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									Red Hill Community

Dog Park

Located at the end of Shaw Drive off Sir Francis Drake Blvd in San Anselmo

SanAnselmo PoliceDepartment

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Animal Nuisance Complaints

Dog Park Rules r. Be responsible your dog. for Carry a leashat all times! z. Maximum of 6 dogsper person. 3. No smokinganywhereat Red Hill Park. 4. Dog owners should pick up after their dogs(droppingsand damagedtoys). S. Do not bring any food into the dog park. 6. Betweenthe hours of 3:oo-4:oo each day the dog park shall be reserved for useby older and smaller dogs. dogs. Dogsmust be re7. No aggressive moved at the first sign of aggression. 8. Children under the ageof rz must be closely supervisedby an adult at all times. 9. No dogson sportsfield at any time.

S2S San Anselrno Ave San Anselmo, CA 9496o. 415-258 -46ao

The Town of San Anselmo adopted the Marin County Code for habitual animal Noise. . states Marin CountyCode8.o4.179 (a) is unlarry{ul any personto suffer or for permit any dog, cat, fowl, or other animal to habitually bark, yelp, howl or create noisein such a manner which unreasonablydisturbs the peaceof any person(s). (b) AnV person who shall keep or permit to remain on any premises,an animal which disturbs the peaceof any person in the manner set forth in subsection(a) of this section shall be guilty of an infraction for a first offense and for a secondoffenseas provided in Section8.o+.tZgh). Any person found in violation of this subsection for a third or additional offenseshall be guilty of a misdemeanor. What do I do if myneighbor's dogkeeps barking and disturbing the peace? Try and contact the neighbor and inform them of the problem. If that is not successful,contact the police department. They can contact the neighbor and leave a "Notice of Complaint" . What if my dog only barks when some one passes bythe house? In order to be in violation of the code, the noisemust be continuousfor 3o minutes or more.

Can my neighbor be cited if their dog(s) continuously bark? If it is the first complaint, or first complaint in 3o days, the police will issue a "Notice of Complaint" form to the neighbor. If a secondcomplaint is receivedwithin 3o days, the police may issuea citation if the dog has been continuouslybarking for 3o minutes or more. If the animal owner is not home and the dog has been continuouslybarking for 3o minutes or more and there is no way to quiet the animal, the owner can be cited on the first complaint. What happens if I get cited? The citation is handled through traffic court. You will receivea courtesy notice in the mail about the citation and the fine amount for the violation. What can I do to resolve abarking dog

Recognizing too much barking or noise Here are some guidelines for determining whetheryour dog is a good companionand watchdog or a neighborhood nuisance. Doesyour dog bark excessively when; . You put it outside while at work or away from the house? . When wanting to get into the house? . When garbage collectors, mail carriers, delivery persons come by? . When another animal comes into view or passes your residence? by What you can do If your four leggedfriend is a bit more vocal than they should be for the peaceofyour neighborhood, here are a few things you can do about your barking dog. your dog to bark and Determine what causes remove or reduce those triggers if possible. Dogs are less likely to bark if a barrier blocks their view. Avoid long and unsupervisedperiods of time for your dog outdoors. Be alert and stop the barking as soon as it starts. This both reinforces that this is bad behavior to the dog and showsyour neighbors that you are making an effort. For more suggestionscontact: Marin Mediation Services (415)499-6r88.



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Barking comesnaturally to dogsbut the consistentbarking of a dog can become an annoyanceand frustrating to neighbors. Often the problem occurs when the dog's owner is unawareof the prolongedbarking. One of the best ways to resolvethe problem is to talk to your neighbors about the barking or animal noise. As a dog owner, if you are informed of the disturbance,you should take steps to control the dog'sbarking. If you ignore the problem, you may face legal action.

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