the list below, specifying the laboratory that diagnosed
     and reported the cancer. Please provide this if known.
     Fill in appropriate codes from the full list in the appendix (page 35–36).

Melanoma invasion level
     A single-digit code from list below, describing the extent of invasion of a
     malignant melanoma. Please provide this if known.
                                             Choose the code from the table on the next page –

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 14
                                                                    Cancer patients

     1   Clark’s level I, melanoma in situ, non-invasive
     2   Clark’s level II, 0.75 mm or less and invades papillary dermis
     3   Clark’s level III, range >0.75 mm to 1.5 mm in thickness and/or invades to
         papillary-reticular dermal interface
     4   Clark’s level IV, range >1.5 mm to 4.0 mm in thickness and/or invades the
         reticular dermis
     5   Clark’s level V, range >4.0 mm and/or invades subcutaneous tissue and/or
         satellite(s) within 2 cm of primary tumour

Melanoma thickness
     Thickness of a primary malignant melanoma in millimetres.
      Use Breslow’s Thickness in the format NN.NNN. Please provide this if known.

                            Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 15
                                                                Infants born in hospital

                           Infants born in hospital

Only the hospital in which a birth takes place should provide the following
information. No ADF96 form is to be sent for stillborn neonates, as this information
will be available to Clinical Coding Sector Services through the death registration

Birth weight (mandatory field)
      A four-digit value giving the infants weight in grams at birth.
      The acceptable range is 0001 to 9999 grams.

Gestation period (mandatory field)
      The number of completed weeks since the mother’s last menstrual period.

Birth status
       On ADF96 forms, this will always be ‘L’ for live births in a private hospital.

Age of mother (mandatory field)
      The age of the mother in complete years at the time of birth.

Birth location
       This will always be ‘2’ for births in private hospitals except for birth events at
       Maniototo/Ranfurly when ‘4’ will always be the birth location code.

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 16
                                                  Diagnosis and procedure information

                       Diagnosis and procedure data

Please enter only the most final diagnosis available. Provisional diagnoses should not
be entered when it is possible to enter more complete information. Do not mention on
this form any operation that is expected to be performed.
   The following guidelines will help full and accurate information to be entered on
the form. They are by no means exhaustive.

              If in doubt, write it down. The more information the better.

•   If diagnoses such as CVA (stroke) or fracture are mentioned, for instance, then
    you should also state whether acute care is being given or whether that time has
    passed and care is needed now because of residual effects. The nature of any
    residual effects (such as hemiparesis, aphasia, or non-union, in the case of a
    fracture) should also be entered as separate diagnoses.

•   The nature (traumatic or pathological) and site of a fracture is also required.

•   Where malignancy is mentioned, please indicate for each site
      – whether primary or secondary
      – whether removed without mention of recurrence (history of) or still present.

•   When the admission is to give relief to the usual carer(s) (respite care) then please
    enter this as the principal diagnosis. The conditions affecting the patient should be
    entered as secondary diagnoses.

Principal diagnosis code
      The principal diagnosis is the condition or disease which is established, after
      study, to be chiefly responsible for the patients hospitalisation.
      The principal diagnosis code is a code classifying description.
              – This entry will be filled in by Clinical Coding Sector Services
                 staff, based upon the description you provide.

Principal diagnosis description (mandatory field)
      Description of the principal diagnosis.

Other diagnosis, procedure or external cause code (provide if applicable)
      Circle ‘Diagnosis’, ‘Procedure’, or ‘External cause’ to indicate the type for
      each of these entries.
      Other diagnosis:
              Provide a description. No date information is required.
              ‘Other diagnoses’ refers to secondary diagnoses.

                               Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 17
                                        Diagnosis and procedure information

      Provide description of each procedure and the date on which each
      procedure was performed.
      All significant procedures should be documented. One or more of the
      following conditions means that the procedure is significant:
       • it is surgical in nature
       • it carries a procedural risk
       • it carries an anaesthetic risk
       • it requires special facilities or equipment or specialised training.

External cause:
      Enter the date of the external cause and a description.
      External cause descriptions and dates must immediately follow the
      diagnoses resulting from them. Describe the external cause (accident,
      assault, poisoning, etc) where this is responsible for the patient’s

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 18
                                                   Complete list - occupation codes

Complete Occupation Code List (in alphabetical order)

      2411 Accountants
      4121 Accounting and Bookkeeping Clerks
      3368 Acrobats, Clowns, Magicians and Related Workers
      1222 Administration and Finance Managers
      3321 Administrative and Related Associate Professionals
      1225 Advertising and Public Relations Managers
      2213 Agricultural Scientists
      3212 Agricultural Technicians
      3144 Air Traffic Controllers
      3143 Aircraft Pilots and Related Workers
      6144 Animal Welfare Worker
      3367 Announcers – Radio, Television and Other
      6124 Apiarists
      3317 Appraisers and Valuers
      6142 Aquatic Life Cultivation Workers
      2141 Architects, Town and Traffic Planners
      2431 Archivists and Curators
      5155 Armed Forces
      3362 Artists – Painters, Sculptors and Related
      2111 Astronomers and Physicists
      3369 Athletes and Related Workers
      3318 Auctioneers
      3361 Authors Journalists and Other Writers
      8274 Baked Goods Producing and Cereals Processing Machine
      7412 Bakers
      5141 Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauticians and Related Workers
      2421 Barristers and Solicitors
      5123 Bartenders and Waiters
      5141 Beauticians, Barbers, Hairdressers and Related Workers
      4215 Bill, Debt and Related Cash Collectors
      7332 Binding Trades Workers
      2211 Biologists, Botanists, Zoologists and Related Professionals
      7221 Blacksmiths
      3323 Bookkeepers
      4121 Bookkeeping Clerks and Accountants
      3331 Border and Customs Inspectors
      2211 Botanists, Biologists, Zoologists and Related Professionals
      8279 Brewers, Wine and Other Beverage Machine Operators
      7111 Bricklayers and Stonemasons
      3132 Broadcasting and Telecommunications Equipment
      8411 Building and Related Workers
      8322 Bus Drivers
      7411 Butchers
      3316 Buyers

                           Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 19
                                         Complete list - occupation codes

7421 Cabinet Makers and Related Workers
8321 Car Taxi and Light Van Drivers
3351 Careers and Employment Advisors
9111 Caretakers and Cleaners
7112 Carpenters and Joiners
2148 Cartographers and Surveyors
4215 Cash Collectors (Related), Bill and Debt Collectors
4211 Cashiers and Ticket Issuers
8212 Cement and Other Minerals Processing Machine Operators
8131 Ceramics and Glass Kiln Operators
3116 Chemical Engineering Technicians
2146 Chemical Engineers
2113 Chemists
5142 Child Care Workers
9900 Children under 16 years, Housewives, Students, Retired
     (those over 60 years and not reporting occupation)
3365 Choreographers and Dancers
3112 Civil Engineering Technicians
2142 Civil Engineers
9111 Cleaners and Caretakers
3368 Clowns, Magicians, Acrobats and Related Workers
8277 Cocoa, Tea and Coffee Machine Operators
4143 Coding, Proof-reading and Related Clerks
8277 Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Machine Operators
3363 Commercial Designers and Decorators
3364 Composers, Musicians and Singers
3121 Computer Equipment Controllers
2131 Computing Professionals
1227 Computing Services Managers
5122 Cooks
1211 Corporate Managers or Managing Directors
2445 Counselors
8333 Crane Operators
6125 Crop and Livestock Producers
4213 Croupiers
8151 Crushing, Grinding and Mixing Equipment Operators
2431 Curators and Archivists
3331 Customs and Border Inspectors
8272 Dairy Products Machine Operators
3365 Dancers and Choreographers
4112 Data Entry Operators
4215 Debt, Bill and Related Cash Collectors
3363 Decorators and Commercial Designers
5211 Demonstrators and Salespersons
3222 Dental Assistants
2222 Dentists
3363 Designers (Commercial) and Decorators
2225 Dieticians and Public Health Nutritionists
1226 Distribution and Supply Managers

                    Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 20
                                           Complete list - occupation codes

2221 Doctors (Medical)
9121 Doorkeepers and Messengers
3118 Draughting Technicians
7431 Dressmakers and Tailors
2332 Early Childhood Teaching Professionals
8332 Earthmoving and Related Machinery Operators
2441 Economists
2351 Education Advisors
3342 Education Associate Professionals
2352 Education Reviewers
3113 Electrical Engineering Technicians
2143 Electrical Engineers
8292 Electrical Machinery Assemblers
7241 Electrical Mechanics and Fitters
7131 Electricians
2144 Electronic and Telecommunications Engineers
3114 Electronic Engineering Technicians
7242 Electronics Fitters and Servicers
8263 Embroidering and Sewing Machine Operators
3351 Employment and Careers Advisors
3381 Environmental Protection Associate Professionals
5231 Fashion and Other Models
6111 Field Crop and Vegetable Growers
4141 Filing and Library Clerks
3366 Film, Stage and Related Actors and Directors
8152 Filtering and Separating Equipment Operators
1222 Finance and Administration Managers
3311 Finance and Securities Dealers and Brokers
4122 Finance and Statistical Clerks
5151 Fire Fighters
8271 Fish and Meat Processing Machine Operators
6141 Fishery Workers
7223 Fitters and Turners
7433 Floor Covering Layers
6131 Forestry Workers and Loggers
9141 Freight Handlers and Packers
6112 Fruit Growers
8275 Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Processing Machine Operators
6113 Gardeners and Nursery Growers
2114 Geologists and Geophysicists
2114 Geophysicists and Geologists
8131 Glass and Ceramics Kiln Operators
7321 Glass Cutters and Finishers
7122 Glaziers
8273 Grain and Spice Milling Machine Operators
8151 Grinding, Crushing and Mixing Equipment Operators
5141 Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauticians and Related Workers
3151 Health and Safety Inspectors
5141 Heavy Truck Drivers

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 21
                                            Complete list - occupation codes

5121 Housekeepers
9900 Housewives, Students, Children under 16 years, Retired
     (those over 60 years and not reporting occupation)
6143 Hunters and Trappers
3131 Image and Sound Recording Equipment Operators,
1223 Industrial Relations and Personnel Managers
4221 Information Clerks and Receptionists
3312 Insurance Representatives
2443 Interpreters, Translators and Philologists
7313 Jewellery and Precious Metal Trades Workers
7112 Joiners and Carpenters
3361 Journalists, Authors and Other Writers
2422 Judges
8262 Knitting and Weaving Machine Operators
9151 Labourers
8281 Leather and Related Products Processors
8295 Leather Goods Assemblers
7441 Leather Goods Makers
3322 Legal and Related Business Associate Professionals
1111 Legislators
2432 Librarians and Related Information Professionals
4141 Library and Filing Clerks
3211 Life Science Technicians
8334 Lifting Truck Operators
8321 Light Van and Car Taxi Drivers
6125 Livestock and Crop Producers
6121 Livestock Producers
6131 Loggers and Forestry Workers
8211 Machine Tool Operators
7231 Machinery Mechanics and Fitters
3368 Magicians, Clowns, Acrobats and Related Workers
4142 Mail Carriers and Sorting Clerks
1211 Managing Directors or Corporate Managers
1224 Marketing and Sales Managers
3324 Mathematical and Statistical Associate Professionals
2121 Mathematicians, Statisticians and Related Professionals
8271 Meat and Fish Processing Machine Operators
3115 Mechanical Engineering Technicians
2145 Mechanical Engineers
8291 Mechanical Machinery Assemblers
2221 Medical Doctors
3133 Medical Equipment Controllers
9121 Messengers and Doorkeepers
8124 Metal Drawers and Extruders
8222 Metal Finishers, Platers and Coaters
7222 Metal Markers, Toolmakers and Pattern Makers
8122 Metal Melters, Casters and Rolling Mill Operators
7211 Metal Moulders

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 22
                                            Complete list - occupation codes

8123 Metal Welders
8293 Metal, Rubber and Plastic Products Assemblers
3117 Metallurgical and Mining Technicians
2147 Metallurgists, Mining Engineers and Related Professionals
2112 Meteorologists
2212 Microbiologists and Related Professionals
2231 Midwifery and Nursing Professionals
8112 Mineral Ore and Stone Treating Plant Operators
3117 Mining and Metallurgical Technicians
2147 Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Related Professionals
8111 Mining Plant Operators
6122 Mixed Livestock Producers
8151 Mixing, Grinding and Crushing Equipment Operators
8331 Motorised Farm Machinery Operators
7312 Musical Instrument Makers and Tuners
3364 Musicians, Composers and Singers
3371 Non-Ordained Religious Associate Professionals
6113 Nursery Growers and Gardeners
2231 Nursing and Midwifery Professionals
3231 Nursing Associate Professionals
8275 Nut, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine Operators
2225 Nutritionists (Public Health) and Dieticians
4144 Office Clerks
1221 Operations and Production Managers
3221 Opticians
8121 Ore Smelting, Metal Converting Furnace Operators
6126 Other Agriculture Workers
2413 Other Business Professionals
8154 Other Chemical Processing Plant Operators
3119 Other Engineering Technicians
3319 Other Finance and Sales Associate Professionals
8132 Other Glass and Ceramics Workers
2446 Other Government Professionals
3226 Other Health Associate Professionals
2226 Other Health Professionals except Nursing
2423 Other Legal Professionals
5154 Other Protective Service Workers
8232 Other Rubber and Plastics Products Machine Operators
1229 Other Specialised Managers
8265 Other Textile Products Machine Operators
9141 Packers and Freight Handlers
7124 Painters and Paperhangers
3362 Painters, Sculptors and Related Artists
8251 Paper and Paperboard Products Machine Operators
8142 Paper Pulp Preparation Plant Operators
7124 Paperhangers and Painters
8143 Papermaking Plant Operators
7222 Pattern Makers, Toolmakers and Metal Markers
5131 Personal Care Workers

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 23
                                             Complete list - occupation codes

1223 Personnel and Industrial Relations Managers
2412 Personnel Professionals
8221 Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Products Machine Operators
3225 Pharmaceutical Assistants
2224 Pharmacists
2443 Philologists, Translators and Interpreters
3131 Photographers, Image and Sound Recording Equipment
8223 Photographic Products Machine Operators
3111 Physical Science Technicians
2111 Physicists and Astronomers
3223 Physiotherapists
7121 Plasterers
8293 Plastic, Rubber and Metal Products Assemblers
7123 Plumbers
5152 Police
6123 Poultry Producers
8161 Power Generating Plant Operators
7313 Precious Metal and Jewellery Trades Workers
7311 Precision Instrument Makers and Repairers
2331 Primary Teaching Professionals
7333 Printing Engravers and Etchers
7331 Printing Trades Workers
5153 Prison Guards
1221 Production and Operations Managers
4132 Production Clerks
4143 Proof-reading, Coding and Related Clerks
2444 Psychologists
2225 Public Health Nutritionists and Dieticians
1225 Public Relations Managers and Advertising
7243 Radio and Television Servicers
3367 Radio, Television and Other Announcers
8311 Railway Engine Drivers
3313 Real Estate Agents
4221 Receptionists and Information Clerks
9131 Refuse Collectors and Related Labourers
2451 Religious Professionals
1228 Research and Development Managers
9900 Retired (those over 60 years and not reporting an occupation),
     Housewives, Students, Children under 16 years
8293 Rubber, Metal and Plastic Products Assemblers
3151 Safety and Health Inspectors
1224 Sales and Marketing Managers
5211 Salespersons and Demonstrators
7224 Saw Doctors
8141 Sawmill, Wood Panel and Related Wood Processing Plant
3362 Sculptors, Painters and Related Artists
2321 Secondary Teaching Professionals

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 24
                                          Complete list - occupation codes

4114 Secretaries
3311 Securities and Finance Dealers and Brokers
1131 Senior Business Administrators
1121 Senior Government Administrators
8152 Separating and Filtering Equipment Operators
8263 Sewing and Embroidering Machine Operators
7212 Sheet Metal Workers
8341 Ships Deck Crews and Workers
3142 Ships Deck Officers and Pilots
3141 Ships Engineers
3364 Singers, Musicians and Composers
2442 Social Scientists
3341 Social Work Associate Professionals
2421 Solicitors and Barristers
4142 Sorting Clerks and Mail Carriers
3131 Sound and Image Recording Equipment Operators,
2341 Special Education Teaching Professionals
1141 Special Interest Organisation Administrators
8273 Spice and Grain Milling Machine Operators
8261 Spinning and Winding Machine Operators
3366 Stage, Film and Related Actors and Directors
4122 Statistical and Finance Clerks
3324 Statistical and Mathematical Associate Professionals
2121 Statisticians, Mathematicians and Related Professionals
8153 Still and Reactor Operators
4131 Stock Clerks
7111 Stonemasons and Bricklayers
5221 Street Vendors
9900 Students, Housewives, Children under 16 years, Retired
     (those over 60 years and not reporting occupation)
8276 Sugar Processing and Refining Machine Operators
1226 Supply and Distribution Managers
2148 Surveyors and Cartographers
7431 Tailors and Dressmakers
8321 Taxi Drivers (Light Van and Car)
8277 Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Machine Operators
3315 Technical and Commercial Sales Representatives
3132 Telecommunications and Broadcasting Equipment Operators
2144 Telecommunications and Electronic Engineers
4222 Telephone Switchboard Operators
7243 Television and Radio Servicers
3367 Television, Radio and Other Announcers
4212 Tellers and Other Counter Clerks
2311 Tertiary Teaching Professionals
8264 Textile Bleaching, Dyeing and Cleaning Machine Operators
4211 Ticket Issuers and Cashiers
8278 Tobacco Products Processing Machine Operators
8221 Toiletry and Pharmaceutical Products Machine Operators

                    Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 25
                                             Complete list - occupation codes

7222 Toolmakers, Pattern Makers and Metal Markers
2141 Town and Traffic Planners, Architects
2141 Traffic and Town Planner, Architects
2443 Translators, Philologists and Interpreters
4133 Transport Clerks
5111 Travel Attendants
3314 Travel Consultants and Organisers
5112 Travel Guides
4111 Typists and Word Processor Operators
8231 Tyre Making and Vulcanising Machine Operators
5143 Undertakers and Embalmers
8412 Underwater Workers
7432 Upholsterers and Related Workers
3317 Valuers and Appraisers
6111 Vegetable and Field Crop Growers
8275 Vegetable, Fruit and Nut Processing Machine Operators
2223 Veterinarians
3224 Veterinary Assistants
5123 Waiters and Bartenders
8262 Weaving and Knitting Machine Operators
8113 Well Drillers and Borers and Related Workers
8261 Winding and Spinning Machine Operators
8279 Wine, Brewers and Other Beverage Machine Operators
8294 Wood and Related Materials Products Assemblers
8141 Wood Panel, Sawmill and Related Wood Processing Plant
8241 Wood Products Machine Operators
8242 Wood Treaters
4111 Word Processing Operators and Typists
3361 Writers (Other), Authors and Journalists
2211 Zoologists, Biologists, Botanists and Related Professionals
9700 Workers not classifiable by occupation
9800 Workers not reporting any occupation
9900 Students, Housewives, Children under 16 years, Retired
     (those over 60 years and not reporting occupation)

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 26
                                                        Complete list - specialty codes

Health Specialty Codes
Specific medical / geriatric hospital

    D00    Age-Related Disability Geriatric A, T & R Sub-Series
    D01    Geriatric A, T & R (Active rehabilitation)
    D02    Geriatric A, T & R (Continuing care)
    D03    Geriatric A, T & R (Intermittent Planned Programme)
    D04    Geriatric A, T & R (Respite / Unplanned)
    D10    Age-Related Disability Geriatric Residential Care Sub-Series
    D11    Geriatric Residential Care (Hospital – Long term)
    D12    Geriatric Residential Care (Hospital – Short term / Respite)
    D31    Psychogeriatric Residential Care (Hospital – Long term)
    D32    Psychogeriatric Residential Care (Hospital / Respite)
    D55    Non-weight Bearing and other related Convalescen

Specific maternity hospital

    P00    Antenatal Services – retired 01 July 2008
    P10    Delivery Services [Mother] – retired 01 July 2008
    P20    Postnatal Services [Mother] – retired 01 July 2008
    P30    Postnatal Services [Well Newborn] – retired 01 July 2008
    P35    Primary Postnatal Services [Specialist] – retired 01 July 2008
    P60    Maternity services - mother [no community LMC]
    P61    Maternity services - well newborn [no community LMC]
    P70    Maternity services - mother [with community LMC]
    P71    Maternity services - well newborn [with community LMC]

Specific medical / surgical hospital

     M00   General Medicine
     M05   Emergency Medicine
     M08   Specialist Intensive Care
     M10   Cardiology
     M14   Specialist Paediatric Cardiology
     M15   Dermatology
     M20   Endocrinology and Diabetic – retired 01 July 2007
     M24   Specialist Paediatric Endocrinology / Diabetology –
           retired 01 July 2007
     M25   Gastroenterological
     M29   Specialist Paediatric Gastroenterology
     M30   Haematology
     M34   Specialist Paediatric Haematology
     M35   Immunology
     M39   Specialist Paediatric Immunology - retired 1 July 2005
     M40   Infectious Diseases
     M44   Specialist Paediatric Infectious Diseases
     M45   Neurology
     M49   Specialist Paediatric Neurology
     M50   Oncology

                              Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 27
                                                    Complete list - specialty codes

M54   Specialist Paediatric Oncology
M55   Paediatric Medical
M59   Specialist Paediatric Intensive Care
M60   Renal Medicine
M64   Specialist Paediatric Renal Medicine
M65   Respiratory
M69   Specialist Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
M70   Rheumatology
M74   Specialist Paediatric Rheumatology
M75   Venereology
M79   Specialist Paediatric Venereology
M80   Palliative / Terminal Care Medical Services
M84   Specialist Paediatric Palliative Care
M85   Other Medical Services
M86   Specialist Nuclear Medicine
M89   Specialist Interventionist Radiology
M90   Radiotherapy
M94   Specialist Paediatric Radiotherapy
M95   Endocrinology
M96   Diabetology
M97   Specialist Paediatric Endocrinology
M98   Specialist Paediatric Diabetology
S00   General Surgery
S05   Anaesthesiology
S10   Gastroenterological Surgery
S15   Cardiothoracic Surgery
S19   Thoracic Surgery
S20   Dental Surgery
S24   Maxillo-Facial Surgery
S25   Otorhinolaryngology
S30   Gynaecology
S35   Neurosurgery
S40   Ophthalmology
S45   Orthopaedic Surgery
S50   Spinal Surgery
S58   Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Neonates]
S59   Specialist Paediatric Surgery [Others]
S60   Plastic Surgery [excluding burns]
S65   Burns Surgery
S70   Urology Services
S75   Vascular Surgery

                        Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 28
                                                  Complete list - country of birth

Complete Country of Birth List [in alphabetical order]

      008   Afghanistan
      073   Africa Undefined
      012   Albania
      016   Algeria
      844   America (USA only)
      951   America Undefined
      020   American Samoa
      024   Andorra
      028   Angola, Republic of
      030   Anguilla
      036   Antarctic Regions Foreign
      040   Antarctic Stations British
      044   Antarctic Stations USA
      032   Antarctica Undefined
      048   Antigua and Barbuda
      052   Argentina
      051   Armenia
      056   Aruba
      952   Asia Undefined
      060   Australia
      064   Austria
      031   Azerbaijan
      068   Bahamas
      072   Bahrain
      076   Bangladesh
      080   Barbados
      082   Belarus
      084   Belgium
      088   Belize
      090   Benin
      092   Bermuda
      096   Bhutan
      100   Bolivia
      242   Born at sea
      070   Bosnia-Herzegovina
      104   Botswana
      108   Brazil
      112   British Indian Ocean Territory
      124   Brunei Darussalam
      128   Bulgaria
      856   Burkina Faso
      132   Burma (Myanmar)
      136   Burundi
      418   Cambodia
      144   Cameroon
      148   Canada
      156   Cape Verde
      160   Cayman Islands

                           Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 29
                                            Complete list - country of birth

164   Central African Republic
168   Chad
172   Channel Islands
176   Chile
180   China, Peoples Republic of
181   Christmas Island
182   Cocos (Keeling) Islands
184   Colombia
188   Comoros
192   Congo
196   Cook Islands
200   Costa Rica
404   Côte d’Ivoire
202   Croatia
204   Cuba
208   Cyprus
203   Czech Republic
220   Denmark
004   Djibouti
224   Dominica
228   Dominican Republic
230   East Timor
232   Ecuador
236   Egypt
240   El Salvador
244   England
248   Equatorial Guinea
237   Eritrea
233   Estonia
256   Ethiopia
954   Europe
260   Faeroe Islands
264   Falkland Islands
268   Fiji
272   Finland
276   France
280   French Guiana
284   French Polynesia
286   French Southern Territories
288   Gabon
292   Gambia
294   Georgia
300   Germany
955   Germany Undefined
304   Ghana
308   Gibraltar
840   Great Britain
316   Greece
320   Greenland

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 30
                                            Complete list - country of birth

324   Grenada
328   Guadeloupe
332   Guam
336   Guatemala
340   Guinea
344   Guinea Bissau
348   Guyana
352   Haiti
356   Honduras
360   Hong Kong
364   Hungary
368   Iceland
372   India
376   Indonesia
380   Iran
384   Iraq
956   Ireland Undefined
388   Ireland, Republic of (Eire)
392   Isle of Man
396   Israel
400   Italy
408   Jamaica
412   Japan
416   Jordan
398   Kazakhstan
420   Kenya
312   Kiribati
428   Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of (North)
432   Korea, Republic of (South)
436   Kuwait
417   Kyrgyzstan
440   Laos
444   Latvia
448   Lebanon
452   Lesotho
456   Liberia
460   Libyan Arab Republic
464   Liechtenstein
468   Lithuania
472   Luxembourg
476   Macao
807   Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of
480   Madagascar
484   Malawi
488   Malaysia
492   Maldives
496   Mali
500   Malta
502   Marshall Islands

                    Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 31
                                            Complete list - country of birth

504   Martinique
508   Mauritania
512   Mauritius
175   Mayotte
957   Melanesia Undefined
516   Mexico
958   Micronesia Undefined
518   Micronesia, Federated States of
498   Moldova
520   Monaco
524   Mongolia
528   Montserrat
532   Morocco
536   Mozambique
132   Myanmar (Burma)
540   Namibia
544   Nauru
548   Nepal
552   Netherlands
556   Netherlands Antilles
564   New Caledonia
572   New Zealand
576   Nicaragua
580   Niger
584   Nigeria
588   Niue Island
592   Norfolk Island
596   Northern Ireland
598   Northern Mariana Islands
600   Norway
999   Not Specified
604   Oman
959   Pacific Islands Undefined
612   Pakistan
614   Palau
616   Panama
624   Papua New Guinea
628   Paraguay
632   Peru
636   Philippines
640   Pitcairn Island
644   Poland
960   Polynesia Undefined
648   Portugal
656   Puerto Rico
660   Qatar
664   Reunion
672   Romania
643   Russia

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 32
                                            Complete list - country of birth

676   Rwanda
700   San Marino
704   Sao Tome and Principe
708   Saudi Arabia
712   Scotland
716   Senegal
720   Seychelles
724   Sierra Leone
732   Singapore
703   Slovakia
733   Slovenia
734   Solomon Islands
736   Somalia
740   South Africa
961   South America Undefined
953   South East Asia Undefined
239   South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
744   Spain
752   Sri Lanka
680   St Helena
684   St Kitts Nevis
688   St Lucia
692   St Pierre Miquelon
696   St Vincent and the Grenadines
756   Sudan
760   Suriname
764   Swaziland
768   Sweden
772   Switzerland
776   Syria
780   Taiwan
762   Tajikistan
784   Tanzania
788   Thailand
792   Togo
796   Tokelau
800   Tonga
804   Trinidad and Tobago
808   Tunisia
812   Turkey
795   Turkmenistan
816   Turks and Caicos Islands
820   Tuvalu
824   Uganda
828   Ukraine
836   United Arab Emirates
846   United States Minor Outlying Islands
844   United States of America
860   Uruguay

                    Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 33
                                            Complete list - country of birth

848   Uzbekistan
568   Vanuatu
864   Vatican City
868   Venezuela
872   Vietnam
120   Virgin Islands, British
852   Virgin Islands, United States
884   Wales
888   Wallis and Futuna Island
890   Western Sahara
698   Western Samoa
904   Yugoslavia
908   Zaire
912   Zambia
668   Zimbabwe

                     Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 34
                                          Complete list – laboratories by region

Laboratories by Region

Northern North Island

    0001 Northland Laboratory, The Rust Building, 24 Rust Avenue,
    4111 Whangarei Area Health Services, Hospital Road, Whangarei
    0002 Medlab Auckland Ltd, 125-192 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland
    0003 Diagnostic Medical Laboratory Ltd, 43 Symonds Street, Auckland
    3239 Auckland Healthcare Laboratory Services, Park Road, Auckland
    3213 Lab Link, Green Lane Hospital, Green Lane West, Auckland
    3214 Middlemore Hospital, Hospital Road, Otahuhu, Auckland
    0023 Skin Cancer Centre, 398 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
    3215 North Shore Hospital, Shakespeare Road, Takapuna
    0004 Waikato Pathology Laboratory, Anglesea Clinic, Level 1, cnr
         Anglesea & Thackeray Streets, Hamilton
    0005 Medlab Hamilton cnr Knox & Anglesea Streets, Hamilton
    5311 Health Waikato, Pembroke Street, Hamilton

Central North Island

    0008 Medlab Gisborne 163 Carnarvon Street, Gisborne
    3411 Tairawhiti Healthcare Laboratory, 421 Ormond Street, Gisborne
    0010 Royston & Napier Medical Laboratory, Royston Laboratory,
         Knight Street, Hastings
    3612 Healthcare Hawkes Bay, Omahu Road, Hastings
    0024 Southern Community Laboratories, Taradale, 114 Maraekakaho
         Road, Hastings
    0009 Taranaki Medlab, 79 Vivian Street, New Plymouth
    4711 Pathology Dept, Taranaki Base Hospital, David Street, New
    0006 Rotorua Diagnostic Laboratory, 4 Amohia Street, Rotorua
    5312 Lakeland Health (Rotorua), Rangiuru Street, Rotorua
    4811 Taumaranui Hospital, Kururau Road, Taumaranui
    0007 Tauranga Medlab Ltd, 16 First Avenue, Tauranga
    5011 Thames Hospital, Mackay Street, Thames
    5323 Tokoroa Hospital, Maraetai Street, Tokoroa
    5313 Te Kuiti Hospital, Eketone Street, Te Kuiti

                          Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 35
                                            Complete list – laboratories by region

Southern North Island

    0013 Wanganui Diagnostic Laboratory, Suite 5, Wicksteed Terrace,
         Victoria Avenue, Wanganui
    5711 Wanganui Hospital, Heads Road, Wanganui
    0012 Medlab Central, 160 Grey Street, Palmerston North
    4311 Palmerston North Hospital, 50 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North
    5511 Masterton Hospital, Te Ore Ore Road, Masterton
    0014 Valley Diagnostic Laboratories, 22 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt
    5812 Hutt Valley Health, High Street, Lower Hutt
    0015 Wellington Medical Laboratory, CMC Building, 89 Courtney
         Place, Wellington
    5811 Capital Coast Health, Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington

South Island

    0016   Nelson Diagnostic Laboratories, 1 Harley Street, Nelson
    3911   Nelson Hospital, Waimea Road, Nelson
    0018   Medlab South Ltd, Christchurch, 137 Kilmore Street, Christchurch
    0021   Southern Community Laboratories, 444 Durham Street,
    4011   Canterbury Health Laboratories, Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch
    4411   Medlab Timaru, 14 Queen Street, Timaru
    5911   Grey Hospital, Greymouth
    0019   Southern Community Laboratories, 472 George Street, Dunedin
    4211   Health Lab Otago, Dunedin Hospital Great King Street, Dunedin
    0020   Medlab Invercargill, 103 Don Street, Invercargill

                           Completing ADF96 private hospital discharge forms 36

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