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									Renewable Energy Bermuda
Presenting a wave energy solution for Bermuda, in i partnership with B t hi ith Bermuda d

Renewable Energy Bermuda
A team which combines local knowledge, environmental expertise i t l ti and international renewable energy experience A team which has the necessary resources to complete the p j p project A technology which REH has been developing since 2005 A CETO wave device which g REH is manufacturing for deployment in Bermuda
EdF Energies Nouvelles S.A

CETO Development Company C
Joint Venture Joint Venture

Renewable Energy Bermuda

Triton Renewable Energy – local company with environmental and development experience REH – international renewable energy company involved in wave, wind, solar, land-fill and hydro power

Wave Energy Facts

“2TW of energy, the equivalent of twice the world’s electricity production, could be harvested from the world’s oceans on a continuous basis.”
World Energy Council

Wave energy is more concentrated than wind or solar energy p predictable p providing reliable p g power Wave patterns are p Wave energy projects do not compete for limited land resources

Bermuda - Ideal for Wave Power
Bermuda i d B d is dependent on petroleum d t t l imports - high electricity rates, emissions and security of supply concerns A power demand growth of 1 – 2 MW p.a. has been forecast The Island Th I l d must manage intense t i t competition for limited land resources g There is an excellent wave regime close to shore and limited tidal range Bermuda’s fragile ecosystem underpins the economy

Video Presentation

REH’s CETO Technology
Fully submerged reciprocating pump Deployed in array formation to optimise energy capture Pumps high pressure water to shore Pelton turbine power generation application Reverse osmosis desalination application
Harmful NONE materials used in construction Electromagnetic field created Potential for polluting leakage or spillage Visual impact Audio impact NONE NONE

Capacity of units (kW) Area of seabed

180 8MW / acre


Commercialisation of CETO
Three, fully instrumented, CETO II units are currently installed off Perth, Australia CETO III will be a scaled up version of CETO II, II
including optimization resulting from CETO II instrumentation analysis, and addressing cfd and load differentials associated with larger unit

Expected CETO III deployment in Northern hemisphere in 2010
CETO III nameplate capacity of 180kW CETO III manufacturer selected

Wave Project Parameters
Demonstration project during 2010 Commercial wave energy power project in time to meet 2012 power demand i d d increase 1 – 2MW p.a. phased approach to match the Bermudian demand growth To produce at least 20 MW of Bermuda’s national energy demand (peak load of 120 MW) Eventual displacement of existing fossil fuel generation
August 2008 Confidential 8

Capacity factor ( ) p y (%) Power output (MWh) No of CETO units Area of seabed

60%+ 100,000+ 112 2-3 football pitches

Progress to Date
Triton has been researching and planning the introduction of ocean energy to Bermuda for over 7 years The Renewable Energy Bermuda team has been collaborating on the CETO project for over one year j tf Preliminary stakeholder consultation has occurred with government, NGO s, NGO’s focus groups and the public Offshore and onshore site selection is advanced Preliminary discussions with BLDC regarding an onshore lease have been held gy part Renewable Energy Bermuda has been selected as p of BELCO’s recent SOI for 2MW demonstration plant

Proposed Project Site

Proposed Project Site

Bermudian Stakeholders
A key part of the development of this project is the engagement of local stakeholders to ensure that there is minimal environmental, social and cultural impact, with maximum benefit to the wider community.

Stakeholder Government of Bermuda

Key consideration Regulatory issues and permitting, maritime safety, access restrictions, visibility and warnings, management , y g , g of Bermuda’s carbon footprint, promoting Bermuda on the global stage Protection of key industries including tourism and fishing, the environment, maritime heritage and special interests. Affordable, reliable electricity supply at predictable prices Reliable, R li bl stable supply compatible with the grid bl l ibl ih h id To facilitate the above while enhancing company’s reputation and providing acceptable financial returns to shareholders

Local Community Resident electricity consumers Bermuda El t i Light B d Electric Li ht Company REH / Triton and their shareholders

Next Steps
Phase I Installation of 2 MW Demonstration Pilot Plant (18 months) 1. Feasibility A 1 F ibili Assessment and E i d Environmental S l Scoping - S k h ld f db k i Stakeholder feedback 2. Environmental Impact Assessment - Stakeholder feedback 3. Government Approvals (Planning, Controlled Plant Licensing, Seabed Lease) p 4. Installation of Test Pipeline 5. Preparation of on-shore Facilities 6. Acquisition/installation of units 7. Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting 8. 8 Completion end 2010

Phase II Installation of additional 18 MW Plant (b end 2012) I t ll ti f dditi l Pl t (by d 1. Installation of full scale pipeline 2. Construction of on-shore facilities 3. Testing of grid connection/interface 4. Installation of remaining 18 MW of units 5. Completion end 2012

Renewable Energy Bermuda

The team at Renewable Energy Bermuda is excited gy about the opportunity to provide the people of Bermuda with clean, renewable, reliable power. We would be proud to partner with Bermuda to showcase this new technology for the rest of the world.

Tim Hasselbring Michael J Proffitt Hasselbring, Proffitt, Dr. Annie Glasspool, Renewable Energy Bermuda

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