Pharmacy Tech MR Sales Associate by slappypappy123


									Pharmacy Tech/ MR/ Sales Associate
Apex Care Pharmacy, an independently owned Community Pharmacy in the District,
has immediate Employment Opportunities:

1. Pharmacy Technician, Full-Time: 1-2 yrs experience in a pharmacy, Bachelors (in
the Sciences or Social Work) or in school for it, excellent customer service skills, good
work ethics, and able to work with others on the team.
2. Marketing representative, Part-time: Bachelors, excellent interpersonal skills, varied
experience (5+ years) with at least 2 in sales/marketing. Great work ethics, self starter,
work with minimal supervision.
3. Store Sales Associate/Cashier, Full-Time: High School Diploma, some experience
will help but not required. Excellent Customer Service skills, good work ethics, working
on the Sales Floor.

All positions are W-2, with full social security and medicare benefits. Full-time positions
offer Health Insurance and 401(K) programs

Thank you,
Tomi Akinyoyenu

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